One and Only Mock Draft!

Mock drafts are dime a dozen, but with the draft only a week away now, I wanted to throw my two cents in while I still had time. First, I would like to point out that I am a huge proponent of trading down. If Austin/Warmack/Cooper are not available at 16 I would like to see us try and trade that pick. If one of those players are available, I would like to see us trade pick 22.

Also, I would love to see us pick two safeties early this year. I know Fisher has expressed his conifidence in Stewart, but with so many potential starting safeties in rounds 1-3, I feel we would really be missing out if we didn't snag two, especially when many of these guys would be a definite upgrade over Stewart. My favorites would be any combination of Cyprien and the 3 SEC safeties (Swearinger, Reid, and Rambo).

With that being said, here goes!

Round 1 - 16. WR Tavon Austin (West Virginia) By now, everyone know the strengths and weaknesses of Austin, but it is hard to ignore his playmaking ability, even with less than ideal size.

Round 1 - 22. Trade this pick to Philadelphia for their 2nd(35) and 3rd(67) round picks. I could see Geno Smith dropping in this draft, especially if he makes it out of the top 10. Dropping to 22 may be a stretch, but if Geno (or another top prospect) falls, 22 could be a very tradable pick.

Round 2 - 35. G Larry Warford (Kentucky) Warford is a very attractive prospect at guard, not far behind Warmack and Cooper. He would be an instant starter for us.

Round 2 - 46. S D.J. Swearinger (South Carolina) Swearinger is probaly my favorite of the second round available safeties (assuming Cyprien is off the board). Swearinger is a thumper who has shown he can be very effective in coverage. I feel he could fit nicely into our defense at either safety position.

Round 3 - 67. OLB Sio Moore (Connecticut) Natural SLB. Moore adds an extra dimension with his disruptive pass rushing abillty. Smooth, athletic linebacker who would fit in well beside JL55 and Dunbar.

Round 3 - 78. S Baccari Rambo (Georgia) Rambo is a straight ball hawk. To me, Rambo is the most natural FS in the draft this year. As long as he can stay out of trouble off the field, he will be a stud. The thought of Swearinger and Rambo behind Jenkins, Finnegan, and Johnson gives me goosebumps. This would give us a dominant secondary for years to come.

Round 4 - 113. CB Terry Hawthorne (Illinois) Hawthorne is a physically gifted corner whose stock has fallen due to injury concerns. Hawthorne plays the ball very well, and has proven he can create turnovers. He succeeded in the Big 10 playing mostly man coverage, but there is no reason to believe he wouldn't be successful in zone also. He would provide nice depth at CB, following Fletcher's departure.

Round 5 - 149. DT Akeem Spence (Illinois) The 5th round may be a stretch for Spence, but if he is available, he would provide us nice depth and a rotational player at DT. Spence has a nice build, displays stong hands, and would be a solid run defender.

Round 6 - 184. WR Marcus Davis (Virginia Tech) After losing both Amendola and Gibson, it would be smart for us to pick up both a slot reciever and outside guy in this draft. Davis is an outside reciever with a great build and loads of potential.

Round 7 - 222. RB Rex Burkhead (Nebraska) I know it has taken me a while to get to RB, but here it is. Burkhead is a nice power back who has excelled against high level competition. With Richardson and Pead being drafted last year, I feel we should see what they have this year. Burkhead could prove to be a nice power complement to Pead and Richardson.

Thanks for reading and any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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