Random Ramsdom: St. Louis Rams, NFL Draft, and The NFL Schedule


Not that you haven’t already been counting down, but there’s only one week left until the 2013 NFL Draft. It might as well be a holiday...

The NFL Draft is just around the corner. As a matter of fact, there is precisely one more week until the long awaited selection process will begin. Be sure to feverishly update your mock drafts and big boards...because in 7 days, none of it will matter.

* Keep up to speed with SB Nation’s NFL Writer’s Mock Draft. The 57th pick is now in.

* This Fall’s College Football schedule is out. Here are some Saturday games you won’t want to miss.

* Dan Kadar discusses how identifying a player with potential can payoff. He highlights a few guys who may not be blue chip...at least not now anyways.

* Stock up, stock down. Matthew Fairburn mentions a few players of Rams’ interest who are heading in different directions on the draft board.

* You want to know what the 2013 NFL regular season schedule is going to look like? I’ve got good news. You’ll find out tonight at 8pm EST.

* Danny Amendola is no longer a St. Louis Ram. That being said, it’s only fitting that he be highlighted in a nifty little movie trailer....you know, because he plays for a team that networks actually recognize exist.

* Got a second? Make sure you cast your vote for the Top 100 NFL Players of 2013.

* Tavon Austin visited the Lions on Wednesday. He compares himself to a guy who’s already on their roster.

* The 2010 NFL Draft - for those who don’t remember - brought Sam Bradford to the Rams. The Seahawks and 49ers have already sent five players selected in 2010 to the Pro Bowl.

* Vernon Davis earns the 49ers the #1 ranking in the NFC West’s TE rankings. It sounds like we should expect to see every team - except the Rams - taking a TE in the first few rounds of the upcoming draft. No worries, they also have the worst defensive line in the division.

* Sports Science featuring Cordarrelle Patterson. I probably don’t need to say much. You’re watching already aren’t you?

* Are you interested in what Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay have to say about the upcoming draft? Good news! They’ll be on twitter today at 2pm to give you a few final thoughts. #KiperMcShay

* Back in December, I mentioned that the Rams might need a little assistance in the kick return phase of their special teams. STL Today’s Jim Thomas notes that the Rams are bringing in a certain South Carolina player who might be able to assist in that category. [note: he’s no Tavon Austin]

* Football Outsiders: In case you missed it, FO did a write up about the ‘State of the Team.’ The defense looks to be solid, while the offense can best be described somewhere between adequate and ‘just a guy.’

* STL Today: Someone’s got some big starting-RB shoes to fill. Who will it be? Could be Eddie Lacy.

* CBS Sports: [VIDEO] A panel of experts discuss defensive back prospects that you need to keep your eye on in next Thursday’s draft. How about one for the best offensive lineman in the draft.

* Bleacher Report: Five late round guys who make sense for the Rams. I’m not going to lie, I like all of these players.

* Optimum Scouting: Did you just find a $6 bill? If so, and you’re looking to immediately invest it in a draft guide...well...they’ve got one.

* Draftinsider.net: Quinton Patton is a player the Rams have showed interest in. So have the Tennessee Titans. He looks to be available in the mid-second. Larry Warford is another player the Rams have shown interest in... along with a couple of running backs that Tony Pauline discusses.

* CBS Sports: The Falcons are rumored to be interested in moving up from the 30th overall spot next Thursday. If only they knew a former GM who currently manages a team with two first round picks...

2013 Updated NFL Mock Drafts

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