MtD - TST Pre-Mock Draft "LIVE" Trade Session 5.0


By popular demand, we hosted a LIVE trade session last night for all the GMs in the MtD Mock Draft this weekend. While some GMs kept their gnome-like secrecy going and stayed out of last night's fray, the session was active. Cub reporter RamPage - who is legally changing his name to: A. Dumb Shifter - covered the event for Turf Show Times. Here's what happened:

Texans send: #124 (4th) #160 (5th) #233(7th) to the Raiders for their #100 (4th) #209 (7th)

Texans trade with Jets 2014 7th Round pick for Tebow. - Yes, the Texans' war room stuns the NFL - and their fans - worlds.

The Browns have reached a deal with the Eagles for Safety Kurt Coleman, and the 218th pick for the Browns' 175th pick.

Rams send #16, #113 and OT Rodger Saffold to Cardinals for #7 and #140

Redskins trade #51 and #229 for Ravens #62, #130, and #165

Atlanta trades Stephen Nicholas and 5th rd (#163) to Titans for Colin McCarthy and Titans 7th round pick (#216).

Seahawks send: #56 and #231 to Texans for their 2014 1st round pick

Cards get: #10 (1300) + #70 (240) + 163 (26.2) Titans get: #16 (1,000) + #38 (520) + 2014 6th

Revis traded by Jets to Vikings for their 25th, 83rd and 155th picks

Broncos trade WR Andre Caldwell and 2014 7th rounder for Vikings 6th rounder (#189)

Cardinals Sent: QB Hoyer and #176 overall (6th Round)to Houston for QB Tebow, RB Ben Tate and #231 overall (7th round)

Redskins get 178, 215, and the Texans '14 7th, and the Jets get 162

New England has agreed to a trade with the Arizona Cardinals. New England will send their 29th, 91st, 235th, Brandon Spikes, and Ryan Mallett to the Arizona Cardinals. The Arizona Cardinals will send New England their 10th overall pick, their 113th, their 231st, and FB Tim Tebow.

The Titans trade 2.38 and a 2014 6th to Seattle for CB Brandon Browner

The Browns trade the 6th overall pick, Jabaal Sheard, the 139th overall pick and the 237th overall pick to the Raiders for the 3rd overall pick

Seahawks trade 2/38 to Cleveland for 5/164, 2014 1st round and 4th round pick

The New England Patriots trade QB/FB/TE Tim Tebow and the 231st pick in the 2013 draft to the Minnesota Vikings for their 6th round pick in the 2014 draft.

Trading continues today, and we'll keep the NFL world apprised of the doin's as they happen. So welcome to day two of the MtD Mock Draft trade session.

P.S. The Rams trade is dbcouver's fault. He should know better than to leave me alone in a trade room...

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