SOME THOUGHTS ON POSSIBLE RAMS THOUGHTS (lacy, vaccaro, austin, and more..)

Before I begin I just want to say this is merely about possibilities and not predictions. I like to think of myself as a person who LOVES the game of football. So I follow everything, not just the rams, very closely. And something about me, not just involving football, but is more just my personality, is pay very close attention to detail and I am usually pretty good at reading between the lines and using tendencies and statements to figure out what someone is thinking. Now let’s begin…

Eddie Lacy

-I keep hearing the idea of the rams taking Eddie Lacy is nothing but a smoke screen, or it’s a stupid, absurd, idea, and it will never happen. Well the people that say all that obviously never paid attention to Jeff Fisher during his tenure in Tennessee. In the 07’ draft, in the second round Fisher took Chris Henry. So the following year with other holes to fill no one can honestly say they predicted him drafting Chris Johnson. Well, he did. Also no one is more tuned in with the rams and their thoughts than Jim Thomas, and even he has said, repeatedly, the rams like Lacy a lot, and are VERY interested. But me myself, I am not a huge fan. I believe the most talented back in this draft is Christine Michael. Yes more talented the Lattimore. I like Lattimore because of his intangibles and how hard he runs, the dude has insane leg drive, but he is not the most talented back. Lacy and Lattimore both lack NFL level elusiveness, speed, lateral movement, and acceleration. Michael can do all of the above, at an NFL level. I do think all three backs will be pretty good, especially if in the right scheme. But Michael is the guy I’m hoping for.

here goes some Michael tape:

Kenny Vaccaro

-How should I start?? Hmmm… I know, this guy is overrated!!!!! I have grown tired of the hype surrounding Kenny Vaccaro. That is all it is is hype. Watch the film, he is NOT that great!!! To take a safety in the first rd he has to make impact plays and/or be a vicious enforcer (i.e. LaRon Landry, Eric Berry, Sean Taylor, Michael Griffon etc...), Vaccaro is none of this. He is average. I would compare him to another former longhorn in Michael Huff. Huff has had an ok, decent, type of career. But he doesn't have pro bowl written all him. Vaccaro played in the big XII (AKA the passing league), and after 4 seasons managed 5 interceptions, 21 passes broken up, and one forced fumble. And he certainly is not someone who brings the wood. He is NOT an impact player. And just to end the talk about him taking Tavon Austin out the game, well that’s just false. That nonsense is what got him all this hype and he has been riding the hype train since, “ohhhh he can cover receivers, outside, slot, doesn’t matter, he can do it…” blah blah blah. He did not stop Austin. Austin finished that game with 10 catches 104 yds and a td. Vaccaro had two nice PBU on two passes that were under thrown. Geno made it seem like Vaccaro had a better game than he did. Even Thomas has said hee has yet to hear the rams mention Vaccaro's name even once. Finally someone has said it, there you go, soak it in. The rams have shown loads of interest in Matt Elam, Sanders Commings, and Baccari Rambo. One if these guys is more likely to fill one of the voids at safety since they are more of Fisher's preference.

Sheldon Richardson

-I don’t think it is out of the realm of possibility Sheldon Richardson falls to 16. If he does I don’t think its out of the realm of possibility the rams actually draft him. Jeff Fisher said when he got here last yr he wanted to break the NFL record for sacks in a season (72). He and Les Snead are both on record saying they believe in drafting and making a strength become a power, this was said when they were asked about the addition of three comeback last yr. I think we all know the interest is there after making him the first player they interviewed at the combine.

Tavon Austin

-First let me just say stop with the Fisher doesn’t take receivers in the first round. I’m not sure if people are rams fans, or football fans. I love my rams, but I LOVE football and I follow it as a whole very closely. So when people say fisher won’t take a receiver in the first I just say, well, what about that guy named Britt. Yes, Kenny Britt was a first round pick, and if not for sub-par quarterback play every yr so for in his young career he would probably have 2-3 1100 yd seasons under his belt. Yea he is that good. Now for Austin, he is hands down the biggest playmaker in this draft. Normally I wouldn't bring bench totals (14 reps) into the conversation for a WR, but considering all the worry about his size, I made an exception. His bench total tells me one thing although he is only 174 LBS, he is well built and will be protected by the muscle he has. He is a lot stronger than some of these 6’2” 215 lb receivers. Austin straight line speed is a great, evident by his 40, and he has some damn good acceleration judging by his shuttle (very important/underrated asset for WRs).Austin is also a very polished route runner. But my favorite thing about him is his durability. In the last 8 yrs (grade 9-college) Austin has never missed a game, or a single practice. Durability is something this offense has lacked as a whole for quite some time now. Austin may not look all that imposing but he might instantly become the toughest player on the rams offense, and doesn't hurt that he is a 10-12 TD per season threat (rec, rush, return). And he also happens to be way more mature then the rest of the top WRs (not a personal opinion, just listen to the interviews). At Tennessee pro day, Mike Tomlin (who is said to have been there only to watch Cordarrelle Patterson) asked Patterson ti jump a vertical and Patterson said no. Later Mike Mayock asked him why he declined and he said "man i just got these new Jordan's and not trying to mess them up". Idiot, this man is going to offer you enough money to buy into the Jordan brand, when he say's jump, you say how high!!!!????

Drafting linemen

-This one is tough. The rams WILL draft a lineman I know that much. And I know they want that lineman to be D.J. Fluker. How do I know this you ask, well this is where that reading in between the lines skill really kicks in hardcore. The rams have repeatedly said they “have to get Sam some help, and help can be out in front of him to make it easier to throw, or it can be someone to catch the ball, and they can come in all shapes and sizes” (that last tid bit is all the hint you need about the interest in Austin). And now Stead has said “You have two starting tackles anyway, but sometimes there are times if you liked tackles before we signed Jake and that’s one of the better players on the board, your first thought is ‘OK, can he play guard?’ and then eventually move to tackle like a lot of guys have done. It may lessen the urgency or the desperation but it wouldn’t preclude you from taking a tackle.” I don’t have a doubt in my mind he was referring to Fluker (the very first guy they scheduled a private workout with). Everyone knows that Fluker is an elite run blocker but struggles hardcore with his pass pro. And when you take that skill set and mix it with his size (6’4” 335), then you are describing a guard. Two scenarios here, one draft him and he plays LG and later moves to right tackle if Saffold can’t be retained. Or two draft him, release Dahl (clearing $4million in cap), and plug him into the RG spot, and possibly later moving to RT, depending on Saffold. Here is why this drafting a lineman gets hard. We all know its going to happen, the question where do you take a guy like this? Pick 22, way too soon , pick 46, might be too late. I’ll have more on this scenario in part two!!!


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