Love's first Mock Draft Monday (With Explanations)

I like making mocks, so I thought I would make one with explanations. First, I would like to trade our #22 to Cincinnati for their first 2nd rounder, their 4th rounder and their 7th rounder compensatory pick. I feel like this is a pretty fair trade, but maybe Cincy got the better part of it. We'd do the trade because we need more than 8 picks to patch up our team, and Cincinnati would do it because they would then be drafting back to back (#21 and #22) in the first round, and they may feel like they are one or two players away from getting over the wildcard round hump. Next, and last, I predict that we re-sign Mikell to a two year, $3 Million contract. To the picks, then:

1.16: Alec Ogletree, OLB- This pick would be a dream, in my opinion. If we are able to pick Alec with the 16th pick, and I think he'll be there, then not only does it fix our LB corps but it makes it a strength. Alec Ogletree is athletic and can start from day one.

2.37 (via CIN): Justin Hunter, WR- Justin Hunter is 6' 4" and runs a 4.44 40 yard dash. That is hundreth of a second slower than what RG3 ran last year at the combine. Hunter may have an injury history, but the dude can play. I still believe that if Hunter comes to the right system (and admittedly, that may not be us), he could be more successful than his teammate Cordarrelle Patterson.

2.46: Eric Reid, SS- I mocked Eric Reid to us in my first FanPost of the year, but I got yelled at by you fans, so I stopped. Until now. Eric Reid is what I consider a monster on the field, delivering those massive hits. Plus, you can just ask his former teammate Michael Brockers if he is worth a mid-second rounder, and I can almost guarantee you that Michael would agree with that statement and warm up to the idea of having Reid on his team.

3.78: Montee Ball, RB- Now, I live in the bloody cold state of Wisconsin, so that means I get to watch him play college football. Montee is the real deal. I have noticed his draft stock fall, and I have no idea why. The dude is a monster on the field, and he can take care of himself off the field. Need proof? Just watch tape. He was one of the only bright spots on Wisconsin's iffy offence in the Rose Bowl.

4.113: Chase Thomas, OLB- Before you make a bee-line to the comments to disagree with my idea of selecting an OLB in the first round, then another in the fourth, I beg you to hear me out. As I said before, OLB would be a strength if we had Ogletree, JL55 and Dunbar. But Dunbar's contract is up next season, and I think a combination of two things will force him to play somewhere else next season. 1. Wheeler's contract with the Dolphins was big. And while Dunbar is older that Wheeler and most teams aren't as stupid as Miami, some other team might pounce on him and offer him more than we can counter offer because 2. Our cap situation will be pretty tight by the looks of it next season. So with my assumption that Dunbar won't be a Ram next season, that leaves a hole in the defense. Chase Thomas can learn behind Ogletree and Dunbar for next season, and even rotate in to give our starting men a rest, while gaining playing time. This will help him in his process to become a starter in 2014. Not only would this mock make our LB corps a strength for now, but it would make the group a strong suit for years to come.

4.118 (via CIN): Xavier Nixon, OT- While he may not be a name you've heard on this website very often, I assure you he could learn behind Saffold and Long for a year and then compete with Joe Barksdale for the starting RT position next season if Saffold leaves. On a more recent note, if both Long AND Saffold were hurt at the same time, our line wouldn't be totally compromised because we would now have the depth we've lacked for years.

5.149: Josh Boyce, WR- If you've been following my other mock drafts, you know that I love mocking Boyce to our team. Josh is another speed threat. He runs a blazing 4.38 forty time which is .06 seconds faster than Hunter, .04 seconds slower than Tavon Austin and .003 seconds faster than what Chris Givens ran. Imagine that three out of our top four receivers all ran sub 4.45 second forties. That would be fantastic!

6.184: Adrian Bushell, CB- With the departure of Bradley Fletcher, we need a new 4th CB. (Ouch, a 4th cornerback? How will we ever find one!?) While we could probably look to our own roster to fill that void (and that's probably what we'll do), I'm in favor of letting a rook fill the empty spot, just in case either Jenkins or Tru Johnson walk away in FA when their rookie contracts are up, we have someone who can replace them that is on the roster and could be for a very long time.

7.222: Eric Herman, OG- When it comes to mocking 7th round guards, the name doesn't really matter as much as the position, even though I love that first name! (my first name is also Eric) His name isn't the only reason why I picked him. IMO, he is the ideal guard size (6-4 300 pounds) and could join Shelly Smith and company in backing up what looks to be the starting duo of Rok and Dahl. Eric could maybe even compete with Rok for a starting job in a year or two.

7.240 (via CIN): Mike Purcell, DT- Let's just start off with these two facts. 1. Jeff Fisher has always taken at least one D-tackle in every draft hes taken part in. 2. It's a compensatory pick, the player will most likely not have a large impact. (Although we found a nice stud last year in the 7th round in Daryl Richardson...) Anyways, I like this guy as a 7th round pick. He isn't a monster (6-3 303 pounds) but he can play the sport nicely.

So there you have it. Hope you enjoyed, and feel free to vote in the poll and comment as much as you like!

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