Random Ramsdom 4/1: Fool Me Once


Someone please tell Rodger Saffold that the NFL Draft is no laughing matter. He may play a pivotal role in his team's plans.

Happy April Fools' Day, Rams fans! I hope all that Easter ham and candy is sitting well with you, because you're sure to jump at a prank at some point.

The 2013 NFL Draft talk can officially begin. As if it hasn't already been going on for months, right? Now, though, it's going to really heat up.

Teams have already started reshuffling their own rosters in accordance with their draft charts, particularly where positions look weakest. Ahem, quarterbacks.

How might the St. Louis Rams continue preparing and what holes will be addressed first? It's going to be a long three weeks before the clocks start ticking, so we may as well keep speculating.

Now sit down, stand up, remove the Whoopee cushion from underneath you seat and have at some Rams links.

NFL Draft sizzle - Seriously, what is going to happen come draft day? You don't know and that's the point, but 2013 in particular brings much more uncertainty than any other in recent memory. Jim Thomas of the Post-Dispatch discusses many questions that should be on everyone's mind.

Rams loaded with options in first round - Sporting two first round picks and an ever-shrinking list of needs, the St. Louis Rams seem set to make a splash in April. Offensive line, wide receiver and safety appear to be the likeliest scenarios, but which gets left out?

Still no contact with Saffold - Fans were warned that the addition of Jake Long could make for some sour emotions between the Rams and former left tackle Rodger Saffold. To date, those warnings remain simply rumors, but that's because no one is talking. Saffold and the team have not been in contact since the signing. Could this situation turn ugly?

Props to our own Brandon Bate for striking up this Twitter conversation with ESPN's NFC West guru, Mike Sando.

Calculated free agent risks - Since taking over the Rams, Jeff Fisher and Les Snead have been active and persistent in the free agency market. They have not, however, shown a frequent desire to retain their own unrestricted players. Mike Sando calls their approach "taking a leap of faith (in 2013)."

Kolb joins Bills - While the Cardinals, Raiders and even the Seahawks continue to iron out their quarterback situations, one former Western signal caller has quickly found a new home. Kevin Kolb, who was released by Arizona last month, now joins the Buffalo Bills as the training camp favorite for the starting job.

Flynn trade likely soon - Just over one year ago, Seattle signed quarterback Matt Flynn to a 3-year deal with intent of making him the starter. It didn't work out that way. Still, at least one team remains interested in the one-game wonder and could soon finalize a deal for his services. Just win, baby?

Presidential safety lesson - When President Barack Obama talks to you, you stand up straight and listen. When Obama talks to Offensive Rookie of the Year Robert Griffin III, he listens and it makes headlines. The president told the other resident of the capital to better protect himself in his playing habits, sliding instead of taking a hit.

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