Yet Another Mock-Draft, and yeah I'm a realist... but I think your going to like it.

Mock Draft assuming there are no trades and we lose both Amendola(NE/GB/DEN/SD) & Jackson (ATL/GB/NYJ)

16th overall- Jonathan Cooper NCU G/C

You have to love his versatility and lateral mobility. He is a weapon on the o-line and can do push the pile or drop into pass protecting being a pivital fixture on the offensive line. A lot of people will argue he falls to 22 and I don't see him getting there, especially with the cowboys at 18. Its a no brainer here taking Cooper as he can be an instant plug and play either at G or C, come on! It helps bolster are up and coming o-line and helps add some consistency and talent.

22nd overall- Keenan Allen CALI WR

Although many believe Cordarelle Patterson is the best in the class most likely he will be off the board and Allen is the most pro ready. True, Patterson can make plays in a variety of ways by running, as well in the special teams division but he drops open balls and does not have the best concentration. Enter Allen who is ultimately the better option for Bradford. He fits the mantra of a big time possession receiver who can make clutch plays especially in the red zone. He runs crisp routes and has a good football IQ. He doesn't have everything out of the gate but with time I think he can develop into a big time threat.

48th overall- Arthur Brown Kansas St. OLB

This guy is a playmaker and would fit perfect alongside Laurinaitis and Dunbarr. Finally we would have a strong 3 man front on the linebacking core that would allow us to rush from multiple angles as well as fill holes to clog up the running game. Couple this will our already strong dline front and playmaking ability in the secondary; we could have a serious contender for a top 10 defence. Arthur Brown is one of those missing pieces.

80th overall- Marcus Lattimore South Carolina RB

Fisher is A defensive minded coach. In all likely hood he needs talent on the offensive side while he can coach up some on the defensive side. When Lattimore is healthy he is by far and above the most complete back in this years class and to snag him in the 3rd round is a steal. He can offer everything you need in a back by being both elusive and powerful by combining both brute strength and finess. He is a weapon and a threat every time he has the ball and would compete from day 1 for top sopt and the bear's share of carries in STL. He has some risks in the health department but I feel Fish won't have a problem with that. Plus at RB we are starting to see some depth developing. Isiah Pead and Richardson don't look like bone-fide number ones to me but they look like they can take 15-20 touches a game between and maybe make a few plays. Lattimore has the highest ceiling and was once a shoe-in for the first round and has incredible value being drafted here.

110th overall- TJ McDonald USC S

Yes, like you I have had enough of Craig Dahl as are starting safety and its time we get an upgrade. TJ McDonald so some is a little un-safe as he has been sliding but again its his talent he has to offer. Last year he was regarded as a top safety prospect behind Barron, but returned for his senior year and his draft stock ultimately fell due to the high number of quality safety prospects. He projects well for a strong safety, its true he lacks in play-making ability but his raw talent equipped with strong tackling instincts this safety will truly help shore up last years achilles heal. He can help in the pass game but being able to anticipate WR as well as keep up with them stride for stride and unleash punishing hits from receivers going over the middle. He is a classic hard hitting bruiser safety that will be able to jump up and make solid tackles on all ball carriers.

151st overall- Micheal Williams BAMA TE

This guy is a blocking ace with a nose for pushing linebackers and d-linemen alike. He is a threat guarding the edge as well as making a catch in the red zone. He lacks top end speed and projects ultimately as a fantastic number 2 and perfect number 1 for blocking/red zone situations. Lance kendrick will most liekyl have to continue to take reps as the teams number 1 te is passing situations but Williams can still be effective at running short hitches as well as curls for 10-15 yards and has steady/reliable hands. He measures well @ 6'6 weighing in at 269. He's not the fastest guy in the lot but he is no slouch either being mobile to be a lethal blocking in the second level as seen by Bama's running game. This guy is a weapon in the blocking game and a solid option in the passing game and measures well to be a difference maker for the Rams.

185th overall- Anthony McCloud FSU DT

Someone had to free up slacker Bjoren Werner and stuff the run. Perhaps one of the most underrated players in college but this guy can ball. He is a big body perfect to put alongside a more explosive DT in brockers. McCloud is a pure run stopper and will draw extra attention from linemen in attempts to stop this 320lb beast. He gives the rams depth at DT which now after their latest releases looks like they need. Adding to that already impressive rotation will allow us to continue to stop the run and rush the passer from multiple fronts.

222nd overall- Alex Hurst LSU OT

Boom my flier pick... So it isn't so sexy but if you review my earlier picks this selection fits what we need as it is more of a need based draft pick. He is a project but already shows talent in the run blocking game but does need work on the passing side. He won't be a starter day one but don't count him out for starting for game 1 of the regular season, or at the very least provide some depth in the event of injury. He is a solid player who can develop into a solid starting tackle option.

We find are guy to shore up the interior, find are number 1 receiving threat, acquire a playmaker and the final piece for the starting linebacking core, are potential workhorse replacement versatile and electrifying RB, a hard-hitting sure tackling all around solid safety option providing talent in a position we most desperately need it in, a sure thing number 2 blocking TE number 1 TE in blocking/red zone packages having the ability to both moth the pile and move the chains, another depth DT who is built to stop the run and will draw attention off are deadly DEs, and finally a linemen project who has the ability to become a starter as well as a key fixture on the line.

All these picks have the potential to be on the field day 1 and all look to help produce now. Let me know what you think of my draft by the poll below as well as your comments.

Thanks for reading, all the best from out west;)


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