2013 NFL Draft: A look at the wide receivers available on the second day


The Rams need to find help at receiver. Can they find it in the second and third rounds of the draft?

This year's wide receiver class is one of the most interesting ones in recent history. Basically, there are two receivers certain to be drafted in the first round. You have Tavon Austin, small in stature, but makes big plays. Then you have Cordarrelle Patterson, an incredible athlete that meets the size requirements and is clearly a special talent with the ball in his hands.

Besides those two receivers there have been mock drafts with a third receiver in them.Those receivers range from DeAndre Hopkins, Keenan Allen, and sometimes Robert Woods.

No one knows which wide receivers will get drafted in the first round, but there figures to be some more talent at the position available on the second day.

So let's take a look at the receivers that could be ripe for the picking during day two of the draft.

DeAndre Hopkins- Hopkins was a sleeper prospect until bowl season, where he had a highly productive game against LSU. That's when the talking heads decided that Keenan Allen was too hurt to remain the number 1 receiver, and Hopkins filled the role perfect, granted that was before the current top two. He was healthy and became the number one receiver for Clemson, even outshining young receiver Sammy Watkins. Hopkins will be able to come in day one and produce, but is his upside good enough to be a first rounder? If not he falls to the second, and a team get's a day-one starting possession receiver.

Keenan Allen- Allen was ranked the number one receiver for months, before his knee injury. After his knee injury, he has stock has slowly plummeted. He isn't 100% from his knee injury, and he didn't run a 4.5. He might still be selected in the first round, by a team desperate for receiver help, but it's likely he will fall. He's looks like the next Anquan Boldin. He's not going to burn a corner, but he will find a way to catch the ball.

Justin Hunter- Hunter has everything you would want in a receiver. He has the size, makes impact plays, and creates separation. But he wasn't the same player, as he was before this season, and I believe his knee injury was the cause.This was his first season after his knee injury, it takes time to get confidence in your knees after an injury like that. Honestly, I blame his injury, for helping him drop passes. I think he was thinking about it too much. He's the best example of risk and reward.

Quinton Patton- The next Brandon Gibson, I knew that would get your attention. The St. Louis Rams have shown interest in Patton, bringing the staff in to see him. He's an impressive route runner, with great hands, and a veteran IQ. Patton has grown on me as a prospect. He would take Gibson's place and become that reliable possession receiver on the outside.

Robert Woods- One of the most underrated receivers in the draft. I love his speed, route running, hands, and versatility. His draft stock took a huge hit when he became second fiddle to fellow receiver Marquise Lee. Also there's the fact that he's had a lingering ankle injury for a while. He's also more of a slot receiver that has the ability to make plays on the outside. I think his skill set will translate and he will be a great addition to a team.

Markus Wheaton- Another slot receiver. This Oregon State receiver is solid in a lot of aspects, hands, route running, speed. He stands at 5'11, he should be a solid possession receiver in the draft. With his ability to make big time catches and gain separation, he will be a nice security blanket.

Other wide receiver options

Ace Sanders- A small slot receiver, that could make his living returning kicks.

Connor Vernon- Could be the next Wes Welker or Danny Amendola

Da'Rick Rodgers- A receiver with a few red flags, he has the skill set to be a good outside receiver.

Terrance Williams- He has the size of a possession receiver, but he's more of a vertical threat.

Stedman Bailey- He was the best tradition receiver on his team last year.

Cobi Hamilton- Another big playmaker receiver, that's really raw.

Aaron Dobson- The next Brian Quick?

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