Vince Young's letter to Jeff Fisher

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Someone wants to put the rough times in Music City behind them.

TST was able to obtain a copy of Vince Young's letter to Jeff Fisher. The two had a rocky relationship in Tennessee, but the quarterback reached out to his former coach as part of his 12-step NFL comeback. And just in case you're wondering about the veracity of this letter ... come on.

Coach Fisher,

When you're standing in a mall parking lot, the Cheesecake Factory looks like a fun place to go. But looks aren't everything. Back in the day, a plate of sliders, a Tuscan chicken salad and all the E&J VSOP they could bring us used to make a guy feel on top of the world. Then the bills start coming, and, like you always tried to tell me, the party can't last forever.

These days the Cheesecake Factory makes me think of all the things I threw away. My internet credit counselor tells me I can't afford to eat there now anyway. (I wish I would've taken up with that Edward Jones dude you tried to get with me. Hopefully you can get that 420 kid from Florida hooked up with Mr. Jones before it's too late for him too).

It's been a minute since we last spoke. In fact, I think the last time I saw you in person you were giving Bud the double middle fingers before you drove away in your Dodge Durango. That was pretty cool, but man I kind of hated you back in those days.

Thing is, my life was pretty crazy back then.

I been working on getting things turned around, getting back on the football field. I do like the game, kind of. I think i've learned a lesson or two about humility as well. Being a backup quarterback isn't great, but football is what I know. The pay isn't too bad either.

Getting back out there on the field, practice field anyways, in Austin is going be real nice. Did you flinch when I mentioned Austin? Bud always told me that you didn't like me because we whipped up on USC in the National Championship.

I don't know how those USC QBs stay in the NFL, but I'd be lying if I didn't say that was part of my motivation too. Honestly, you think that kid from Oklahoma y'all got can make it? You always did have a funny way about quarterbacks. I mean, Kerry Collins? It hurts getting benched for a guy in his 50s or whatever.

But I'm over all that stuff now, trying to be a bigger man with more maturity. I hope you are too.

I forgive you. Hope you can do the same, even if we are never going to be friends.


Hook 'em Horns!

P.S. My number's the same, so you start to get worried about your QB, I'll probably here ... unless Arizona picks me over JaMarcus.

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