The End of the Line: My Final Mock


This is it folks, the long journey has led me on a dark and dangerous road, but i managed to get through it and get to the end.

I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders now that i don't have to worry about this anymore.

Hope you enjoy!

Lets first start out by introducing the trades that occur:

-Bengals trade 1.21 and 3.84 and 6.190 for 1.16

2.21=800 3.84=170 6.190=15.4 = 985.4 1.16=1000

The Bengals really like Kenny Vaccaro. At Vaccaro's pro day the Bengals Defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer conducted the drills himself. Also, the Bengals have met with Vaccaro 3 times including a pre draft visit. The Bengals dont mind giving up their 3rd rounder and one of their 6th round picks(they have 2) to bypass the Steelers and Cowboys to grab the top rated safety knowing they still have two 2nd rounders to play with to grab a WR, RB, or LB.

-Falcons trade 2.60 and 3.92 for 2.46

2.60=300 3.92=132 =432 2.46=440

The lions lost John ABraham and so grab Demonte Moore in the 1st to replace him. Thats fills one hole, The other was created by Brent Grimes leaving for Miami, and Dunta Robinson leaving for the Chiefs. Besides a run on wide receivers in the 2nd, there looks to be a run on cornerbacks. The Falcons move up to make sure they get a starting caliber CB in Jonathan Banks and not a developmental/depth one later.

-Lions trade 3.65 for saffold and 6.184

Cliff Avril and Kyle Vanden Bosh are gone, so the need at DE is massive. They lost starting RT Gosder Cherilus to the colts and LT Jeff Backus retired. Riley Reiff has played G and could be moved to outside but the Lions rather have a proven starter at LT. They debate whether to take Ezekiel Ansah to fill the void at DE or Lane Johnson to fill in at LT. He ultimately decides on Ziggy. This still leaves a big whole at tackle though, and there isnt really any plug and play caliber LT's available after Lane Johnson. So what does Schwartz do? He calls up his old pal and friend Jeff Fisher and asks how much Saffold will cost him. A 3rd rounder later, Saffold is now a Lion.

-Ravens trade 3.94 and 6.199 for 3.78

3.94=124 6.199=11.8 =135.8 3.78=200

The Ravens have two 5th rounders and three 6th rounders this year so giving up one of them to move up is no big deal for them. The Ravens recently lost Ed Reed. They signed Michael Huff to play safety alongside James Ihedigbo, but these guys are not long term answers and will need to be upgraded in a year or two, so they figure why not grab Phillip Thomas before its to late. At worst he adds solid depth while learning the position to become the starter in a year or two. Thomas fits their system well, as Fresno State switched to a 3-4 last year and Thomas excelled in the scheme.

A little more thought behind this pick and why Thomas is still available. The Redskins need both a Safety and cornerback, so they pick David Amerson who could play either with their 2nd round pick. We take Swearinger at #60. Now the Ravens could grab Phillips at #62, but the Ravens are looking to rebuild and solidify there front 3, so they grab Jesse Williams. As i said earlier, the Ravens signed Huff and had Ihedigbo, but they are not long term answers and need better depth and a future starter. Phillips is still available at #78 but wont make it passed the Steelers at #78, or the Redskins at #85. So they give up the 6th rounder to get a future starter.

This is now our draft order:


Now that the trades have been explained, lets get to the draft!!!

Alec Ogletree - Linebacker - Georgia


Height-6'2 5/8
Weight-244 lbs
Arms-33 1/2
40 yd dash-4.70
Broad jump-122'
3 cone-7.16
20 yd shuttle-4.39

2010-34 tackles(26 solo), 1 TFL, 1 Pass breakup, 1 kick/punt blocked
2011-52 tackles(41 solo), 3 sacks, 7.5 TFL, 3 QB hurries, 2 FF
2012-111 tackles(63 solo), 3 sacks, 11.5 TFL, 1 int, 5 pass breakups, 5 qb hurries, 1 FF, 1 TD

Ultimate Alec Ogletree Highlights (via TheVikingsworld2011)

Ogletree played safety as a freshman, but was moved to inside linebacker the next year. He broke his foot in the season opener and missed the next 6 games but still racked up the stats when he returned. He missed 4 games last year due to a drug suspension but when he came back, he came to play. He also recently had a DUI before the combine.

Has excellent speed for the position, can turn on the jets to chase plays down form behind. Beats blocks with hand quickness, plays the position like a safety with a chance to build a frame like a linebacker. That helps undercut blocks to make tackles for loss from behind. Can really hit when he wants to. Attacks blockers with authority. Best at closing on the edge, when running back looks to bounce outside or the quarterback scrambles out of the pocket. Flashes plays where he looks possessed, like nothing will stop him. Stick to running backs out of the backfield in coverage, even with a slip he has enough closing speed to be reliable in coverage. Attacks the football when tackling in the hopes of creating a fumble and has outstanding straight-line speed on the field.

Understands angles and will cut around blockers almost as a receiver would cut away from a defensive back. Possesses the pure burn off the edge to produce as a blitzing linebacker, and will occasionally zoom into the pocket from coverage depth to pressure quarterbacks. Has the backpedal, hip turn, and short-area speed to cover well in man or zone. Dynamic special teams player.

His best fit seems to be as an OLB in a 4-3. Lucky for us, that is what the Rams defense uses. Is best suited at the Weakside position. Since Dunbar has played Strong side in the past during his career, we now have an amazing LB group.

Keenan Allen - Wide Receiver - Cal


Weight-206 lbs
Arms-32 3/4
40 yd dash-4.71

2010 - 46 receptions, 490 yards, 5 td's
2011 - 98 receptions, 1,342 yards, 6 td's
2012 - 61 receptions, 747 yards, 6 td's

Ultimate Keenan Allen Highlights (via TheVikingsworld2011)

I know some of you are going to hate this pick and think its far to early to draft him, i also know some people will have no problem with this pick. I think out of Allen, Hopkins, Patton, Hunter, Williams, Rogers and Dobson, Allen is the one type of WR we dont have already on this team while the rest are either similar to either Quick or Givens. I didnt include slot wr's because i address that later in this draft.

At Allen's highly anticipated pro day he ran slower then many of us hoped, running times of 4.71 and 4.75. Dr. Andrews said his knee is 100% but his surrounding muscles were at 75%. The real question is, how much faster if any he would of ran if he was 100%? And how much does it matter? To me it is not a big deal. To some others it is a huge concern for a 1st round wide reciever. I still veiw Allen as a 1st round talent.

Allen’s appeal for NFL teams starts with his precise route-running and ability to line up at any receiver spot. Speed has not and likely never will be a huge selling point for him.

Tavon Austin and Corderelle Patterson are off the board and Allen is the next best WR on the board in my opinion. Allen was regarded as the top WR prospect for much of the 2012 season. He was hampered this past season with a knee injury and poor quarterback play which saw his stats and stock drop.

I wont ever claim to be an expert by any means when it comes to scouting Prospects, but after watching loads of videos on all the top wide receivers projected for round 1 and 2 this last month, and going back and forth between a few on who id take at #22, i have come away most impressed by Allen(excluding Patterson and Austin due to the trade and them not being available at this point).

Allen isnt a true burner but does have good speed and a nice second gear for his size and isn't afraid of contact. He is a tall, physical, shifty and reliable receiver. Typically snatches passes out of the air, showing very good hand-eye coordination and a wide catching radius due to his length, flexibility and big hands. Experienced route-runner who has extensive experience lining up outside and in the slot. Very fluid for his size and is a good YAC player. He is a decent blocker but could use some work in that area. Has some Punt returning experience.

Allen adds a dimension to our wide receiver corp that we are missing. Besides Austin and Patterson, Allen in my eyes is the best combination of explosiveness and talent left on the board and gives Sammy another weapon that is well needed and could contribute from day 1. Has been compared to Anquan Boldin. Yes, i know Boldin was a late 2nd round pick, but if teams could go back in time and redraft, i think he would of been picked much higher.

DJ Swearinger - Safety - North Carolina


Weight-208 lbs
40 yd dash-4.65
BP-17 reps
Broad jump-124'
3 cone-6.70(top perfomer)
20 yd shuttle-4.11

2009-19 tackles(13 solo), 1 Pass breakup, 1 qb hurry
2010-66 tackles(51 solo), 5 pass breakups, 1 int, 1 qb hurries, 2 TFL, 1 FF
2011-80 tackles(58 solo), 3 pass breakups, 3 int's, 1.5 TFL, 1 FF
2012-79 tackles(62 solo), 7 pass breakups, 2 int's, 1 qb hurry, 3 TFL, 2 FF

DJ Swearinger Senior Year Highlights (South Carolina Gamecocks) (via dayarlo swearinger)

The first word that comes to mind when i think about Swearinger is physical. He plays with a physicality and intensity that few safeties in the class possess. He is a physical, hard hitting, high motor prospect who never takes a play off, gives 110% every play, and will light you up any chance he gets.

Swearinger paid a price for his hard-hitting ways on the college level in the form of a one-game suspension last season following helmet-to-helmet contact with a defenseless receiver.

While he can play aggressive, when he's playing down hill he can play in control and will square up in the open field to bring down ball carriers. He is an excellent backside pursuit defender and knows how to flow to the ball carrier to stuff running lanes. His position versatility makes it so a defensive coordinator can also move him around on the defense to play different roles. While he should excel in the box, he can also play the deep half if asked despite his elite speed because of his ability to recognize plays.

D.J. Swearinger is the ultimate combo safety. He spent his time at South Carolina between free safety, strong safety and even corner in 2012.

Bacarri Rambo - Safety - Georgia


Weight-211 lbs
Hands-9 1/4
40 yd dash(pro day)-4.59
BP-17 reps
*did not do drills at combine due to hamstring injury

2009-25 tackles(20 solo), 2 int's. 1 td, 5 Pass breakups
2010-82 tackles(58 solo), 5 TFL, 3 int's, 3 FF, 1 td, 3 Pass breakups
2011-55 tackles(34 solo), 1 TFL, 8 int's, 1 td, 8 breakups
2012-73 tackles(47 solo), 1 TFL, 3 int's, , 3 FF, 2 pass breakups, 1 sack

Ultimate Bacarri Rambo Highlights | HD (via TheFootballman175)

The best way to describe Rambo on the field is that he is a ballhawk who generates takeaways, excells in coverage and is a solid run defender. He has good speed to play either single high or even some man press situations depending on the situation. He also prides himself on being the last line of defense and is a solid tackler who can level a player when needed. Reads the quarterbacks eyes well and gets a jump on the ball. He has game-changing potential and plays a high-risk/high-reward type of game.

He was the team leader for defense on the field, and was primarily responsible for making adjustments and calls for the secondary. Though mainly used as a FS, he can be used in the box or as a blitzer because of his athleticism if needed. Rambo can play both SS and FS spots, but will probably spend more time in the FS position.

Rambo does have some off the field concerns as im sure your aware. Was suspended 1 game in 2011 for violating team policy, and was suspended 4 games in 2012 for failing a drug test. He can use some work on his overall tackling and gambling on some passes. Models his game after Ed Reed.

Brandon Williams - DT - Missouri Southern St.


Weight-335 lbs
Arms-32 5/8
Hands-9 3/4
40 yd dash-5.37
BP-38 reps(top performer)
Broad jump-102'
3 cone-8.09
20 yd shuttle-4.91

2008-38 tackles, 3 TFL, 1.5 sacks
2009-Missed due to injury
2010-50 tackles, 17 TFL, 9 sacks
2011-35 tackles, 16 TFL, 8 sacks
2012-68 tackles, 16.5 TFL, 8.5 sacks, 2 PassDef, 8 QB hurries, 5 FF, 1 safety

Brandon Williams - Drive To Make It (via Nick King)

"You can probably never have enough defensive tackles," Rams general manager Les Snead says, "because if you're gonna chase a QB around all day, the 300-plus pounders tend to get tired."

Williams has a low center of gravity and strong upper body to push consistently push man-up blockers into the backfield. Gets hands on his man fast, extends his arm to get leverage and can hold his ground. Uses his hands to swim or rip past blockers into the backfield. Also wins gaps by attacking a shoulder or out-quicking his man with a first step. Moves down the line adeptly while engaged to flow with plays. Flashes the agility to jump over trash inside and move well in a stand-up rush position despite his thick lower body. Directs teammates on their responsibilities before the snap. Lines up at five-technique, nose and everywhere in-between.

Williams became a three-time All-American as a senior, using a combination of strength and agility not usually seen at the Division II.

Williams will be a great addition to our defensive line, adding great depth and helping keep the rotation fresh.

He might not make it this far, as i have seen him go earlier, but i have seen mocks with him going after this pick as well. This pick is the biggest reach pick i have in my opinion.

Christine Michael - RB - Texas A & M


Weight-220 lbs
Arms-31 1/2
Hands-9 3/8
40 yd-dash-4.54
BP-27 reps(top performer)
Vert-43(top performer)
Broad Jump-125'(top performer)
3 cone-6.69(top performer)
20 yd shuttle-4.02(top performer)

2009-844 yards, 5.08 avg, 10 td's, 66 receiving yards
2010-631 yards, 5.01 avg, 4 td's, 174 receiving yards
2011-899 yards, 6.03 avg, 8 td's, 35 receiving yards, 1 td
2012-417 yards, 4.74 avg, 12 td's, 48 receiving yards

Ultimate Christine Michael Texas A&M Highlights (via MooseHeadSports)

Michael dominated at the East-West Shrine Game and knocked the combine workouts out of the park. Rumors surfaced of him missing meetings in Indianapolis, but if teams put his attitude aside, an argument could be made for him as the draft's most complete running back prospect.

He started his career with a bang, leading the team in rushing (844 yards, 10 touchdowns) and being named Big 12 Offensive Freshman of the Year by league coaches while forming a strong backfield duo with Gray in 2009. Michael started his sophomore season with three 100-yard games, but his production tailed off a bit, and then the season ended prematurely after breaking his right tibia (leg) against Texas Tech in the eighth game of the year. He finished with 631 rushing yards and four touchdowns. Michael worked himself back onto the field to start his junior year, and broke out with a 230-yard, three-touchdown outing in A&M’s disappointing loss to Arkansas at Cowboys Stadium. He continued his strong play for another five weeks (finishing the year with 899 yards and eight scores) before once again seeing his season end before its time – he suffered a torn left ACL against Oklahoma in November.

He is a quick, physical downhill runner who rips off yards in chunks. Michael looks like a running back with starting potential for the NFL when he is on the field. Michael is very well-rounded runner who has power, speed and shiftiness. He has excellent balance, too. It allows him to keep gaining yards after contact. His powerful base also makes him tough to knock off center, and tacklers can bounce off of his strong lower body. Michael's excellent body lean make him even more difficult to bring down. He runs behind his pads extremely well, too. Michael's speed can catch defenses by surprise. He quickly charges into the second level of a defense, and when he hits the open field, the ball carrier can take it the distance. Michael has nice agility and shiftiness for a bigger back. He uses a spin move well along with sharp cutting to glide by defenders. Michael looks like he has the ability to be a good blocker in pass-protection.

I originally had Le'Veon Bell slotted hear till i heard he was a fit for a zone scheme, so i had to find a replacement, and Michael fits it nicely as our bruiser back to complement Pead and Richardson.

Chris Faulk - Offensive tackle - LSU


Weight-331 lbs
Arms-34 1/4
Hands-9 5/8
Bp-25 reps
*did not participate in drills and combine and pro-day due to recovering from injury.

Chris Faulk - OT - LSU (via SECDigitalNetwork)

I feel like im going to get some heat for this pick. Traded away Saffold and grabbing a 4th round tackle coming off an ACL injury. I understand your doubt but i believe in this kid. He needs to show the Rams medical staff he is on course with his recovery obviously for this pick to work. If he does he could be a huge steal for us, and i am basing this pick on the assumption he will check out with them

Faulk missed the almost all of the 2012 season due to an ACL tear in his right knee. Prior to the injury though Faulk was a stud LT who was projected as a 1st round pick and projects as a RT in the NFL at the least. We already have our LT in Long, but Faulk could fill in if he gets injured.

Faulk had an excellent sophomore season at left tackle for LSU. He was a good pass-blocker and a road grader of a run-blocker. He has a lot of athletic ability and the potential to be a special player.

Faulk doesn't have the best technique, but won battles constantly with his athletic ability and has the potential to be a special player. He was a 1st round prospect with poor technique before the injury, so he should be even better after Bordeau gets his hands on him. Seriously imagine a tackle with poor technique who is still so good was considered a 1st rounder, not add Bordeau and his coaching talents to the equation.

Faulk is a very strong blocker with the body you look for in a bookend tackle. His game is far from a finished product, but he has a very high ceiling. If Faulk is not ready by opening day, we got Barrett Jones and Harvey Dahl who could man the position till he is healed, and man it good. Hopefully he will be ready by the time OTA's start though.

Faulk is seven months removed from knee surgery. He should be ready be ready for OTA's if all goes as planned. Les Miles has stated that he was ahead of schedule in terms of his recovery.

"I've got one focus, and that's to get my leg back to 100 percent. I'm on the right path and everything looks good."-Faulk

Barrett Jones - G/C/T - Alabama


Don't know if that's Barrett or Sloth....anyone get the reference?

Weight-306 lbs
Arms-34 1/8
Hands-10 1/4

Highlights: Barrett Jones (via FoxSports)

Its obvious that we need some help along the O-line even with the addition of Jake Long. Losing Saffold opens a hole at RT, we dont know how Rok is going to do during camp, Dahl and wells are getting older and wells struggled with injuries this last season. So why not get a lineman that caould play any of those positions?

Jones is the most versatile linemen in the draft, having played all five offensive line positions during his four years at Alabama. He was the starting RG as a redshirt freshman, starting RG and some LG starts as a sophomore, starting LT as a junior while also logging time at LG, RT, and C. He played so well that year in all positions he received the Outland Trophy as the nations best interior lineman, as well as the SEC's Jacob Blocking trophy which is given to the leagues best lineman. His senior year they moved him to Center where he excelled once again, and won the Rimington trophy as the nations top center.

Jones is a solid pass protector whether playing inside or outside, plays with a wide base, mirrors and anchors effectively by keeping his feet moving and extends his arms to stay engaged. Good hip extension in the run game. Gets correct angle to create running lane when blocking on the move, can also create space inside by moving his man out of the hole using his hands and bulk. Able to seal the tackle and then work to linebackers close to the line on combo blocks. Can reach the 3-technique defensive tackle from the center spot. Fits on second-level blocks very well in the run game. Very good football and general intelligence. Great awareness of late blitzers and twist stunts, and he gives excellent effort to reach free rushers so his quarterback stays upright.

Jones will be best used at guard or center and could excell in the NFL at either of those positions. The intelligent Jones has been great at making the line calls to set protections and blocking schemes. He could eventually be Wells's replacemnt and be a a starter for the next decade. He can also fill in at tackle if an injury occurs.

*didnt work out at combine due to lisfranc injury suffered during the season(played through it).

If you are wondering why i have him going in the 4th round and not in the 2nd or 3rd, it is because of this bit of news that came out recently:

Recent news is indicating that Jones may not be ready for training camp and the beginning of the season. Jones had surgery to repair a lisfranc foot injury right after the national championship game, but the recovery is taking a while.

He might not be ready by the season opener, but do we really need him to be? We still have Rok who i think will be starting at LG with Shelley Smith as back up, Dahl will man the LG with Chris Williams as back up, and Scott Wells will be starting at Center with Tim Barnes backing him up. We will also have Long and Faulk manning the outside. We can afford to wait while Jones recovers before we start using him.

Conner Vernon - Wide Receiver - Duke


Weight-196 lbs
Arms-30 1/2
Hands-9 1/4
40 yd dash-4.68
Broad jump-125'
3 cone-6.93
20 yd shuttle-4.22
60 yd shuttle-11.34

2009-55 receptions, 746 yards, 3 td's
2010-73 receptions, 973 yards, 4 td's
2011-70 receptions, 956 yards, 6 td's
2012-85 receptions, 1074 yards, 8 td's

Conner Vernon 2012 (via Conner Vernon)

Vernon finished his collegiate career as the ACC's all-time leader in pass receptions and receiving yards.

Say hello to Amendolla's replacement and our new slot wr when Cook isnt in it. Vernon didnt light it up in the 40 yard dash at the combine, but he did do well in field hands. At Dukes pro day he showed off his route-running ability and his great hands.

It has been said Vernon has the best inside cut of any wr in draft on dig routes. He can get on top of a corner within his first 3-4steps and force him to open his hips, leaving the DB in a bad situation while giving his QB a perfect opening to throw the comeback route. Vernon is a QB’s best friend as he is a pin point precise route runner and is a natural hands catcher. This is the type of kid who just pisses defenders off on a consistent basis because he is just so hard to defend. He has quick feet and short-area agility to shake defenders, wasting little time in his movements. Sneaky quick to fool defenders with sharp footwork in-and-out of his breaks. Limited burst, but savvy routes and knows how to get open and hold defenders, not flashy but precise.

I will be honest, i didn't look into Vernon much till recently, but after reading about him and watching videos on him i came away highly impressed.

Vernon will split time with Cook in the slot and can be used outside if needed.

David Bass - Defensive End - Missouri Western State


Weight-262 lbs
Arms-33 1/2
Hands-10 1/2
40 yd dash-4.84
BP-20 reps
Broad jump-111'
3 cone-7.07
20 ys shuttle-4.33(top performer)

2009-47 tackles, 9.5 TFL, 6.5 sacks, 8 PassDef, 3 QB hurries, 1 FR, 1 int
2010-47 tackles, 10.5 TFL, 8 sacks, 4 PassDef, 4 QB hurries, 2 int's
2011-55 tackles, 20 TFL, 14.5 sacks
2012-61 tackles, 12.5 TFL, 11.5 sacks, 5 QB hurries, 7 PassDef

David Bass Missouri Western State University (via Ryan Menley)

We re-signed Hayes but what Snead said about Defensive tackles can be said about Defensive ends also. Having a good roatation that keeps the starters fresh all game is a great thing. I know this is a new Rams team, but its still fresh in my memory the 2010/2011 season of our defense getting gassed to much from being on the field to long.

Bass is a small school prospect like Brandon Williams. He has a lot of speed and talent that will allow him to get better every time he steps on the field. Has long arms and a very good vertical which will cause havoc for opposing quarterbacks. A great leader on and off the field.

When asked the one word to describe himself, Bass answered "beast".

Michael Williams - Tight end - Alabama


Weight-278 lbs
40 yd dash-5.19
Vert-25 1/2
Broad jump-8'1
3 cone-8.10
20 yd shuttle-4.87

2009-3 receptions, 29 yards
2010-8 receptions, 100 yards, 1 td
2011-16 receptions, 191 yards, 2 td's
2012-24 receptions, 183 yards, 4td's

Michael Williams vs. Mississippi State (2012) (via Mario Clavel)

Williams isnt going to wow anyone with his stats, but that wasnt his primary use. Through his time at Alabama Williams has developed into a dominant blocker. Equally effective in pass protection or run blocking, in a variety of traditional tight end, wing tight end and H-Back alignments, Williams has learned to play with better base and overall hand usage at the point of attack. Looking like an extra tackle at times when asked to block playside on power-o or zone stretch runs, Williams has done a tremendous job of either sealing or kicking out the defensive end, swiveling his hips into position after a strong initial punch. Improvements with Williams’ game don’t stop there, however, as he’s also taken strides as a route runner and pass catcher. Most effective when asked to delay release, Williams sells his pass set by engaging the defender, only to shed to either side and breaking to the flats.

In summary, Williams is blocking TE who can catch a few passes. His size and blocking abilities make him seem like a lean offensive lineman. Williams could develop better in the receiving game and has stated that he'd like to become a better receiver and be used in the passing game more. Imagine being at the goal line on a pass play and having Quick, Cook, Williams and Allen as targets for Sam in the end zone. Thats a lot of height that will be very hard to cover.

Demetrius McCray - Cornerback - Appalachian State


Weight-187 lbs
Arms-33 7/8
Hands-9 1/4
40 yd dash-4.54(combine) 4.47(pro day)
BP-4(combine) 6(pro day)
Vert-36'(combine) 40 1/2(pro day)
Broad jump-10'6(combine) 11'00(pro day)
3 cone-7.17(combine) 6.76(pro day)
20 yd shuttle-4.32(combine) 4.21(pro day)

2010-19 tackles, 1 int, 3 pass break ups
2011-48 tackles, 5 int's, 9 pass break ups, 2 sacks
2012-55 tackles, 4 int's, 8 pass break ups, 1 FF

Demetrius McCray vs Aaron Mellette (Elon) 2011 (via phillyjimmyphilms)

Cortland Finnegan was a 7th round pick from a small school, and with good coaching and desire, he became a pro-bowler. Now im not saying McCray is going to be a pro-bowler, but i think he can be very good with time and coaching. With te departure of Fletcher we only have Pointer behind Finnegan, Jenkins and Johnson.

A raw-but-athletic prospect like McCray would make a lot of sense as a third-day pick who could get his feet wet for a season on special teams and dime packages before taking on a bigger role next year. Scouts love that he has the bigger body teams are looking for in a corner. He also has a knack for making plays. He started at right cornerback, left cornerback, and free safety over the course of the 2012 season.

McCray is the first Mountaineer cornerback to lead the Southern Conference in interceptions with 4 in 2012 and 5 in 2011. McCray is also the team’s leader in passes defended (8), was sixth in tackles (55), and forced one fumble this season. McCray was also one of 20 finalists for the Buck Buchanan Award, which is presented to the nation’s top FCS defensive player.

McCray has the tools and athleticism to compete at the next level, though he will need a season or two to adjust to the more competitive NFL. However, the one team that is willing to take an extended look at him will certainly like the instincts they see on film. With the right fit and the right defensive guru, McCray could become a household name in the next few seasons given the opportunity.


Reggie Dunn - Kick Returner/Special Teams - Utah


Height-5'9 3/8
Weight-178 lbs
40 yd dash-4.25/4.26*
Broad jump-121'*
3 cone-6.85*
20 yd shuttle-4.36*
*Pro Day results, was not invited to combine.

2010-12 K/R, 355 yards. 29.53 Avg, 1 td
2011-26 K/R, 613 yards, 23.58 Avg, 0 td
2012-10 K/R, 513 yards, 51.30 Avg, 4 td's

Reggie Dunn's four 100-yard kickoff returns for touchdowns (via KSL5Sports)

Reggie Dunn's four 100-yard kickoff returns for touchdowns

Those are not typos if you were wondering. Dunn actually averaged over 50 yards a return this past year. The major reason why is because he had four returns of 100 yards(two in one game). Its crazy to believe he had a 40% scoring chance on returns this past year. I don't know if teams were kicking away from him or what caused him to only have 10 return attempts. His first two years weren't to shabby as well. Tavon Austin had 4 kickoff returns in 4 years, Dunn did that in one.

Dunn's 51.3 kickoff return average in 2012 would easily of lead the nation had he enough returns to meet the NCAA minimum of 1.2 returns per game. Dunn made the most of his 10 chances though, setting and NCAA single -season record with four 100-yard kickoff returns for touchdowns.

Dunn will be our Devin Hester(pre WR). Would play special teams and return kicks. I didn't include receiving and rushing stats because he was hardly used in those areas and i think he is better off used solely on special teams and as a returner. I really want this kid.

The reason i did a Bio on him is because i wouldnt mind taking him in the 7th.

Other UDFA-

Kenny Tate OLB

Dan Buckner WR

Washaun Ealey RB

Here is the draft:

1.21-Alec Ogletree
1.22-Keenan Allen
2.60-DJ Swearinger
3.65-Bacarri Rambo
3.84-Brandon Williams
3.92-Christine Michael
3.94-Chris Faulk
4.113-Barrett Jones
5.149-Conner Vernon
6.190-David Bass
6.199-Michael Williams
7.222-Demetrius McCray

Reasoning, Thought Process & Notes:

The trades-

The draft i just showed you was the final product of numeroud trade scenarios. I originally had us trading 1.16 for Cinci's two 2nd round picks and their 3rd. I loved this trade, and had it set up for about month like that, butafter a while i realized it was not going to happen. Cinci isnt a team that makes those kind of trades, especially in a draft as deep with talent in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. So after working with about ten other 1st round trade scenarios i circled back to the Bengals trading with us. This time though I didnt have them giving up the farm. I felt much better about that trade than the first run through.

As i said, i worked through many trade scenarios, and not just for the 1st round. During the last 2 months i have probably gone through around 30 trade scenarios used throughout the 7 rounds. Coming up with the trade was easy, the hard part was figuring out why the trade happened and giving the reason for it. I found it more practical to work smaller trades that gaines us 3rd to 7th round picks than big trades due to the depth of this years draft.

I would of loved to trade down one or both of our 1st rounders into the end of the 1st our out of the first, but i just didnt like the trade scenarios i came up with. If it happens i will be happy, if it doesnt, i can understand why.

Its easy to say team X trades picks A and B for our pick C in round whatever. Its tougher though trying to understand why they did it and really caused me some headaches throughout the whole process. I would come up with a trade scenario with a team, then i would look into that teams needs and try to determine if that trade was plausible. Many of times it wasnt. But who knows, maybe i was right in previous scenarios, the draft is a fickle beast to say the least.

We know Snead has no problem trading down for extra picks, and it is rumored he tried to trade down even more last year.

In the end i tried to make the trades as sensible as possible with logic put to them without having a huge trade that seemed like a reach.

Who to choose early?

Originally when i had us trading down with Cinci i was stuck between 4 players to take at 1.22 and 2.46. It was between Allen/Greene and Ogletree/T.Williams. I went back and fourth between them constantly and watched tape of them daily. After a while though i had chosen Allen/Green combo because although i did love Williams, Allen just stood out to me much more. I still ranked Ogletree higher then Green of course, but i liked Green more then Williams as well. When i finally changed the trade and gave us two 1st rounders again, I had more decisions to decide. I though about taking Elam or Cyprien but decided against that(more to come on that). Ultimatly though after going back and watching Ogletree and Greene, i just came away more impressed with the speed that Ogletree plays at on the field. Don't get me wrong, if any of you know me at all you know ive wanted Greene for a long time. Greene is going to be a great LB, but i think Ogletree will be better. Neither is a finished product but the speed at which Ogletree plays at is far better than Greene's in my opinion.

There is also the debate about whether to take a guard(Warmack/Cooper) or tackle(Fluker) early if they are available at our pick. We all know about Fishers draft history with not taking either in the 1st so i wont get into that. For me i think great ones can be had later and its what i prefer.

The Safeties

This was a very tough one for me. I originally had us taking Rambo in the 3rd(which i stayed with), then drafting Earl Wolff in the 6th. Wolff would come in and compete with Darian Stewart for the starting SS role. But after a while i got swayed by some compelling arguments, and though i still like the idea of Rambo and Wolff, i love the idea of Swearinger and Rambo.

Last year we double dipped at the cornerback position early and took Jenoris Jenkins at 2.39 and Trumaine Johnson at 3.65. I like the idea of double dipping early this year on Safeties, seeing as that is our biggest need on defense.

I thought about taking Cyprien in the 1st, but im just not as high on him as many others are, and its hard to tell what WR's would be left at 2.60. im not saying he wont be good, but this is a deep class. Matt Elam was high on my board as well, and if we trade back into the end of the 1st/early 2nd, id snatch him up. I really liked Phillip Thomas as well, and really considered taking him, but after reading a lot about him i think he is best suited as a safety in a 3-4 as that is where he excelled at and he loves the 3-4. I still wouldn't mind taking him though but i prefer Rambo as he has better coverage skills in my opinion. Both are ballhawks.

Getting rid of Saffold-

This was a hard decision, but throughout the process i leaned towards the trade more than keeping him. It is highly possible the Rams do not trade him, and keep him at RT so he can play out his final year, playing the best he can so he can get a big contract. Its also possible he hits FA and leaves to start at LT somewhere. Though itd be nice to see what he can do at RT, i rather get something for him now, rather than get one year out of him and nothing in return. All of this is hypothetical of course, seeing as none of us know what will happen, but since its a mock, i have to decide how they work out. Getting a an early 3rd rounder for him is good. Some people think we could get a 2nd for him, some think he is only worth a 4th or 5th at best. I think he is worth a mid-late 3rd, but seeing as the Lions are in dyer need, they give up the early 2rd and we give them a 6th to make them fel about it. The reason why i think we get rid of him is so that we can get a replacement for him now, instead of having to wait a year to get one. I know its possible we keep him and draft a future replacement, but i think the writings on the wall in this case.

On not taking a Guard or RT early-

This one is quite easy to explain actually. I don't think taking a Guard in the 1st round is worth it. So why didn't i draft one in round two? Well the value was not there at 2.60. If we stay at 2.46 i would be fine with taking Warford, as i don't see him far behind Warmack.

As for the RT. This is easy as well. Faulk is a first round talent who fell because he barely played his senior year. If he checks out medically with his recovery, then this is a huge steal. If we keep Saffold id still draft Faulk.

How did i choose players:

The players i selected are a combination of players the Rams have shown interest in, and players i like. I could of done the whole mock with players the Rams have shown interest in, but that didn't seem as fun to me, and if i'm going to put time in to do a mock, i'm going to throw some of me into.

In conclusion:

This draft was designed to do 3 things.

1st-Give Bradford playmakers and people to help him stay upright. We needed a couple wr's, one of which can hopefully contribute a lot right away. Our line needed help, not as much as most people think in my opinion, but it did need help. Jones will add great depth while eventually becoming a starter, Faulk will come in right away and hold down the RT spot for years to come.

2nd-Take our defense to the next level. I think we have the makings of an elite defense, but are missing some key starters, hopefully some of these picks will become those missing pieces.

3rd-Depth obviously. Having good depth is key to any team.

Thats all folks, thanks for the time and energy you put in to reading this mock. I put a lot of time and thought into this mock and have been working on it on and off for about a month, changing players and positions and trades constantly till i felt it was right. If there are any mistakes, remember i have been putting this together for a while and tried to limit them. Special thank to Ramsfan1313 for some insight when i was stuck.

Any comments good or bad are welcome(try not to bash though), and as always......GO RAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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