Random Ramsdom: Clarity

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Ten days. Ten more days until my favorite day of the entire NFL calendar. The NFL Draft will finally be held. With less than two weeks until the draft, we are all finding more clarity. For the most part, we know each team's needs that need to be filled, and around where each prospect will be picked, though we'll be surprised by a few picks.

Let's catch you all up on the news.

Reaction to Kiper's Latest Mock (Sando, ESPN NFC West Blog)

Mel Kiper's latest 2 round mock had the Rams selecting Tavon Austin and Kenny Vacarro in the first round, and picking up Wisconsin Running Back Montee Ball in the second round.

I have been as open to my liking of Tavon Austin as anyone, so I have no problem with the first pick. I continue to question why Vacarro is consistently mocked to the Rams. Vacarro is my top safety in the draft, but I do not think his style fits what the Rams defense. Jeff Fisher has always preferred big, fast and tough safeties. Vacarro is not a very physical player, and is more of a pure coverage safety. I don't think the style matches. A player like Matt Elam or Jonathan Cyprien makes more sense.

As for the Montee Ball pick, I could not be more against it. Ball is a very overrated prospect in my eyes. He already at his young age has a ton of miles on his tires, and he's not overly fast or physical. He was adequate enough at both to shine behind the tremendous front provided by the Badgers.

Late Round Options for the Rams (Bleacher Report)

This list deals more with Mid-Round options for the Rams, but it's a good list and fans should familiarize themselves with the players on the list. Kyle Long and Marcus Lattimore both make the list. We have discussed both on the site recently, and both seem to be a good fit for the Rams, especially Lattimore, provided he checked out medically.

What's up with Roger Saffold (NFL.com)

With the signing of Jake Long, Roger Saffold has lost his starting LT spot. No one likes a demotion. It's possible he is looking to be traded, though we have heard nothing of the sort officially. NFL.com brings up the possibility, though incredibly unlikely, that Saffold may hold out. I tend to agree with what Tevin wrote recently. The Rams won't have to worry about Saffold this season, but they may need to look for his replacement in the draft.

NFL Draft Top WRs (Thomas, STLToday)

Jim Thomas revealed his top WR options available for the Rams. TST did our own collaborative WR Big Board. Needless to say, our list are quite similar.

Jaguars down to two players (NFL.com)

The Jags have narrowed down their options at number two overall to two players. I would be willing to bet that those two players are Geno Smith and Dion Jordan. Personally, I would go with Dion Jordan. He reminds me of a young Adalius Thomas. If the Jaguars decide to go with Geno Smith instead, the draft will become very interesting very fast. A trade down isn't out of the question for Jacksonville, especially with prospects like Eric Fisher, Luke Jockel and Dion Jordan available. The number two pick this year may be the first pick to surprise everyone.

Song of the day: One of my favorite bands, Death Cab for Cutie

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