2013 NFL Draft: Patterson, Austin Flunk Wonderlic...Someone Cares?

Apparently, yes. Someone cares.

News broke today that Tennessee WR Cordarrelle Patterson and West Virginia WR Tavon Austin received very low scores on the Wonderlic test given out at the NFL Combine.

For some reason, both this practice and that fact still matter.

One of the most egregious examples of how misconstructed the NFL Combine is for actually evaluating football players at playing football, the Wonderlic is a 50-question test that takers have 12 minutes to complete. None of the questions on the test have to do with football. The test is broken into four sections: cognitive, skill, personality, and behavioral. These are all true.

Good football players may not be all that well-suited to performing well in standardized testing. This is also true because they don't have anything to do with one another.

Giving half of a Grecian crap (surely one of the worst) about Wonderlic scores is arguably one of the worst pursuits man can possibly entertain.

Of all of the things I've wondered in my life about, say, Isaac Bruce, not one of them has had anything to do with the Wonderlic test. Same for Marshall Faulk. Same for Steven Jackson. Same for any professional football player.

Intelligence is an important trait in many positions in football. I understand the Wonderlic is an attempt to quantify one's intellegence, as well as other traits, in a single number. That's pretty silly, though trying obviously is a way to earn a living. But intelligence is so overwhelmingly complex of a trait to measure, applying a single (and yes, I know the combine added a second test, but we didn't hear about those scores did we? That the Wonderlic is still the magnet for pundit stupidity and/or racism) conduit of measurement to assess these players' intelligence as a factor of how well they're going to play football is just ridiculous.

Was today's news a leak obviously designed to affect the public perception of what is perhaps the consensus top two WR prospect in the draft? Yes. Yes it was. Is this the last time we'll ever hear of Wonderlic scores?

I can't be the only person hoping so.

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