Random Ramsdom, 3/29: Jake Long was tired of Stephen Ross' old man smell

Jake Long's anniversary present to his wife, a customized "Gone with the Wind" painting. - @jackielong_17

In today's edition, we get down in the muck with a human interest story about the Rams' newest free agent addition.

Stan Kroenke just smells better - Like every veteran who signs with the Rams, Long was contractually obliged to tell the press that he brass here made all the difference. We believe him, too, especially when you consider the alternative of Stephen Ross and his pet bridge troll Jeff Ireland. If you're wondering why nobody reads newspapers anymore, be sure to check out this article.

Also, Jake Long and his wife have a Labradoodle.


Rams making it rain - People, the Rams are spending dollar beelz! Strange that a team would spend money on free agents and operate near the margins of the salary cap in a business that guarantees a certain amount of profitability, not to mention one governed in part by a collective bargaining agreement that dictates player spending floors. Then again, those of us old enough to remember the Bidwills will actually be a little surprised by this one.

Stocks and bonds - Speaking of securities, this week's NFL Draft stock report dropped today. It was a very good week for Marcus Lattimore, who the Rams have a private visit with ahead of the draft. USC receiver Robert Woods is on the list too.

The best touchdowns of 2012 - We're down to the Elite Eight for the greatest touchdowns of last season. No, there are no Rams on there, but there are also none with the Rams defense being abused. Progress!

Stop making so much sense, Mike Sando - ESPN's NFC West blogger shared his thoughts on Todd McShay's mock draft, you know, the one that had the Rams taking a defensive tackle in the first round. Here's Sando's entirely reasonable take on it:

Defensive line is already a strength for the Rams, but that's no reason to steer clear of Williams if the value is right. Having two picks in the first round takes off pressure from a need standpoint.

Where is Rodger Saffold? - Jeff Fisher has called, left awkward voice mail messages ... and nothing. Saffold's last Instagram post was a week ago. He was last seen with a giant magnum of the bubbly. If you have seen this man, please contact Rams Park ASAP. Wait with him. Explain that right tackles are people too.

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