NFL Mock Draft: Looking at who the Rams fans pick

Otto Greule Jr

With the NFL Draft being so near, it's time to see what the national media think's the St. Louis Rams will do in the draft.

Honestly, never being the biggest fan of mock drafts, I usually take them with a grain of salt. But it's always around this time of year, where I break from my vow of not looking at mock drafts, and I actually look at them.

See, this is what you have to know about mock drafts and the draft in general: It never goes how anyone would expect it to go. The best case in point is the 2011 draft, where every pundit with a mouth basically said that only two quarterbacks would go in the first round. Instead, four qb's went in the first 12 picks.

That draft, at least taught me that as long as you go into the draft thinking that anything is possible, you won't be disappointed. Obviously, it won't happen, but if the Rams have a bad draft, I will stand on the soapbox and act a fool, so you won't have to.

Now let's take a look at these three mock drafts

Doug Farrar, The Shutdown Corner

16. Kenny Vaccaro- Kenny is the pick for Doug. He's a former Longhorn who is rated the top safety on many draft pundits boards. He can cover the slot really well, but he's tackling needs work. He's best fit in my opinion is at strong safety.

22. Robert Woods- My favorite receiver, Wood's is a player that would help Sam Bradford out instantly. His best fit could be in the slot, but he would be able to play on the outside some. He's a great pick, if his nagging ankle injury is finally gone.

Tevin's Take- Not a fan of Vaccaro over J. Cyprien. Also, Wood's might be available in the second round. Granted if the Rams are as high on Wood's as much as I am, he's worth the 22nd pick.

Lance Zierlein, The Z Report

16. Jonathan Cooper- Cooper will be a left guard in the NFL. He and Warmack are basically neck and neck. It just depends on what a team wants. Cooper will be an elite guard at the next level, and there shouldn't be a problem choosing him.

22. Jonathan Cyprien- The Rams need a safety, and Cyprien could be the best one available for their needs. He has good ball skills and tackling, but his best attribute is his range. The Rams have needs at both safety spots, he would fill either one easily.

Tevin's Take- This was my favorite draft. You add two players who can come in and be upgrades day one. The Rams get great value with their picks, and the offense and defense are better.

Adam Caplan, Insider Mock Draft 1.0

16. Jonathan Cooper- Would Fisher draft Cooper? He would be a good guard to have, but he's still never drafted one in the first round.

22. Eric Reid- In my opinion Reid is slightly overrated. He's either the 3rd or 4th best safety in this draft, but rumors have him going back in the first round. But the team the drafts him, is drafting for upside more than anything.

Tevin's Take- Basically the same as the above, but Reid is over drafted. Could Reid develop into a starter? Sure, but he's development would make or break the class.

So, you've heard my opinions on these mock drafts, which ones do you like? What would you change? Let us know.

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