4 Round Mock Draft with Analysis and Video!!!

As the draft approaches, I figured I would make another mock draft for the first 4 rounds, Picks 16,22, 46, 78, and 113.

1st Round

16. Tavon Austin WR, WVU

Tavon Awesome (Tavon Austin Junior Highlights) (via dougitydog)

I truly beleive Austin is the receiver that really makes a difference. He fills three things for the Rams that are looking for rather than just one.

1. Slot Receiver

2. Playmaker

3. Amendola Replacement.

If the rams can snag Austin, then the receiver need is gone for the most part as the rams likely wouldn't draft another WR until the late rounds or sign an UDFA. Austin would be the smart and exciting pick here.

22. S Kenny Vaccaro S, Texas

Kenny Vaccaro 2012 Senior Highlights (via godzillatron24)

The reason I have the Rams picking Vaccaro here overt Cyprien or Elam is that Vaccaro can come in day one and make a difference. Cyprien, while very very talneted, played at a small school and the Rams can't afford to wait for him to catch up. Also, Vacarro's best attribute is run defense and mid-range coverage. Vaccaro is an incredibly hard hitter and is a monster against the run. Vacarro will be able to help shut down Kaepernick and Wilson in the 4 games the Rams play the 49ers and Seahawks. Vacarro's mid range coverage really shines on quick pass plays in which he is able to read the play and make a move to stop a pass or stop the play in its tracks. It seemed like the Rams were getting beat on every third and short last year. Hopefully Vaccaro can stop that. Vaccaro is also a very good blitzer and can be called upon to wreak havoc on the quarterback when needed.

2nd Round

46. Eric Reid S, LSU

2013 NFL Draft Profile: Eric Reid - Louisiana State (via Erick Ward)

Yes the Rams will take back to back safeties. The way I look at it is that the Rams need two Safeties in the draft anyway, so why not take to high quality ones and not worry about safety being a weak point in the defense. Reid is more of physical safety in coverage. He doesn't allow a receiver to create space and has the speed to stop any deep threat receiver as Reid runs a 4.5 forty time. Reid is good at reading and undercutting routes. This is something the Rams need as Craig Dahl seemed unable to read a play even if it was posted on the jumbotron.

3rd Round

78. Larry Warford OG, Kentucky

2013 NFL Draft Profile: Larry Warford - Kentucky (via Erick Ward)

Warford is the pick here because the Rams still need a guard in the draft. Warford is quality talent that can be taken in the 3rd round. Warford is a good overall blocker and won't make too many mistakes. One of his strengths is picking up blitzing linebackers or picking up the delayed blitz. Warford is also a very good run blocker which will be able to open lanes for Pead and Richardson in the backfield.

4th Round

113. Christine Michael RB, Texas A&M

Ultimate Christine Michael Texas A&M Highlights (via MooseHeadSports)

Michael is one big, tough back. He is the bruiser that Jeff Fisher is looking for. He has a low center of gravity and is able to break arm tackles. He has 4.5 speed which isn't terrible for a big guy and his speed is even more impressive in the open field. Michael is also a very good pass protector and can pick up the extra blitzer(huge need for the Rams). Michael's one knock against him is that he hasn't been known as a very good reciever out of the backfield.

Thanks for reading let me know what you think...

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