My First Mock Draft

Just a few thoughts before I get to the mock:

-I hope we sign free agent LB Daryl Smith from Jacksonville, he's coming in for a visit. I know he's over 30, but he would fill in another hole for a year or two. Although I wouldn't drafting a player like A. Ogletree, K. Greene, or Arthur Brown to be added to this team.

-There's so many prospects I like or wouldn't mind to have on this team. I don't dislike many, but they're are a few. I don't have too many favorites either, which is weird. I don't think I ever felt like this for a draft before.

-As much as I would like Cooper/Warmack to be drafted, I just have a feeling Snead/Fisher are not going to draft a guard or a tackle for the first 3 rounds. I hope my gut feeling is wrong, because I would love to have a dominant O-line.

-There's so many different scenarios Snead/Fisher can go it's driving me crazy. I don't know if they want to finish this defense and go defense early. Or keep giving Sam weapons and adding talent to this offense.

-Last one, I love reading your guys' thoughts/opinions on everything from draft prospects to the front office. Really good group of fans on TST.

Now to the mock:

1a.) WR C. Patterson: Slim chance of him falling to us. I know he has bust potential and it might take him a few years to get fully going. But there's no denying his talents when the ball is in his hands, so I think he's worth the risk. If not Patterson, then Tavon Austin come aboard!

1b.) SS Matt Elam: This is only if Mikell is not brought back, if he is then a safety like Rambo/Swearinger can be had in later rounds (2-3). I think Elam will be a stud, I'm not to worried on him being a little short. The dude can ball.

2.) WR Robert Woods: I love Woods game, I think he's the most polished receiver. Adding him and Patterson to a receiving corps of Cook, Givens, Quick, Pettis, and Kendricks would be a major improvement. I think this would make Sam very happy!

3.) FS Baccari Rambo: Love his ball-hawking skills, him and Elam would form a very nice duo in the secondary. Plus I love his name, his jerseys would sell like crazy!

4.) RB Le'Veon Bell: I think we add a big RB in the draft, and this is the guy I would target. I don't want Lacy in the first, in the second that's fine. I love Bell though, he's big and pretty elusive at the same time. No blazing speed, but not real slow either (4.56 40).

Now from rounds 5-7, I don't know a lot of prospects from her so I'll just kind of spitball here.

5.) OG Hugh Thornton: Don't know too much on him, but have heard about him. Developmental guard and depth.

6.) OT Ricky Wagner: I believe he once was considered as a day 1-2 prospect, I don't know what happened here. But more depth and another development guy. Plus Wisconsin has put out some pretty good O-Linemen.

7.) CB Micah Hyde: Need CB depth, don't know too much on him. He did have 8 career interceptions, and I believe he also played FS.

And that's it guys, my first post and my first full 7 round Rams mock draft. Whenever I do these I only go to like round 3-4. Kind of nervous to read your guys' opinions on this...

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