This mock is done without trades involved. Also with the idea that Les Snead and Jeff Fisher will stay true to what they have preached for much of the post season and upgrade the offense as a whole. Sam Bradford's name has been coming up a lot when people talk about busts. Before I post my mock here is 4 reasons why that should never happen.

1.) Bradford has never entered a season with the same playbook he had the previous season. Inconsistencies with the coaching staff can kill any players growth.

2.) Yap all you would like about what other rookie sensations have come into the league as of late and have performed well, but lets be clear, their offensive line play has made the rams line look like pee wee football ( not that that is hard to do). Also all of those rookies who have been perceived to have out shined Bradford has had much better options ti pass to. So stop with the how come a rookie can do it and not our third year guy.

3.) Bradford has talent that not many quarterbacks have. He can make anybody look decent at best. He squeezes every bit of talent out of his supporting cast no matter if they're 4th stringer starting or not. This is evident by his 21 touchdown passes on the year. That's one more than Matthew Stafford who has Megatron to throw to and also attempted over 200 more passes and two more than Jay Cutler who throws to Brandon Marshall. And its one less than the likes of Matt Schabb and Joe Flacco.

4.) Bradford is a winner. When watching his press conferences after a lost, he shows something that is Tom Brady esque. His anger and frustration after a loss shows a will to win that is almost hard to describe. He tries to mask it to avoid throwing teammates under the bus and always accepts full credit for every loss. Gives credit for every win. So thats two in one. He is a winner and a great leader.

Now without further ado my rams mock draft with analysis:

Rd. 1. Pick 16:

Jonathon Cooper OG- The rams add a much needed piece to becoming a more explosive offense. This selection provides pass protection and a whole opener. He instantly upgrades the offensive line and offense as a whole. Roger Saffold is coming off his best season yet, and might have proved he is the long term starter on the blindside. Placing Cooper next to him would solidfy one side of the line.

Rd. 1. Pick 22:

Tavon Austin WR- A lot of mocks I've seen (virtually every one) have the rams selecting Kenan Allen. I disagree with this idea 100%. Allen is a more consistent version of Brandon Gibson and slightly more talented Austin Pettis. He is a true possession receiver. Why oh why would the rams select another one of what they already have? With Austin the rams add more explosiveness and a player that will force more creativity in the play calling. Austin is lightening that would cause for some very exciting football.

Rd. 2. Pick 14:

Quinton Patton WR- I watched 40 min of film on Patton and within the first two clips I couldn't help but see Torry Holt. His size (6' 203 lbs), route running, hand catching, underrated deceptive speed (4.5), and exceptional quickness all are reminiscent of Torry Holt. I am convinced he is a prime candidate to be one of five big time steals in this draft. And the rams not only have quality depth at the receiver position (Austin, Patton, Givens, Pettis, and Quick, possibily Amendola), but they will also have youth, giving Bradford the same personnel for the next 3 yrs at least and building insane chemistry.

Rd. 3. Pick 16:

Bacarri Rambo S- Rambo is a ballhawk. That pretty much sums up this pick. He will bring an Ed Reed like to the center field. Remind you, this is first round talent who drops far due to off field issues. First to the third may seem like a steep drop, but in a much clearer prospective its about right. Take into account that this is a very deep safety class and safety's already barely go in the first round, and you have a game changer sitting un the middle of the third round waiting to be two of five big time steals in the draft.

Rd. 4. pick 16:

David Quesenbury OL- Quesenbury gets a OL tag rather than specific position label because thats what he is, an OL. He literally played every position in college. He has average strength and athleticism but above average technique, and at 6'5" 305 lbs, with that type of versatility and knowledge, he could be the third big time steal of the draft if placed under the right coachung staff.

Rd. 5. pick 16:

Zaviar Gooden OLB- Gooden was pegged to be the heir apparent to Sean Weatherspoon at Missouri. While proving to be just as athletic (if not more) he didnt have the consistency. After becoming the starter as a sophomore when Weatherspoon graduated and was drafted in the first rd by the falcons, respectively, his production dropped every yr. But he is fast and physical, and being an ex-safety can cover really well. Until fisher whips him into shape to be more consistent and an every down linebacker, he could be a pleasure on special teams and an asset in nickle packages.

Rd. 6. Pick 16:

Chris Jones DT- Lets face it the rams have zero depth behind Brockers and Langford (who underwhelmed his first season). Chris Jones might be the most under the radar player out there. He's a 6'2" 298 lb DT that happens to be a sack machine. He had 12 1/2 this yr alone. He us very athletic as well. That type of production from up the middle usually warrants a top five pick, but two issues. One he is slightly undersized, and two his level of competition wasn't the greatest (played for bowling green). But I don't care where you're from that kind if production from his position is insane. Yup you guessed it possible fourth bug time steal of the draft.

Rd. 7. Pick 16:

Michael Hill RB- I don't know what the future holds for Steven Jackson. But I do know no one wants him back in St. Louis more than myself. I also know that He will be 30 when the season starts and even though he remains in better physical condition than many rookies, he has made it clear he wants to be more like Barry Sanders and leave while he still has something left rather than be so beat up hes forced to retire. Hill is an intriguing prospect. He could possibly be another steal, not the fifth big time steal (that title belongs to Tyrann Mathieu), but a steal none the less. He played division II Missouri Western State, but lead the country and all divisions (DI DII DIII NAIA) in rushing with 2168 yards. He is well built and absolutely chiseled and shredded at 5'11" 205 lbs. He has elite explosiveness, quickness, acceleration, and power. The one knock may be his top end speed (low 4.5 to mid 4.6). I'm not to worried about level of competition because when he played in the all-star game he made better competition, including some SEC defenders, look the way he made everyone else look all year. And he took home the MVP trophy after 12 carries and 148 yards and two td's. Here's a little footage of him :

There you have it folks. Hope you all enjoyed. I will be posting two more before the draft. One of the two I will even try to predict a few trades.

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