Picks from a pre - draft 12 stepper

Since the free-agency window opened I have become a total geek about personnel moves, cap figures and the combine, pro days, mock drafts ...well you get my drift. I am slowly becoming a St Louis Rams 12 stepper and I doubt I am not alone. I used to shag balls and hang around Blair Field for the 1968-71 George Allen era Rams who practiced in my home town of Long Beach. I saw many a game at the Coliseum and at Anaheim Stadium before Madame Ram packed up the moving van to St. Louis. I have always hung in there with the horns but this year has grown to a full blown love fest. I just joined TST this year and somehow, I am less productive in my office. It has been great to see new quality ownership and leadership in all phases of the franchise and you really do get the sense that the way it is being done, it should last. Having said that I worked a little bit on my own mock and there is a twist. I did not presume any trading up or down but just the basic 1-7 rounds. The twist is that each round represents a window so I selected 3 players that might slide into that window. Not rocket science but I have seen some unrealistic mocks where some folks have Baccari Rambo sliding to the fifth round and things like that.

Something that should be noted as well is that a lot of talk goes on about how the Rams should do more to defend the 49ers and Seahawks with the red gun/option read. I agree, but if we build up our offense and keep them on the field longer, our defense would be better served than wearing them out no matter how much talent we add. Besides not saying we will duplicate last year, but we handled it pretty well. It starts with OL grinders and we just added a huge one in Long provided he is at least 80 %. These are not in any particular order of preference. At 16 though, hopefully one of these will fall. I did however highlight my favorites

1A-16 Warmack –OLG / Richardson – DT / Austin – WR

1.- 22 Ogletree – OLB / Brown – OLB / Cyprien – S

2-46 Bildi-Dreh Wilson – CB / B. Jones – OLG-C / Q. Patton - WR

3-78 M Lattimore - RB / L. Warford – OLG / Swearinger – S

4-110 Z. Gooden – OLB / P. Thomas – S / Dobson - WR

5-142 K. Holmes –OL C / Gragg _ TE / C. Washington – OLB

6-174 X. Nixon – OLT / M. Hyde – CB / T. Jefferson - S


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