2013 NFL Draft: Rounding up the Rams news and rumors


What's the latest on the Rams' potential draft picks?

So there's this thing happening in a week. I believe it's called the NFL Draft. You know the draft, it's the thing that the St. Louis Rams consistently screwed up until Jeff Fisher and Les Snead cleaned up the stench dating all the way back to Jay Zygmunt.

Smart assery aside, there is now a steady trickle of things to talk about. Let's handle this in smaller, easily digested paragraphs for readers of all Wonderlic levels!

These Guys Are Dumb!

Or rather they're not, we don't know because the Wonderlic is an outdated and meaningless measuring device that the NFL still uses to test prospects. Tavon Austin and Cordarrelle Patterson had the dubious honor of being the first picks to get their Wonderlic scores leaked. They registered a 7 and 11, respectively.

As I already said over at SB Nation, it doesn't mean a thing, except that some team is using an age old ploy to tinker with their draft stock. It didn't work for A.J. Green when he scored a 10 back in 2011, and it won't work for Austin. Patterson's issue stems less from his Wonderlic and more from his rawness as a prospect.

Where Have All the Running Backs Gone?

Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports says that no team will pick a running back in the first round of the draft. I have my doubts, but if ever there was a first time for that to happen, this could be the year. Eddie Lacy, seen by many as the top running back in the draft, hurt his draft stock, supposedly, at his pro day. LaCanfora predicts that UCLA's Johnathan Franklin will be the first running back off the board. The Rams had a pre-draft visit with both Lacy and Franklin as well as a handful of other running backs.

Larry Warford Visits Rams

The Rams spent some time with the third-ranked guard in the draft, Kentucky's Larry Warford. Tony Pauline reported that earlier in the week. This isn't really a surprise. Warford would be a great pick for the Rams in the second round, at #46. The problem could be waiting for him to fall there. Pauline expects Warford to be off the board before the Rams make their first schedule day two pick.

Rams Looking at Ace

Jeff Fisher took Brian Schottenheimer and Austin Davis on the road this week. They headed down to South Carolina to workout Gamecocks wide receiver Ace Sanders. He's a smaller version of Tavon Austin at 5'7" 173 pounds. Like Austin, he's a speedster who works primarily out of the slot. Sanders can also handle return duty.

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