Random Ramsdom 03/28/13: St. Louis Rams, Free Agency, and NFL Draft

JD Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Tick, tock…tick, tock. The clock continues to tick, and we’re inching closer and closer to April 25th. The 2013 NFL Draft can’t come soon enough. Stay current while you wait [im]patiently.

Many have anticipated the USC pro day, whether it be to see if Matt Barkley can jettison to the top of the QB Big Board, or for Robert Woods, who could be a viable replacement at slot receiver. Here’s some excellent video, courtesy of the mothership.

⇰ SBNation highlights some of the NFL’s top 2014 free agents. Anybody on this list that would make a good fit for the Rams? Rodger Saffold’s on the list...but is he on his way out?

⇰ You trust in Fisher and Snead? Then I’ll trust you’ve got $23 to prove it! Take a look at this beauty. Rep TST in your hood!

⇰ Make No Mistake About It...#RamsNation played a large role in acquiring the Rams new Left Tackle. All #whilewaiting4jake

⇰ Long might even thank you personally during his 2pm [CST] introduction press conference today.

⇰ The Rams won’t have the services of Steven Jackson in 2013. Could Marcus Lattimore be a viable replacement? He’s saying that he’ll definitely be playing in the first half of the season. Dr. James Andrews is saying he’s got superhuman comeback abilities. Guess who’s got a visit scheduled with him before the draft?

⇰ Make sure to cast your vote for greatest play in the history of the NFL

⇰ What hasn’t there been a rule change for in the NFL as of late? I get that a short week might bring a bit of fatigue, but more injuries on Thursday Night Football?

⇰ After you’ve been a really bad football time for a really long time, you need to spice things up...with a new, fierce logo change.

Football Outsiders
⇰ As the game evolves, so do it’s players. Former Ram Marshall Faulk played a large role in changing the definition of the running back position as it’s viewed today. Here’s a solid read on the evolution of the running back position in the NFL.

Bleacher Report
⇰ You remember, right? In 2005 when we watched Aaron Rodgers get passed over by teams...time and time again. Personally, I much preferred watching it happen to Brady Quinn. At any rate, BR takes a stab at a few folks who might just wait.....and wait.......and wait for their names to be called in this Apri’s draft.

⇰ I’ll admit, I don’t care for the ‘slides’ that this site uses, so I’ll help you out by punishing my clicking finger until I get the info you need. Bleacher report ranks the Top 50 4-3 defensive ends in the NFL. If you don’t want to start from the beginning here’s R. Quinn , big William Hayes, and St. Louis’ finest C. Long.

⇰ Pre-Draft NFL Lineup Rankings, courtesy of RotoWorld’s Evan Silva. Worse than the Browns....and only better than 9 other teams. Take a peek.

Pro Football Focus
⇰ Oh, to be able to slap a flux capacitor on the Delorean that’s probably not parked in the Rams driveway. PFF thought it’d be a good idea to go back to 2009 and grade the 1st round draft picks made by each NFL team. Enter at your own risk!

⇰ Marcus Lattimore might have heavily boosted his draft stock with his pro day on Wednesday, but most likely still won’t make it atop anyone’s draft big board. Eddie Lacy will be available in round one. Sounds like the Rams like what they see.

Sports + Numbers
⇰ Charts! If you like charts then you’ll like this piece by Sports+Numbers. Apparently, Mike Sando wrote something about draft value, and then this guy made a million charts. Please let me know what they mean.

⇰ Everybody likes a good deal. You don’t have to be an extreme couponer to take advantage of these deals. Oh, and don’t be shy...no one’s going to know you actually reached for your wallet.

Lastly, everyone wish Rams Defensive End Chris Long a very happy birthday. Give him a follow on Twitter @JOEL9ONE. It’s probably the best decision you’ll make all day.

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