Im calling it now. Say hello to the new NFC West QB, Drew Stanton!

There are


very talented and very young quarterbacks ruling the roost in the NFL's toughest division. The only team without a entrenched starting quarterback is the Arizona Cardinals, who have yet to find a replacement for that all-star Kevin Kolb Kurt Warner.

Some people are wondering if the Cardinals will draft Matt Barkley in the second round or snag Geno Smith in the first round. I have two reasons to disprove that theory. Both of which I am basing off what we know about the new Arizona Coach, Bruce Arians.

Bruce Arians practically coached the Indianapolis Colts to the playoffs last year in place of Chuck Pagano. He saw one of the best rookie quarterbacks play the game in Andrew Luck and helped him succeed with one star receiver and a bunch of spare parts.

He will


Get his Quarterback protection. The NFL draft is not full of star talent this year in the draft save for those 3 very similar specimens in Lane Johnson, Luke Joeckel, and Eric Fisher. Can you imagine what this class would be like if Jake Mathews and Taylor Lewan had also declared? Anyway, the Cardinals will draft an LT to keep their QB upright.


He will bring over a quarterback who has a reputation for being a team player. Drew Stanton is 28 years old and was let go by the Lions after he failed to become their franchise QB when they drafted him in '07. He bounced around the league a bit before landing in Indy. Bruce Arians knows him and would have an ally in installing his coaching methods in Arizona. Drew is a talented player in his own right. Drew is 6'3 243lbs, big enough to take a beating that will happen behind the Cardinals line. He also happens to have *Gasp* one star receiver and spare parts. Hey if Arians can do it in Indy he can do it in Glendale.

Drew Stanton has thrown for 1,158 yards, 5 TDs, and 5 INTS. He can play right away for the Cardinals and give them a few good years. He is more talented than people give him credit for and is a great team mate per reports.

Bruce Arians will bring his own guy to town to work his system. Stanton can be the cheap, selfless, talented quarterback for 3+ years in Arizona. Smart move? Yes. Possible? yes. Would I rather the Cardinals stay with Kolb? For the sake of our sack totals YES! But I digress. Your thoughts?

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