It would be shocking if the Rams drafted these players

Streeter Lecka

The Rams most likely don't agree with our evaluations on many players, so there's a chance their selection will be a surprise. Here's a list of players who could shock you if the Rams drafted them...

The NFL Draft is right around the corner. By now, every St. Louis Rams fan has an idea of who the team should draft when the draft begins on Thursday. But obviously there's a chance, that when the Rams draft in the first round, there will be a lot of shocked people. If you thought the Rams would draft Michael Brockers or Brian Quick, then you should send your resume to Les Snead pronto.

Honestly, right now we all know the Rams have needs at safety, receiver, offensive line, and linebacker. But we don't know if the Rams like the same players as the media has hyped up, or if they feel another player at a different position is that much better. Maybe the Rams feel a player the media has said is overrated can be a good player with some NFL coaching?

That's what makes the draft fun; the unpredictability of it makes the draft so exciting. Honestly, I've thought for a while that if the Rams draft twice in the first round, they will surprise us with one of the selections. Who will that player be? Who knows, but here's a list of players who would surprise me, and maybe some of you too.

Also, It's key to remember that I said these players would be a surprise, not that I would disagree with the pick. Don't worry, it will be easy to tell who I wouldn't like.

Eddie Lacy

I know it's a surprise, but I agree with Brandon and Joe - the Rams shouldn't draft a running back in the first, at least this year. They drafted Isaiah Pead in the 2nd round last year, so it's just hard for me to believe the Rams would draft Lacy in the first round.

Could it happen? Absolutely, and I would be okay with it, after I break my roommates TV, and ask the Rams for compensation.

Kenny Vaccaro

Was the top safety and is still considered the top in some analyst eyes.. Then I noticed the negatives; not playing 100% every snap, the missed tackles, bad angles, and how many swats or interceptions did he get last year? Granted, he has a great skill set that defensive coordinators will love.

If Vaccaro falls to the right team he will be a really good player, and if not he'll still be a solid player. Honestly, he's a solid pick, his floor is a SS that can cover the slot. That's not bad, but the Rams can find better value elsewhere.

Any defensive tackle

Lately there has been mock drafts predicting that the Rams would draft a defensive tackle with one of their first round selections. It's a move that's slowly been growing on me, but I couldn't see the Rams doing it because that's a lot of money in defensive tackles. Kendall Langford should play better this season, and everyone knows that Michael Brockers is a monster. Als,o don't forget about William Hayes. He played a big role last year and will be depended on this year also.

So considering those factors it would be an absolute surprise, but it would make the defensive line elite. Hard to argue with that, but with more pressing needs, it wouldn't make many people happy.

Tavon Austin

He's a big play-maker, and it seems like every team really likes Austin. Honestly what's there not to like, he's one of those rare play-makers who appear once a blue moon. Austin can return kicks, has been used as a running back, and oh, let's not forget he's a slot receiver.

The main issue is his size. Can his body hold up to the pressure of a whole season? How often would you play him? Because it wouldn't be a surprise if teams don't want him on the field for more than 60-70% snaps due to his size.

The Rams do need playmakers, and Austin is "THE" playmaker in this year's draft. However, he is kind of a luxury pick, and a pick the Rams most likely can't afford.

Alec Ogletree

Ogletree is overrated in my opinion. He plays outside linebacker, with the speed and size that you would want. But he doesn't play up to his size. If you watch him play, he has a hard time getting off of tackles, makes bad reads,etc.

Honestly, I think he's more overrated than the linebacker who kept trying to hug the air when he played against Alabama, but that's just me. A team will take a chance on Ogletree, and he might be a solid starter, but you will probably find a better linebacker later in the draft.

Menelik Watson

Many of you will be asking about Watson. Well, he's a Florida State offensive tackle, and It looks like he will be drafted in the first round. He has the size and ability. He played and tried to make a career out of different sports until football fell in his lap. Basically you're looking at a guy who could basically quit trying hard after he get's that big deal.

He has the talent to be a solid right tackle, and a really good left tackle due to his run blocking. Will he though? The key will be a patient team and a good offensive line coach. Watson's one of the rawest offensive linemen that I've laid eyes upon in this years draft.

The Rams could hide him at guard until next year, and if Rodger Saffold leaves plug him at right tackle. But the Rams might want to invest in a more polished offensive linemen.

Eric Reid

In the first round - when there will better safeties available - this pick would be a horrible crime. He has the build and the stats, but I would consider this an "upside" pick. He looks good, but seems more like a solid strong safety in my eyes. In that regard, Elam and Vaccaro would be better fits.

Honestly, I think there's a good chance that Reid will be drafted in the first round. Remember, it's how teams think these players will fit in there system.

A team will most likely fall in love with his measurements, but Reid should be a mid-second round choice, not a late first round-er. But hey, the Rams could have brought back Craig Dahl, so if the Rams draft him at least it will be an upgrade.

Leon Sandcastle

Honestly, I think Sandcastle is overrated. He has the swagger of a Deion Sanders, and maybe even the skill set. But I heard rumors that he would have to cut his hair to fit the helmet around it. He won't do it, so it could cause him to slide down to the Rams 16th selection. He's a great player, and he and Janoris Jenkins would be great teammates.

Okay who am I kidding, draft the man!!!!!!!!

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