As Promised I have done a mock involving a trade. I'm not a fan of trade mocks because they really are impossible to predict, and regular mocks are hard enough, but on the other hand trade mocks can be a lot of fun just exploring the possibilities. In this mock I included certain measurings and test results that i saw fit based on position to better explain different upsides. I also backed off of my stance from my last mock draft of the rams going O-Line in the first. I believe fisher will only look to add depth from this point on and go with LT Long, LG Watkins, C Wells, RG Dahl, RT Saffold. Honestly, when healthy thats not a bad starting five, not at all. It has the potential (a word I hate but find myself using more frequently) to be a top 10 unit. So have a look and let me know what you think. Also I will do one more before the draft, probably that Monday, and it will be the one I have been saving and believe is the most likely of them all.


rd 1 pick 16
-Tavon Austin WR West Virginia
....MEASURABLES: 5'9' 174LBS, 4.34 40, 9 1/8 HANDS, 14X225, 4.01 SHUTTLE

Tavon Austin is hands down the biggest playmaker in this draft. Normally I wouldn't bring bench totals into the conversation for a WR, but considering all the worry about his size, I made an exception. His bench total tells me one thing although he is only 174 LBS, he is well built and will be protected by the muscle he has. Austin straight line speed is a great, evident by his 40, and he has some damn good acceleration judging by his shuttle (very important/underrated asset for WRs).Austin is also a very polished route runner. But my favorite thing about him is his durability. In the last 8 yrs (grade 9-college) Austin has never missed a game nor a single practice. Durability is something this offense has lacked as a whole for quite some time now. Austin may not look all that imposing but he might instantly become the toughest player on the rams offense, and doesn't hurt that he is a 10-12 TD per season threat (rec, rush, return). And he also hapoens to be way more mature then the rest of the top 5 WRs (not a personal opinion, just listen to the interviews)

rd 1 pick 22
-trade down
:jacksonville rd 2 pick 1, rd 3 pick 2, 2014 rd 2, 2014 rd 4
~rd 2 pick 1
-Johnathon Cyprien SS Florida International
....MESURABLES: 6' 217 LBS, 4.56 40, 10 1/8 HANDS, 38 1/2 VERT
I have grown tired of the hype surrounding Kenny Vaccarro. That is all it is is hype. Watch the film, he is NOT that great!!! To take a safety in the first rd he has to make impact plays and/or be a viscious enforcer (i.e. LaRon Landry, Eric Berry, Sean Taylor, Michael Griffon etc...), Vacarro is none of this. He is average. I would compare him to another former longhorn in Michael Huff. Huff has had an ok, decent, type of career. But he doesn't have pro bowl written all him. He played in the big XII (AKA the passing league), and after 4 seasons managed 5 interceptions, 21 passes broken up, and one forced fumble. And he certainly is not someone who brings the wood. He is NOT an impact player. Now cyprien on the other hand is. He finished with 7 interceptions, 6 FF, 20 passes broken up, and a lot of hard hits that caused WRs to drop the next pass anticipating more punishment. Again watch the film. He also is more explosive, has better range, and looser hips. And he might have the best motor in this draft.

rd 2 pick 14
-Khaseem Greene OLB Rutgers
....MESURABLES: 6'1" 241 LBS, 4.61 40, 4.2 SHUTTLE
To me Khaseem Greene is the best pure OLB (not a 3-4 rusher, BIG DIFFERENCE) in the draft. He is an ex-safety and it shows in his playmaking ability when the ball is in the air (6 interceptions, 16 passes broken up in four yrs). But he is much more than just a ball hawk, this kid has a nose for the ball carrier racking up 387 tkls, and forcing 12 fumbles. And he can rush the passer with 12 sacks. He has instincts and is tough. A very good tackler, and an enforcer who flies around the field 100 mph every play. He is a complete well rounded linebacker that has good speed, acceleration, and change of direction that would have been a first round top 20 pick 10 yrs ago. It's cool we will gladly accept him with the 14th pick of the 2nd round.

rd 3 pick 2
-Bacarri Rambo FS Georgia
....MESURABLES: 6' 211 LBS, 4.58 40, 9 1/4 HANDS, 34 1/2 VERT
Looking at his measuarables nothing seems overly impressive. But at the same time nothing is sub-par either. But throw on the film and it instantly becomes obvious that Bacarri Rambo might be the best ballhawking safety in the this draft class, and maybe even the last 3 classes. Rambo has a nose for the ball that you can't teach players. Its high praise but his reaction to the ball in the air just reminds me so much of Ed Reed. He goes and he gets it. He had 15 interceptions and 19 PBU. He also forced 6 fumbles. He has first round talent but red flags and a deep safety class will push him to the 3rd round.

rd 3 pick 16
-Aaron Dobson WR Marshall0
....MEASUABLES: 6'3" 210 LBS, 4.43 40, 9" HANDS,
Aaron Dobson may have shocked the world with his 40 at his pro day. He was deemed as a pure strider and not someone who has any true straight line speed, well I guess we won't be hearing any of that talk any more. He was always a second fiddle WR at marshall never becoming the number one option in the offense. He has never had 700 yds receiving in s season, but his touchdown totak shows how valuable he is in the red zone. He would be more/good depth to a receiving core that right now has 3 players. But has the potential to be more than just depth. My only concerns are why is that he never was able to become the go to guy, and his hand size. The guy is 6'3" and Tavon Austin 5'8 3/4" has bigger hands than him.

rd 4 pick 16
-Tyrann Mathieu CB LSU
....MEASURABLES: 5'9" 186 LBS, 4.5 40, 6.87 L DRILL, 4.14 SHUTTLE
I'm shocked I have not heard anything about Bradley Fletcher leaving. Well believe it or not that was a big loss. While he did have a couple if bonehead penalties and a few dropped picks, Fletcher has graded consistently graded out as a top 25 corner in both tackling and man converage (at his best when pressing). We not only lose that production, but we lose that depth. Enters the honey badger. I'm not going to go deep into it because we all know his story. But please, anyone who is reading this and disagrees with the notion that he has Jeff Fisher type of player written all over him, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! raise your hand..then slap yourself. Mathieu is as fiesty and griddy and as tough as they come. Fisher would love to get his hands on him. And it doesn't hurt that he is quite the playmaker.

rd 5 pick 16
-Christine Michael RB Texas A&M
....MEASURABLES: 5'10" 220 LBS, 4.54 40, 9 3/8 HANDS, 27X225, 43" VERT, 4.02 SHUTTLE

Well to make this one short and to the point, Fisher wants to add another back, "BIG BACK" to be specific. At 220 he is no Steven Jackson (240), but he is also no Pead or Richardson (200 and 197, respectively). But he has a massive skill set. The guy is fast, explosive, strong (upper and lower body, evident by the bench
and vert), and he is elusive. He can catch the ball pretty well too. When i watched his film, I was mostly impressed with how fast and hard he hits the whole and his ability to make guys miss in the open field.

rd 6 pick 16
-Chris Jones DT Bowling Green
....MEASUARBLES: 6'2" 302 LBS, 32 3/4 ARMS, 30X225, 4.44 SHUTTLE
I first found out about Chris Jones from a friend back in January. I did some research and came away impressed. He is an extremely high motor guy who is pretty quick (check the shuttle) and has moderate strength. He is the perfect depth DT. His pass rushing skills are undeniable and he has the stats to back it up (27 sacks, over the last 3 yrs). He doesn't present much in run defense but on passing downs, throw him on the field with Long, Quinn, Brockers (5.5 sacks his rookie season), Greene at OLB and Dunbar (6 sacks), and and even some packages with Hayes, and an already league wide feared pass rush will become the most likely to threat the NFL team sack record. Plus we simply need DT depth. We have NONE!!!

rd 7 pick
-Braden Hansen OL BYU
....MEASURABLES: 6'6" 307 LBS, 31 1/2 ARMS, 10 1/8 HANDS
Extra extra read all about it, in case you live under a rock and didn't hear, we lost Rob Turner. So we replace him with another versitile interior lineman. Like Turner Hansen can play both guard posistions, and center. He is also a bit bigger than Turner, so that is a plus. But other than that he almost a Turner clone, a very good back-up/borderline starter, who can perorm moderately in spot duty, and even better with a position coach like Paul Beaudreau (spelling???).

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