Another Mock Draft......Get Ready for a possible surprise

Okay here is my latest mock using my knowledge of the NFL and college football. I have been researching and researching while juggling my own sports. I have found some late round to un-drafted gems in this draft so I will add 1 offensive and 1 defensive un-drafted free agent at the end. So here we go...........

1a.) Sheldon Richardson DT Mizzou: First of all this pick solidifies our d-line as the best in the league.... This guy is explosive, athletic as hell for his size, great pass rush, can stop the run, and has a great motor.

1b.) DeAndre Hopkins WR Clemson: Reminds me so much of Torry Holt and Roddy White. Not super fast, but creates good separation, great route running, soft hands that catch everything, and he makes plays.

2.) Eric Reid FS LSU: No need for an early SS so we take Reid in the 2nd to play FS. This kid in my opinion is the best and most polished safety in the draft, he can hit hard, he can play good against the run, he can be another play maker to add to our secondary.

3.) Justin Hunter WR Tennessee: Big, athletic reciever with injury issues. Look at it this way he can have all the time he needs if he feels his knee still isn't at full health. He was going to be the best receiver in this draft if he didn't get injured now teams are looking at guys like Patton or even Dobson over him. Imagine a set with Hopkins, Givens, Cook or Quick, then Hunter would be impossible to stop. And if Quick doesn't pan out.

4.) Terron Armstead OT Arkansas Pine-Bluff : He performed well in postseason All-Star games in January, which has helped his draft stock. Armstead is a good athlete for his size who also is a track champion. He is a nice developmental prospect behind Saffold this year. Fastest lineman, 31 reps on bench, and isn't his hometown fairly near by.

5.) Zavier Gooden OLB Mizzou: Athletic freak. He can be the guy to run down all the Kaepernick's, Wilson's, and Harvin's in the NFC West. Converted safety and has great coverage skills compared to our other linebackers. Good against the run and can hold his own on the edge.

6.) Tharold Simon CB LSU: Took over for Claiborne at LSU and was a solid corner. He fits the mold of a tall corner Fisher likes. He can make some plays and would be a good 4th corner.

7.) Blaize Foltz OG TCU: Really strong lineman, would eventually replace Dahl at RG, solid at both run and pass blocking, and he is over looked by so many teams.

Now here are the un-drafted free agents:
Michael Hill RB Missouri Western: Strong running back, sickening still arm, a guy that players around his level fear, has good burst, great vision, needs work on pass plays, capable blocker, and great compliment to Richardson-Pead.

Cooper Taylor SS Richmond: Big never mind gigantic safety. Solid hands and plays great in the box. If we can pick this guy up he will take over for Stewart in the next year or two. Maybe,given Fisher's history, he can bring the mean streak out of him and get him to use his size for leverage.

Tell me what you think below, open to criticism.

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