Random Ramsdom: Draft Ahead


In just a little over 24 hours the St. Louis Rams will be on the clock, and will cast their 1st round pick(s). Who will be the lucky player(s).

It's almost impossible to guess what the Rams will do tomorrow. The front office cannot even tell you themselves. It is a fluid situation. During his conference call earlier this week, Les Snead commented on trades in the early part of the first round being a crucial factor in the direction their board would go. This likely means that there are certain positions that could "run" in the first round causing the Rams to take their board in a different direction, or possibly bail out of one of their 1st round picks. One thing's for sure, every NFL team feels as though it's prepared for tomorrow, and the Rams are no exception.

Gil Brandt presents his last mock draft:

With the new CBA in place, trading up is easier and less risky because of the lessened financial commitment teams will have to make to the players. Therefore, it's extremely possible that we could continue to see a trend from last year in which there is a lot of trade movement in the 1st round. Gil's mock does a good job of outlining those trade scenarios, but I'm not sure the Rams would select Reid at 16. Reid is a very good safety, but I'm skeptical that the Rams would have to jump him at 16 unless there is something we have all been missing.

Scout Talk: Jarvis Jones, Barkevious Mingo, and more:

It's always interesting to hear the opinions of those on the front-lines. Teams that do things the right way can trust and listen to their scouts.

Rams restructure Long's deal

Before you get too excited, realize the Rams need the extra money to actually sign their draft picks. Also to have complete a 53 man roster, the Rams will likely have even more work to do to.

The Rams aren't interested in trading Roger Saffold:

The more you have to say something isn't true, the more likely there is some truth to it. I get the speculation of it all, but in all likelihood if the Rams could get a good value for Saffold I'm sure they would pull the trigger. The draft will be the ultimate tell-tale.

Is this the worst draft class in decades?

Probably not. 2008 was pretty bad, and most people thought it was a decent class. Let's let history decide, because while this class may lack electric talent up front, it has plenty of meat in the back.

Stay classy Rams fans

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