Will the 2014 Draft Really be that Loaded ? (Let's take a look) & 2014 First RD.Mock Draft

The 2013 Draft is right around the corner and from the fan perspective we know/have down pat everything there is to know about this draft from our and the media's own analysis. I keep hearing all the time how it would benefit us to try and get more pick's in that 2014 Draft's first round that's so much better than 2013's. Is it better than 2013's first round ? Well that may be true but is it really that good to the point where people consider scenario's where we try to stockpile picks for next year's Loaded first round ? I don't really think so, the only area I see where the 2014 First Round would exceed this one based off of current projections, is the top. What has everyone watering over the 2014 Draft is the return of Elite talent which the 2013 draft does not have. That doesn't make the draft loaded though, lets take a look at the cream of the crop prospects from previous drafts.




Now lets be real, there's a scarce amount of can't miss prospects in this years draft, but we do have whats considered the best talent out of the draft. Let's take a look at the top 7 players, well from my perspective. 1. Luke Joeckel OT Texas A&M 2. Chance Warmack OG Alabama 3. Dion Jordan OLB Oregon 4. Shariff Floyd DT Florida 5. Dee Milliner CB Alabama 6. Eric Fisher OT Centr.Michigan 7. Star Lotuleili DT Utah. Yikes ! Where's the quarterbacks ? Well, Geno Smith probably wouldn't crack the list simply because he's not a good enough QB to even be selected in the First Round imo. But out of all these prosects I see one as being the only blue chipper comparable to previous classes being Luke Joeckel. The rest of these players, including Lotuleili would be Mid-Lower first round in other draft's, Dee Milliner is a close one though but not quite there.




The 2012 Draft was one of those drafts that we love stocked with elite talent at the top. The top 7 included: 1. Andrew Luck QB Stanford 2. Robert Griffin QB Baylor 3. Matt Khalil OT USC 4. Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma State 5. Morris Claiborne CB LSU 6. Mark Barron SS Alabama 7. Luke Kuechly MLB B.C.U This draft was loaded with blue chippers at the top that the 2013 draft doesn't have ! Only difference ? No depth, the 2013 Draft is the most rediculously deepest drafts possible of all time, the way I see it there are starter calliber/2nd round calliber players that will be available way into the 5th round, like Marquess Wilson for example who was once a projected first rounder. Now let's look at 2012, next best tackle after Matt Khalil ? Riley Reiff... the next best receiver after Blackmon, Floyd,than Wright and after that no one knew. With depth like 2013 has where you'll find a 2nd round calliber safety like Duke Williams in the 4th you have to go 2013> 2012.




Now here's where we get to the good stuff. The 2011 Draft was pretty stacked, or maybe even loaded at the top. This is the type of draft that comes to mind when people speak of the 2014 draft having a loaded first round. Here's the top 7 prospects. 1.Cam Newton QB Auburn 2. Von Miller OLB Texas A&M 3. Marcell Dareus DT Alabama 4. Julio Jones WR Alabama 5. A.J Green WR Georgia 6. Patrick Peterson CB LSU 7. Aldon Smith OLB Missouri. Now this right here is what you call rediculous in this draft you had the talent at the top to have guys not come in the league and be solid starters, but guys come in the league out of this first round and be top 5 at there position.This is what the 2014 draft would have to have for me to consider the first round elite.And this doesn't even consider that we don't have Nick Fairley (who comming in based off of tape llooked like one of the best college DT's of all time, solid OT Tyron SMith, our own RObert Quinn who was projected to be a top 5 pick, and JJ Watt.




The 2010 draft is one that I consider more on pace with the 2014 NFL Draft, you have solid blue chippers at the top but after the first round everything else is very uncertain. You have a once in a generation D-Line prospect Suh: whereas you have Clowney in 2014. You have a consensus top qb prospect: Bridgewater whereas 2010 had Bradford.Here's a look at the top 7 players. 1. Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma 2. Ndamakong Suh 3. Trent Williams OT OU 4.Gerald Mccoy DT OU 5. Eric Berry FS Tennesee 6. Joe Haden CB Florida T7. Russell Okung OT OSU/Rolando Mcclain ILB Alabama. These are a solid crop of top end talent but not at 2011's probably edging out 2012's level, this is where I expect 2014's first round to be compared too.

Now on too the


draft. The 2014 Draft promises to have more of the blue chip players,non existent in 2013. Here's the projected top 10 players. 1. Jadeveon Clowney DE South Carolina 2. Teddy Bridgewater QB Louisille 3. David Fales QB San Jose State 4. Jake Matthews LT Texas A&M 5. Marqise Lee WR USC 6.Taylor Lewan OT Michigan 7.Sammy Watkins WR Clemson 6. Brad Robley B Ohio State 9. Marcus Mariota QB Oregon 10. Anthony Barr OLB UCLA. Taking a look at the top 7 alone of the 2014 10, it looks like a much, much better group than 2013. Plenty of QB's worthy of belonging and blue chip talent. But are they on the levels of past year's not named 2013 ? I'm not sure, Lee and Watkins are our 2 consensus receivers but are they touching A.J Green and Julio Jones ? I don't think so. Does Fales and Bridgewater compare to Luck and Griffin ? Probably not, but you have guys like Clowney who i'd prob. take over Von. Miller, and Suh who are too once in a decade players. You also have guys in Matthews and Lewan who edge out Joeckel and Fisher (Who only rose because they went back to school.) So overall 2014's top ten looks to be welcolming, but here's the problem i'm seeing.. depth. This draft looks to have no depth after the top 20 which is the troubling part....


An early look at the top projected prospect rankings done by yours truly for those unfamilliar with next years top prospects !The top 5..


1. Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville 2. David Fales, San Jose State 3. Marcus Mariota, Texas A&M 4. Aaron Murray, Georgia 5.Tahj Boyd, Clemson.

Running backs:

1. Jeremey Hill: LSU 2. Kadeem Carey Arizona State 3. Lache Seastrunk Baylor 4. Bishop Sankey Washington State 5. Ladarius Perkins, Missisipi State

Wide Receivers:

1.Marqise Lee 2. Sammy Watkins 3. D'Anthony Thomas Oregon 4. Brandon Coleman Rutgers 5. Jordan Matthews Vanderbilt

Tight Ends:

1. Austin Seferian Jenkins 2.C.J Fiedowericz Iowa 3. Eric Ebron North Carolina 4. Arthur Lynch Georgia 5. Colt Lyreia Oregon

Offensive Tackles:

1. Jake Matthews Texas A&M 2. Taylor Lewan, Michigan 3.Cyrus Koundaijo Alabama 4. David Yankey Stanford 5. Zach Martin OT Notre Dame

Offensive Guards:

Gabe Jackson Missisip State 2. Cyril Richardson, Baylor 3. Anthony Steen Alabama 4. Gabe Ikard Oklahoma 5. Josue Matias OG Florida State

Defensive Tackles:

1. Louis Nix Notre Dame 2. Anthony Johnson LSU 3. Dominique Easely Florida 4.Tim Jernigan Florida 5.Will Sutton Arizona State

Defensive Ends:

1. Jadeveon Clowney South Carolina 2. Jackson Jeffcoat Texas 3. Stephon Tuitt Notre Dame 4. Kony Ealy Missouri 5. Ben Gardner Stanford


T1. Kyle Van Noy BYU T1. anthony Barr UCLA 3.CJ Moseley Alabama 4. A.J. Johnson Tennesee 5. Adrian Hubbard Alabma

Inside Linebackers:

1. Ryan Shazier Ohio State 2. Shayne Skov Stanford 3. Andrew Jackson Western Kentucky 4. Christian Jones Florida State 5.Max Bullough Michigan State


1. Bradley Robey Ohio State 2. Aaron Colvin Oklahoma 3. Louchiez Purifoy, Florida 4. Ifo Ekpre- Olomu Oregon 5. Justin Gilbert, Oklahoma State


1. Ed Reynolds Stanford 2. Craig Loston LSU 3. Tevin Mcdonald UCLA 4. Ha'sean Clinton Dix T5. Erek Dargan Oregon T5. CJ Barnet Ohio state



My First Round 2014 Mock:

1. Arizona Cardinals: Teddy Bridgewater QB Louisville (The cardinals know Palmer isn't the answer. Bruce Arians can make Bridgewater a star. 2. New York Jets: Jadeveon Clowney DE S. Car (The Jets have no pass rush and getting Clowney here is a steal.) 3. Jacksonville Jaguars: Marcus Mariota QB Oregon(in the mold of the new mobile qb's, Mariota's like a more accurate Kaepernick.) 4. Oakland Raiders: David Fales QB, San Jose State (the best pro-style qb in the draft.) 5. Tennesee Titans:Louis Nix DT Notre Dame (BPA pick, Vince Wilfork like tackle.) 6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Bradley Robey CB Ohio State (Tampa Bay's secondary could be the worst in nfl history.) 7. St.Louis Rams (Via Washington): Jake Matthews OT Texas A&M ( Saffolds contract is up this year, and Long has some concerns.) 8. Cleaveland Browns: Marqise Lee WR: USC (Cleaveland is still yearning for a #1.) 9. Detroit Lions: Aaron Colvin CB Oklahoma (who's detroits starting corners ? Bill Bentley ?!!) 10.San Diego Chargers: Sammy Watkins WR Clemson (The charges best receivers are Josh Morgan, and denario alexander.) 11. Philadelphia Eagles: Taylor Lewan OT Michigan (The Eagles could look for OL help this draft is they don't in 13.) 12.Kansas City Chiefs: Johnny Manziel QB Texas A & M (Alex Smith isn't the answer.) 13. Buffalo Bills: Tahj Boyd Qb Clemson (The Bills need a new starting qb.) 14.Dallas Cowboys: Kyle Van Noy OLB BYU ( The cowboys will need another 4-3 LB to place next to Ware.) 15. Carolina Panthers: Cyrus Koundaijo OT Alabama (Jordan Gross is getting old, so Panthers will need a new LT.) 16. Miami Dolphins: Ryan Shazier ILB Ohio State (Danell Ellerbe solidifies one inside linebacker spot, Shazier holds down the other.) 17. Minnesota Vikings: Anthony Johnson DT LSU (Kevin Williams is getting old or is.) 18. St.Louis Rams: C.J Moseley OLB Alabama (Dunbar's contract is up after this year.) 19.Baltimore Ravens: Shayne Skov ILB Stanford ( The Ravens need another inside backer, Mcclain is a free agent.) 20. New Orleans Saints: Ed Reynolds FS Stanford (The Saints entire secondary is replaceable.) 21. San Fransisco 49ers- Tevin Mcdonald FS UCLA 22. Indianapolis Colts: Anthony Barr OLB UCLA 23. Chicago Bears: Austin-Seferian Jenkins TE Washington (The Bears brought in Bennett last year, but he's no ASJ.) 24. Pittsburgh Steelers: Jeremy Hill RB LSU (The Steelers need to take some pressure off of Big Ben.) 25. New York Giants: Jackson Jeffcoat DE Texas (Osi's departure, and Tuck being 32 means a need for pass rushers for Coughlin and company.) 26. Cincinatti Bengals: D'Anthony Thomas WR Oregon (The cincinati Bengals have no one to complement A.J. Green and pick up a Tavon austin clone to do so. 27. Greenbay Packers: Andrew Jackson ILB Western Kentucky (Desmond Bishop has some durability issues.) 28. New England Patriots: Gabe Jackson OG Missisipi State (That Patriots OL needs some youth.) 29.Seattle Seahawks: Stephon Tuitt DE Notre Dame (Clemons is in his 30's..) 30.Houston Texans: Craig Loston SS LSU (Glover Quin was lost last year to FA.) 31. Atlanta Falcons: Louchez Purifoy CB Florida (The Falcons lost Brent Grimes, Duanta Robinson last year, and Asante Samuel is 32. 32. Denver Broncos:Aaron Murray QB Georgia (Peyton Manning wins one last superbowl and Oseweiler might not be a true successor.)



From how it's looking so far that's how I project the first round to look next year, not a bad crop ! But the thing that comes to mind when I start to evaluate players outside of the top 5 at there position is that there is a HUGE Drop off so the depth with this draft ? Not scratching or scathing what the 2013 draft has which is like 15 deep at alot of positions ! But yes the first round is much more talented than this years I believe ! It's going to be fun to see how things shakeup next for the draft. So what do you guys think 2014 draft, really Loaded ? Or slightly overhyped ? Discuss...

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