Just Another Mock

The way in which I will make my picks in this draft are by selecting from the players available by the time the pick is available according to walterfootball's most recent mock draft.

Before I begin the draft I will involve several trades... Hold on tight!

In a best case scenario for the Rams they can trade pick 16 for the two Cincinnati second round picks and their fourth round pick. This would entice Cincinnati as it would give them a small discount on point value and would ensure them Alec Ogletree while allowing them to retain their first rounder.

I would, later in the draft, package both fourth round picks to move up to the first pick in the fourth round. This would give the Jaguars two fourth round picks to experiment with considering they are hypothetically not in love with any of the players, also giving them a discount according to the trade value chart.

Dallas is the next team to work a trade with the Rams. The Rams don't love anyone at pick 53 and the Cowboys love the value of Texas OLB/DE Alex Okafor. The Cowboys give up their 3rd and 4th round picks for the 53rd overall pick. Again the Rams lose value according to the chart but they continue to get the players they want according to walterfootballs most recent draft.

With this trade the Rams would have picks 22,37,46,78,80,98,114,149, along with their 6th and 7th round picks. Alright, lets get started!!

1.22- K. Allen, WR, Cal

I am not a fan of reaching for a slot receiver in the first round (Austin). I think they are less valuable than out and out WRs and I think Allen is the best WR in the draft. He runs tremendous routes, has great size, great hands, great athleticism, tenacity. I honestly cannot think of anything I dislike about him (I actually like that he is injured right now because it will allow for this fall to 22). He is quietly confident and paired with our other two young receivers I think we will have one of the more intimidating receiving groups in the league (especially if Quick can develop).

2.37-M.Elam, S, Florida

I considered mocking M. Hunt here. He is the freakiest athlete in this draft but has been completely overlooked for what I can only guess is an age concern (he is 25). If he were available in one of these hypothetical picks I can see Fisher thinking hard about him. With that said, I think that Elam is the best playmaker in this draft at safety. Cyperion seems talented, but Elam has been competing with super talented SEC teams his entire career and has experienced much success. He was the leader of a great defense this past year and the only reason I think he will fall into the second round is his size. He is undersized though very well put together and I think he will be the best safety to come from this draft class.

2.46-J. Hankins, DT, Ohio St.

Hankins was once considered a top 10 prospect. I think his numbers in the nfl combine damaged his stock along with the rise of many other defensive line prospects. I still believe that he is a very talented defensive lineman that in a rotation with Brockers and Langford could have a tremendous impact. When Langford's contract expires we are set with two huge, talented defensive tackles to pair with Long and Quinn. In the mid-second round I see this a tremendous steal.

3.80-K.Greene, LB, Rutgers

With the addition of Greene to the lb corps they have a very productive and athletic OLB. He is a 3 down player that could seemingly play in all packages and develop into a star player.

3.78-B.Rambo, S, Georgia

The addition of another SEC safety solidifies our safety corps even without the addition of a veteran safety. Rambo brings a more coverage oriented safety to play beside Elam. I think both players are capable of becoming elite all-around safeties though it is comforting that each safety seems to excel where the other lacks polish. I think that with Elam, Stewart, and Rambo this is going to be one of the more interesting groups going into the season. There may be the occasional hiccup with such youth at the position though the two new additions are certainly playmakers that will bring excitement to the position.

4.98-B.Jones, OL, Alabama

No way in hell he falls this far, but according to walterfootball he does and I am crying with rejoice if we get him here. He has proven to be elite in every position along the offensive line so while we are getting versatility, in my opinion we are getting an elite guard to top of our offensive line in the fourth round. When Wells is done with the Rams/football, Jones could easily slide over to center depending on whether Watkins is ready to take over at guard. This guy has all of the character and winning mentality that the Rams want/need on their team.

4.114-M. Lattimore, RB, SC

Wow. The Rams just locked up the best back in this draft (when healthy). They allow Lattimore all the time he needs in the 2013 season as he has all the tools to be "the guy" for a long time. He seems to have amazing character and faith through these trying injuries and he obviously has the elite ability that all teams are looking for.

5.149-G.Hodges, LB, Penn St.

The Rams have added Greene to fill in at OLB, though adding depth at the position can only help. Hodges has the potential to be a playmaker and adding a player of his abilities in the 5th is not a bad move at all.

6- R.Armstrong, S, Faulkner

Armstrong is another flyer that has potential to deliver with a late round pick. He was flashing the ability to be the next great Miami safety though he was kicked off the team due to personal issues. If he proves to be past these issues he could add very talented depth at very little risk for the Rams.

7-James Wilson, OG, Florida

Adding depth along the O-line is important. I can see this occurring earlier in the draft, though snapping up a falling guard would be just the way to finish off the draft.

This draft is highly unrealistic as it involves several trades and several good players dropping further than I anticipate. With that said, walterfootball has a very in depth draft and seems to have a pretty good feel of how teams feel about players and where they will go. Basing my draft on his format is the best I could hope for at this point. If the Rams were to pull off this draft the key players at each position would look like this.

QB- Bradord

RB- Pead, Richardson, Lattimore

WR- Allen, Quick, Givens, Pettis

TE- Cook, Kendricks

OL- Long, Jones, Wells, Dahl, Saffold, Watkins

DL- Long, Brockers, Hankins, Quinn, Langford, Hayes

LB- Dunbar, Laurinaitis, Greene, Hodges

CB- Finnegan, Jenkins, Johnson

S- Elam, Rambo, Stewart, Armstrong

P- Hekker

K- Zuerlein

With the addition of a vet min corner, I'll take it!

What do you think?

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