1. I do not believe in trading up for Austin.

2. The only time any team should trade up is if 1A-the team is in need of a franchise QB or 2B-when the team is one or two players away from a superbowl run.

3. If we trade up early with one of our first rounders, the only way i could personally justify that decision is if they trade back with their other to gain back the picks lost.

4. I was high on Austin at one point. very very high on him. But the kool-aid has been watered down. Personally i don't think he is #16 worthy, and trading up for him would be a mistake in my eyes.

5. At #16, id take Patterson over Austin. At #22 i would take Patterson over Austin. Starting part time slot wr's can be had later. People forget Cook will line up in the slot a lot.

6. Austin will not be a major part of our rb corp. He might get a couple touches a game but wont be used anywhere near the main RB he was against Oklahoma.

7. If we come out of round 1 and 2 with either Patterson, Hopkins, Allen, Woods, Hunter, Patton or Williams, i will be happy, and will be fine with taking another WR late in the draft.

8. If we draft Austin, i would hope we draft another WR in the 2nd.

9. I do not want a guard in the first round. But i can understand if we take Warmack if available. Cooper not so much.

10. If Richardson, Vaccarro, Austin and Patterson are available at #16, i'd take Richardson.

11. At #22 we are in the perfect position to take any WR that is considered a 1st/2nd rounder seeing as we pick right after teams that are in need of defense, and right before teams that are in need of some offense.

12. I will not be mad if we take a FS in the 2nd/3rd and a SS to compete with Stewart later in the draft.

13. None of us know what is going to happen.

14. Even if we move up for Austin, and draft a DE at #22, i will not scream the sky is falling. I will be confused a little, but i will be ok with it. Why? thats because...

15. I believe in Fishead, and know they know better then me and will do what is best for the team.

Here is to a great draft and a good future for our team. The Rams will do what is right, so lets enjoy this ride as we get better and stock up for 2014!!!!

GO RAMS!!!!!!