Rams final mock

The Rams are in a interesting position in the draft. At the beginning of the offseason, many mocks had players like Jonathan Cooper at 22 and fisher and Warmack at 16. more recently,many if not most all mocks have had Tavon Austin going at 16 and 22. With all the draft hype Austin has been getting after his combine, there is a good chance that he will not be there at 16 anymore. unless we trade up from 16 wich probably wont happen because we need the picks, i see no chance of us landing Austin, Cooper or Warmack anymore.

So now on to the draft. I am not trading any of the two first rounders just because i think some of the players the rams like will fall to them

1(16)- Kenny Vaccaro/S -- the rams will get a safety here because as i said earlier, cooper Warmack and Austin will be gone. Patterson could be here at 16 but i dont think the rams want another project reciever like Quick.

1(22)- DeAndre Hopkins WR Clemson- Deandre Hopkins may be considered as a little bit of a reach here, but i think he is a good polished reciever and could come in right away and help out bradford.

Round 2 Trade- A trade to the Browns so that they can nab a quarterback with this pick. They will be giving us their third (68) 4th (104) 5th(139) and their third round pick next years draft. Not sure if the draft pick value is right, but it sounds like a nice deal for me considering that eddie lacy is gone and some other picks they liked in the 2nd.

Round 3 (68)- Larry Warford G Kentucky- gives a competition at the guard spot and some dept.

round 3- Terrance williams Wr- another wr in the draft to give some more dept at the position. had good stats at baylor and hopefully he can transfer that on the field. this pick will probably be the most questioned in the mock draft, but with extra picks, comes more options for bradford.

Round 4 (104)- Texas A&M RB Christine Michael- a new era of running backs are in St. Louis Michael will compement well with Pead and Richardson to make our backfield a nonconcern.

round 4 Zavier Goodin LB- new Starting Lb for the rams. good athleticism to pair up with Dunbar and Laurenitus.

round 5 139 - Akeem Spence DT Illinois or Jordan hill Penn state- dt Dept

round 5- David Bass DE Missouri Western- rams shown interest in this guy so they can take him in round 5

round 6- Cooper taylor S Richmond or Ty Powell OLB Harding

Round 7 Ray armstrong S or Josh Johnson Pudue

please leave comments if you like my draft or not

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