2013 NFL Draft: TST Safety Big Board

Joe Robbins

Who are the best safeties in the NFL Draft?

We have hit on both wide receivers and running backs, and now it's time to move on to another one of the Rams major needs: safeties.

The Rams started Craig Dahl and Quintin Mikell at safety in 2012. Both are no longer on the team. This leaves the Rams with Darian Stewart as the only safety who has had significant playing time on the roster. The Rams must address safety in the first two round of the draft.

Again, the rankings system awards points based on each writer's individual big board. 10 points for 1st, 9 points for 2nd and so on and so forth.

1. Jonathan Cyprien 58 pts
2. Kenny Vacarro 53 pts
3. Matt Elam 50 pts
4. Eric Reid 38 pts

5. DJ Swearinger

6. Bacarri Rambo

36 pts

34 pts

7. . Sharmarko Thomas 12 pts
8. TJ McDonald 11 pts
9. Phillip Thomas 9 pts
10. JJ Wilcox 8 pts
11. Tony Jefferson 4 pts
12. Josh Evans 3 pts
13. Robert Lester 2 pts
14. Robert Lester 2 pts
15. Don Jones 1 pts

Notable things:

  • Huge drop off after our top 5. Drop of 24 total point is tremendous.
  • Cyprien tops our board over Vacarro. I put Vacarro number one on my board, but I do not think he is the best safety available for the Rams. I think Cyprien is, but I believe Vacarro is the overall superior prospect, which still puts him at 1 on my board. Other writers may have been making this board with the Rams in mind, thus explaining why Cyprien is first.
  • The top three all recieved 50 points, which is a huge number in this ranking system. This means we see them as first rounders.
  • TJ McDonald has taken a dramatic fall. He was thought of by many going into this season as the top safety prospect. He only received 11 points on our board.
  • I forgot to include Bacarri Rambo in the first making of this chart because I am a dumbass. Carry on.

Here's how each individual writer ranked the safeties.

Brandon Birkhead Tevin Broner Eric Nagel Brandon Bate Tyler Bishop RamTuff20 (Mark Lujan)
Kenny Vacarro Cyprien Cyprien Cyprien Elam Cyprien
Jonathan Cyprien Elam Vacarro Vacarro Cyprien Vacarro
Matt Elam Vacarro Swearinger Elam Vacarro Elam
Bacarri Rambo Rambo Elam Reid Reid Swearinger
Eric Reid Reid Reid Swearinger Swearinger Reid
Phillip Thomas Swearinger Rambo Rambo Rambo Rambo
DJ Swearinger S. Thomas S. Thomas P. Thomas Shawn Williams S. Thomas
TJ McDonald McDonald Wilcox S. Thomas Josh Evans McDonald
JJ Wilcox Tony Jefferson Robert Lester Wilcox P. Thomas Jefferson
Sharmarko Thomas Wilcox McDonald McDonald Don Jones Duke Williams
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