My Final Mock, With a Trade

We will start with the trade first. We trade our #16 for the Bengals #21 and 2nd rounder.

1a.) Jarvis Jones OLB Georgia: He falls to us and we jump on him. Elite playmaker off the edge. Possesses an explosive burst to complement very good timing to consistently cross the face of offensive tackles and get them backpedaling. Has enough flexibility to dip under their reach and close on the quarterback, demonstrating strong hands and an eye for ripping the ball free for the sack and forced fumble. Stronger than he looks and has an effective bull-rush. Also uses this strength to be surprisingly effective in setting the edge despite routinely giving up 70-plus pounds to opponents. Locates the ball quickly and pursues with passion. Athletic enough to drop back into coverage.

1b.) DeAndre Hopkins WR Clemson: Nice job catching the ball in stride and immediately creating after the catch with a very good sense of his surroundings, always appearing to have a plan. Deceiving body strength and powers through arm tackles, playing with toughness. Strong hands with above average body control and focus to high point and attack the ball in the air. Tracks the deep ball and shows a second gear to separate at the final moment and finish. Very good short-area burst in his cuts with some beautiful stop-and-go moves and route acceleration to create room. Good shoulder dip and footwork to set up his routes with very good feel, taking pride in his patterns. Handled quarterback Tajh Boyd's fastballs the past three years and uses his extension to reel-in tough grabs - high, low or outside, he goes and gets it. Uses his body well to box-out defenders and is fearless over the middle.Changes gears well and knows how to turn on the jets, using his vision and awareness to create. Competitive and physical attitude and wants the ball more than anyone else on the field, never conceding the top receiver distinction to Watkins. Dedicated himself to the weight room this past off-season and it shows on the field. Much improved maturity took even the coaches by surprise with his goal oriented approach and work ethic. Super productive the past three seasons, leaving with school with numerous school and conference records.

2a.) Eric Reid FS LSU: Possesses the prototypical frame for the position, boasting wide shoulders, long arms and a tapered frame. Reid is a fantastic downhill athlete with quick read-and-react ability to attack the play with steam spurting from his ears. He might be the explosive hitter from the safety position in the 2013 draft, closing with the speed and physicality of a linebacker rather than a defensive back.Possesses the size and athleticism combination teams are desperate to find to counter the hybrid receiver/tight ends taking over the seams. Doesn't possess top flexibility but accelerates surprisingly well for his length and has good straight-line speed, overall. Physical with receivers down field and plays 50-50 balls well, using his size and strength to his advantage.

2b.) Justin Hunter WR Tennessee: Hunter is a tall, long athlete with an exception catching radius and reach. He is a fluid, gliding mover with long strides and deceiving speed to get vertical or make plays after the catch. He has strong footwork in/out of his breaks with sharp route quickness to sell patterns and create some separation. He tracks the ball beautifully, adjusting with outstanding body control.Hunter does a nice job becoming a DB down field to knock balls away and prevent the INT. He has the size/speed combination to attract defensive holding and pass interference penalties in his routes. Hunter has experience lining up as an X, Y and Z receiver, lining up all over the offense for Tennessee.He had a productive 2012 season as one of only four SEC receivers to surpass 1,000 receiving yards, finishing third in receiving yards 1,083 and touchdown grabs 9. Despite just 17 career starts, Hunter finishes his Tennessee career ranked top-five in career 100-yard receiving games 8 and touchdown catches 18.


Robert Woods WR USC: Savvy hands-catcher and does a nice job making plays in stride. Polished and crafty route runner and does a nice job changing speeds in his patterns to keep defenders off balance.Sharp in-and-out of his breaks with strong plant-and-go quickness. Not naturally explosive but accelerates quickly with very good body control and balance. Fast hands with very good hand/eye coordination and drops are rare with him. Fluid frame and smooth hips to adjust and make tough catches. Can climb the ladder and snatch the ball out of the air.A lot of screens and asked to create on his own with good vision with the ball in his hands. Deceiving strength to come down with contested grabs with the toughness and fearless attitude to fight for every yard and go over the middle. Unselfish player and gives good effort as a blocker.Always looking to get better and improve, known as a strong practice player and hard worker. Good production the past three seasons, leaving college with 252 career receptions and experience as a kickoff and punt returner.

3.) Alvin Bailey OG Arkansas: A naturally massive man, Bailey shows impressive quickness off the snap and can knock defenders off the ball in the running game. He's athletic enough to handle blocking on the move - a requirement in an Arkansas scheme that often requires the guards to pull and block at the second level.While quick enough to get out in space, Bailey struggles to re-direct if the defenders sees him coming and often is forced to lunge at his opponent, resulting in some impressive knock-down blocks but also an occasional miss. The talent and poise of skill position players around him has helped Bailey in pass protection as he has a tendency to stop moving his feet and attempt to control his opponent with just his size and strength.For a big man, however, Bailey shows the ability to block low enough to anchor. He still needs to refine his game but could earn top 100 consideration in either the 2013 or 2014 draft should he continue to develop.

4.) Le'Veon Bell RB Michigan State: Strong-build and well proportioned with thick hips. Very good balance and stays low to the ground through contact. More of a downhill athlete who picks up speed as he goes. Stays light on his feet and has some deception to his game, slipping through cracks at the line of scrimmage.Tough runner to bring down cleanly, often carrying defenders. Good forward lean and pop to deliver blows at the point of attack. Has a mean stiff arm and spin move. Not afraid to leave his feet to leap over defenders. Active receiver with good awareness in pass pro to pick up blitzes. Led Big Ten in rushing in 2012 with 1,793 yards with three 200-yard performances.

5.) David Bass DE Missouri Western: Good first step quickness and natural burst off the snap. Plays with springs in his legs with good vertical and lateral movements. Active hands to defeat blocks with good awareness to find the ball carrier. Plays assignment-sound football and has developed his instincts. Motivated individual with an excellent competitive drive. Positive locker room presence with strong character on and off the field. Excellent career production with 39.5 sacks and 56 tackles for loss as a four-year starter.

6.) Marquess Wilson WR Washington State: Though not a classic burner, the lean and athletic Wilson is a natural pass-catcher with impressive body control and deceptive speed.Wilson needs to continue to get bigger and stronger, make his route-running a bit more precise and try to develop a bit more explosiveness. He's a naturally long-strider who is at his best running under Jeff Tuel's deep balls or using his long arms and body control to beat defenders in jump-ball situations.

7.) Cooper Taylor SS Richmond: Huge kid 6'5 225 pounds. Plays with excellent aggression and physicality. Decisive in his decision making and shows a good burst, arriving to the play quickly and ready to blow up the ball carrier. Better than expected athleticism for his size, and flows to the action while breaking down on the move. Good footwork and can close quickly on plays in front of him. Has the size and range to be an enforcer against both the run and the pass, but has also impressed with his instincts and football awareness. Did an excellent job at the Shrine Game of digesting the coaches' instructions and applying them immediately, always appearing focused and zoned in on what is going on around him.

Well there you go my final mock hope you guys liked it. Please give me feedback. Thank you.

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