I thought I'd go out on a limb and post a Mock draft..

... just to mix things up

There are going to be a crazy amount of trades, last year there were a lot because of the new CBA, but now all the teams are more familiar with the new system I predict even more. But I haven't taken the liberty to predict at trades. So I guess I am just covering my back for when this mock is wildly out, but let you know what you think..

1a) Tavon Austin

Predictable, but he is one of the few elite offensive weapons in this draft. Lets surround Bradford, so we don't have any more excuses for having such a blunt offense. Fingers crossed he falls to 16.

1b) Menelik Watson

Lets get some British talent on the rams squad :) This guy could be great and has the flexibility to play across the line and develop into a number of slots. If Rok doesn't work out he can fill in at left guard, if Saffold kicks up a fuss he can play RT. Plus we have some injury history on Oline so could really use some depth.

2) Jonathan Cyprien

3) Bacari Rambo

Picks 2 & 3 we can go d and fill a need at safety, we really need to upgrade here so I would advocate taking two good propects from a deep class. Some reports have Cyprien going above this, in which case things would be jiggled around a bit but still 2 safeties & 1 LB in the first 4 rounds. Was at the New England game last year and it was truly painful watching the safeties being picked apart time and time again, so I don't think using 2 pretty high picks is at all a waste.

4) Chase Thomas LB

We need LB help and this guy seems like he has great instincts.

5) Mike Gillislee - RB

Get some depth incase Pead isn't who we think we drafted or as useful injury backup.

6 & 7) Just BPA. maybe a lineman project for Boudreau to work with and a DT.

This would leave us with the following:

Austin - Kendricks - Long/Watson/Wells/Dahl/Saffold - Cook - Givens (Pettis, Quick / Watkins, Smith, Barksdale)


Pead (Richardson/Ganaway)

Long/Langford/Brockers/Quinn (Hayes, Cudjo)


JJ/Cyprien/Rambo/Finnegan (Johnson Stewart)

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