2013 NFL Draft: The Turf Show Times wide receiver big board

Number one on your scorecard and number one on our big board. - Ronald Martinez

Why have one person do a big board when you can use 8?

Unless you haven't been paying attention to the site lately, you know the Rams are almost certain to pick a wide receiver with one of their first three picks in the 2013 NFL Draft. Right now, the Rams only have Chris Givens, Austin Pettis, Nick Johnson and Brian Quick on the roster at wide receiver.

The Rams let Danny Amendola and Brandon Gibson walk in free agency, and so far have only brought in Jared Cook, a tight end, to help Sam Bradford. The Rams need to not only replace the production of Amendola and Gibson to have a playoff shot next season, they need to surpass it.

I recently asked our writers to send me their own big boards for receiver. I then took their top ten choices and gave them point values. Number one on their board received ten points, two received nine, three received eight and so on. What I ended up with was a collaborative big board of the top fifteen WRs in the 2013 NFL draft.

1. Tavon Austin 73 pts.
2. Cordarrelle Patterson 67 pts.
3. Keenan Allen 62 pts.
4 (Tied). Deandre Hopkins 50 pts
4 (Tied). Justin Hunter 50 pts
6. Robert Woods 46 pts.
7. Quinton Patton 24 pts
8. Da'Rick Rogers 19 pts
9. Terrance Williams 14 pts
10. Markus Wheaton 12 pts
11. Aaron Dobson 8 pts
12. Steadman Bailey 7 pts
13 (Tied). Ryan Swope 3 pts
13 (Tied). Marquess Wilson 3 pts
15. Kenny Stills 1 pt.

Tavon Austin is our clear top WR in the draft. His speed and explosiveness can be used to great effect in the slot.

Cordarrelle Patterson isn't far behind, and may in fact have been our top WR if Joe McAtee (3k) had Patterson ranked higher than ten on his board.

Our top three WRs were largely consistent across the board. Keenan Allen still comes in at a very solid third place despite injury concerns with his knee.

There is an obvious top six we agree upon. There is only a difference of twenty-seven points from one to six, but a difference of twenty-two points from six to seven.

I'm not one for making absolute predictions in the draft, but I will guarantee that the Rams will draft one of these WRs in the upcoming draft. It's not out of the realm of possibility the Rams end up with two from our top fifteen.

Agree/disagree with our rankings? Let's discuss.

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