The Hair Draft

Well seeing as im bored and my mother in-law and my wifes younger brothers are here(damn passover), ive barricaded myself in the office as best as i can and am passing the time. So i decided to make a fun mock.

Combine is done and the Draft is almost a month away still and im still wrapping my head around 50 or so prospects who im debating over for my final draft, so this is helping take my mind off everything.

I am only choosing players with long hair. We took Jenkins and Richardson last year, so lets add to that 8 more players so we can become a team that people "dread" playing.(best pun ever? hell yea!!!)

At first i thought this would be difficult and id have to pick players that we didnt really need, but as i did some research it came out to a pretty decent mock.

1A. Jonathan Cooper



Holy Crap!! its Michael Clark Duncan!!!(r.i.p.)

Cooper can play G/C and can compete right away and replace Wells/Dahl down the road.Also look at those highlights in them, really adds a fabioesque feeling to it. no? well moving along then.....

2A. Deandre Hopkins



Can you say GQ?

Hopkins is one of my favorite players in the draft and he can come in and compete right away. These first two picks make Sammy a very happy happy man.

2.Khaseem Greene



OMG!! is that a jerry curl impression? Or is that his best Sjax impersonation of Eric Dickerson? whatever it is its awesome!!!!

Greene is an awesome OLB and will make our LB corps a major strength.

3.D.J. Swearinger



The first thing i think of when i look at this picture is the '85 Bears. Like he should be in the superbowl shuffle video.

Swearinger might not last till the 3rd but screw it. He is a beast and will come in and start right away and be a huge upgrade.

4.B.W. Webb



Webb might not of turned many heads with his combine perfomance, but he did turn some with that wicked hairdo. I dont even know what that is, it boggles my mind. Only thing i can imagine is, it looks like what dreads would look like if he was on the Game of Thrones series.Also kinda looks like a Viper, ready to strike at any moment!!!!

After losing Fletcher in free agency we need a new 4th corner.

5.David Bass



Bob Marley is now a Ram!!!!!!

Can never have to much depth on the D-Line.

6. Ace Sanders



Reporter- "Mr. Sanders, do you like being a Cock?"

Thats what i imagine he would look like if asked that question.Oh yea, and look at all that hair!!!!!

Sanders is a poor mans Tavon Austin. But he is our new slot wr and return man so its a win!!!!!

7.John Lotulelei



Holy shit!!! Is his mom Medusa? I dont know if hes gonna make the tackle or his hair is!!!

It isnt dreads but he more then worthy to be in this mock with hair like that.

If you didnt know, Star wasnt the only Lotulelei who entered the draft. John is unrelated to Star and plays LB.


RayRay Armstrong



RayRay isnt an UDFA cause of his off the field concerns, its cause of that hair!!!!!!!!!

I just felt like adding a little more to the hair mock :)

Wish this had lasted longer, took my mind off my real mock and the constant yelling and crying going on in the house.

Remember to have some fun during this offseason while we wait for football to return.

GO RAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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