The Perfect Comparison for Tavon Austin

For months now, Rams nation has been trying to figure out who most likely Tavon Austin compares to in the NFL. The list goes on and on; Percy Harvin, Desean Jackson, Darren Sproles, and even Steve Smith (CAR). Just because these players are small in stature and extremely agile does not mean that Tavon Austin is this type of player. None of them are 5' 9" or under like the former Mountaineer great. So who exactly does the West Virginia product compare to?

Andrew Hawkins WR, Cincinnati Bengals.

He may be a familiar name to some. Hawkins went to Toledo and was a standout, but went undrafted in 2008. Hawkins then went to the CFL, where the Steve Spagnuolo-led St. Louis Rams, scooped him up and saw his potential as a kick returner. However nothing panned out there, and was cut. Later in his career the Cincy Bengals picked him up and he's turned into a diamond in the rough. In his days now, he's a fan favorite in Cincy, for good reason. He's an electrifying athlete, terrifyingly small in stature, agile, and tough to tackle. Sounds like a certain WR that the Rams are targeting..

Let's take a deeper look at Hawkins' play style.

Andrew Hawkins Highlights 2012

Now take a glance at Tavon Austin's highlights, and I dare you to tell me they don't look eerily the same.

Tavon Austin Senior Highlights

Tavon Austin: 5' 8", 174 lbs

Andrew Hawkins: 5' 7", 175 lbs

Some say Austin should be in the top-10 in the draft. NO WAY! In my opinion, the St. Louis Rams should NOT either of their two 1st round picks on Tavon Austin. He is an element any team would love, no doubt. But is he a first round caliber player, worthy of being a top-10 WR in this league? I'd say no. He's more like a Andrew Hawkins. A player who makes one play that WOW's the crowd at least once a game. The Rams need someone who will consistently move the chains, give the defense someone to gameplan around, and can just flat out ball THE WHOLE GAME. (cough cough* gibson). Hopefully we will get one this year, via draft or even trade. Who knows what Snisher has in mind? We'll have to wait and see.. Personally I see us as playoff contenders even with the tough division we're in. Time will tell. Go RAMSSSS!

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