A Realistic (5 Round) Mock

We all want particular players and we hang on to the thought of drafting said player throughout the draft season, but the possibility of the Rams selecting that player is not very high. The reason of that could be the team isn't as into that particular player as you are or said player is ranked higher on some other teams boards so they jump you or just select said player before you have the chance. I have a few draft crushes as we go ahead and get closer to the draft as well all know those two players are Tavon Austin and DeAndre Hopkins. Being that the chance of us picking one of them is slim considering many outside variables, I will try to predict a realistic type draft considering outside variables and other team needs. Lets see how this goes.

With the 16th pick in the NFL draft, the St. Louis Rams select, Kennan Allen, WR, California

In front of us, there are potentially 3 teams looking for a Wide Receiver in Cleveland, Dolphins and maybe Buffalo. Cleveland might think it would be too early for a Wide Receiver seeing as they need some help on the defensive side of the ball. Buffalo Bills could go after Patterson who is seen by a fair share of people as the receiver that has the most potential in this draft. To others he might even seem as the best Receiver coming out in this draft. They could possibly fall for his potential and pick him as high as their 8th pick, so lets say that happens. Then you have the Miami Dolphins who I believe will go after Mike Wallace of the Steelers, who have said they aren't going to spend the money to get him back. The Dolphins have the money to get him and they need a deep threat. Then you look at the Teams between our two picks and you have the Steelers who might jump at the opportunity and many trade possibilities from teams looking for a receiver and it's clear to me this has to be our first hole filled. Allen has good size and while he might not be the fastest he is very quick and has the speed to be a deep threat. In my opinion, he is the most pro ready receiver in this draft. We get a sure handed receiver for Sam to line up on the other side of Quick who we hope can make a great impact this season.

Ultimate Keenan Allen Highlights (via TheVikingsworld2011)

With the 22nd pick in the NFL draft, the St. Louis Rams, Trade this pick to the New England Patriots for their 1st and 4th round pick next year

The Patriots are going to be potentially losing Wes Welker (who is reportedly going to test the waters in Free Agency) and Brandon Lloyd to Free Agency. Sure, they could wait til later rounds but there's this guy name Tavon Austin who they might really fall in love with as the draft gets closer. He presents everything that Welker has but he is a far better play maker, potentially. He is of course faster and can be a consistent play maker, whether it be in the intermediate game or deep threat. This makes him a lot more valuable to the Patriots than Welker.

With the 29th pick in the NFL draft, the St. Louis Rams select, Barkevious Mango, OLB/DE, LSU

If you have kept up with Von Miller since he has came into the league, you are excited about Mingo. He doesn't have the size of many dominating OLBs but he has the work ethic and character to be a very good player at the next level. He has raw physical ability for a man of his stature. Has quickness and speed off of the snap that is already elite for his youth. Has leadership qualities that rubs off on others. His ability allows him to reek havoc in the backfield whether it be Run plays or passing plays.He is by no means a finished product but with his raw ability, he could be have an immediate impact. The Rams have put off getting an OLB in past draft, early, and this seems to be the draft to snatch one up.

Barkevious Mingo vs Clemson (Bowl Game - 2012) (via Adrian Ahufinger)

With the 46th pick in the NFL draft, the St. Louis Rams select, Eddie Lacy, RB, Alabama

Eddie Lacy is a beast and if we do lose Jackson to Free Agency we might want to consider getting his successor in the draft. Lacy has all of the talent to be a first round prospect but his inconsistencies might throw some teams off. He's considered by many to be the second best Running back in this, might I say, poor draft for running backs. I honestly only see one running back (at most) going in the first. Lacy would be exactly what we have in Jackson, which is a power back although Lacy might have a bit more burst for his size. He might not have the speed of some other Running backs but he has the ability to pull away from defenders. Running back might not be one of out biggest needs but sometimes want is bigger than need when it comes to Front Offices.

Eddie Lacy 2012 Highlights ᴴᴰ (via ThatHighlightChannel)

With the 78th pick in the NFL draft, the St. Louis Rams select, Barrett Jones, C/G/T, Alabama

Jones presents the rarity that he can play three position on the line. The reason why is doesn't go higher in the draft is because he had troubles this season against opponents like Texas A&M and Mississippi State after doing great against LSU. He finished off the season on a high note, as did most of the Alabama team, against the Irish in the National Championship Game. Another thing to admire about Jones is the fact he called the line calls at the line of scrimmage for the Tide. He is great off of the snap and is better with run protection than he is with pass protection.

With the 110th pick in the NFL draft, the St. Louis Rams select, Barcarri Rambo, S, Georgia

Rambo was suspended for 4 games this past season for drug issues so he is a bit of a problem child, Que Fisher lights. He might have been a bit of a problem but dude can ball. He was great when he came back but thanks to off the field issues he does have a chance of dropping in the draft where Fisher will be waiting with open arms.

With the 142nd pick in the NFL draft, the St. Louis Rams Select, Marquess Wilson, WR, Washington State


Wilson's time at Washington State ended in controversy. The team claimed to have suspended the receiver, while other reports say Wilson quit the team. Reportedly, he frequently clashed with the new coaching staff; he alleged abuse.

Wilson totaled 52 receptions for 813 yards with five touchdowns in 2012. He had some good games, but was held in check a few times. Washington State's quarterback play was inconsistent.

If you read my post about which receivers have the chance of being elite, he was in it. Check it out:

Dude can be a complete stud at the next level. He has all of the ability in the world, but a bit of a problem child. That in and of itself could make him a good receiver for Fisher to go after. Shows all of the ability to be something special at the next level just needs the incentive.

What do you think of the draft, do you think it's realistic? As always, thanks for reading and comments are always appreciated.

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