Rams picking in the top 5 next year

One of the main survival traits that you pick up as a rams fan is the ability to look forward and hypothesize about happier times ahead, so lets take a look at at the 2014 draft, in particular the picks we are going to have.

I think at worst the rams are going contend for the playoffs again like last year, and probably end up with a mid round pick - much like the 16th this year. So this is all very routine & uninspiring.

But what about the pick we are due from the skins.. Now this is where it gets interesting! I think we could be about to cash in massively with this one, let me tell you just how:

Now I know the Skins just won one of the toughest divisions & I know they did it with 2 rookies leading the offense who are probably expected to improve. But I think a whole lot of factors could lead to them regressing next year:
- no doubt RG3 is a great talent, but he finished last season with a serious injury - there is a good chance he will miss playing time next year, and even if he does play he is not going to be taking so many risks as he did last season. RG3 the pocket passer < RG3 the dual threat on every play. and if cousins or pat white have to start their offense is massively downgraded.
- alfred morris excelled because defenses had to account for RG3
- the skins don't pick until no. 51, but they do have a lot of aging players that need replacing
- they don't have any cap space so have not been able to fill any needs in FA
- the eagles will be much better, also expect dallas & the giants to rebound
- the main reason I think they will regress is that the skins have a really tough schedule,

Now lets take a look at that schedule

Very tough - these are all playoffs calibre teams with 10 wins last season:
San Francisco - Home
Green Bay - Away
Denver - Away
Atlanta - Away
Chicago - Home
Minnesota - Away

Dallas - Away
Dallas - Home
New York Giants - Away
New York Giants - Home
Philadelphia - Away
Philadelphia - Home

Tough - I expect all these teams to rebound next year.
Detroit - Home
Kansas City - Home
San Diego - Home

Oakland - Away

The categories are pretty unscientific and just to break it up a bit. But the bottom line is the only game here I would back the skins to win today is Oakland. For the "tough" lets say they win 1 of those (I could see all 3 teams rebounding), then in the division I think 2 wins is about right - at least one of those teams is going to sweep them. That gives Washington 4 wins total for next season. 4 wins total this year would equate to the rams getting the 3rd pick.

Pretty cool, right?

Taking a look at the prospects for next year there are some great prospects, WalterFootball has a projected top 3 of:

So how about this scenario for next year: RG3 comes back too soon and gets injured again, and so we get the 3rd pick. The draft comes around and Clowney and Bridgewater get taken of the board. Then with the 3rd pick of the NFL draft the Commisioner takes to the stage to annouce the pick has been traded .. "The Washington Redskins have traded their 2014 2nd, their 2015 1st and 2016 1st to the Rams, and with the 3rd pick select Quarterback Johnny Football"

oh yeah! halycon days are here my friends #TrustInFishSnead

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