Random Ramsdom 03/21/2013: St. Louis Rams, Free Agency, & The NFL Draft

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Good Thursday Morning, St. Louis Rams fans. I hope it finds you well! The NFL offseason is in full swing, and NFL news is certainly not a scarcity. Slow down on the “work”...it’s far more dire that you’re caught up to speed on football.


Tweaking the Pro Bowl - The Pro Bowl is really just a terrible, awful, downright disgrace of a football outing. No one watches it, and those that do don’t admit it. Goodell offers one suggestion, which I think many fans - myself included - are going to LOVE!

Don’t Sleep On The Rams - In a beautiful display of just how little respect the Rams have gained, a question was posed to Head Coach Jeff Fisher about his thoughts on the acquisitions by the Rams’ NFC West foes...he...well...he made his stance pretty clear.

A Few Notes From Sando - The Rams to add another Running Back? Hmm. Daryl Richardson, the receiver? Hmm. Quintin Mikell putting back on the horns? Hmm. And then some other garbage about three teams I really don’t like.

Munchak’s Take - Tennesssee Titans Head Coach, Mike Munchak, provides some insight on the Rams signing Jared Cook, and how it’s possible that it’s what was best for both sides. Translation: He’s playing nice, and the Rams won that battle.

I probably shouldn’t post this - simply because it’s pure tripe - but I thought every last member of Rams Nation would get a kick out of this guy’s read on how the Rams will be the "NFL’s Worst Team This Year."

Bleacher Report

BR Ranks The Top 50 Free Agency Signings - The Rams have lost two of their best offensive weapons, and have added very solid pieces, as well. The signing of Jared Cook doesn’t make the top 50, and the signing of Jake Long apparently doesn’t greatly impress, either. How do the rest of the signings stack up?

Predicting The Rams Starting Lineup - Take a look at this stab at who’s starting in St. Louis when the season starts, as it stands at this point in free agency. It’s got rookie projections in their , as well.


Pre-Draft NFL Rankings - Yesterday, we saw ESPN place the Rams at 15 on their Pre-Draft Power Rankings list. Evan Silva sees things a little bit differently.

A Quick Glance At the NFC West’s Depth Charts - Nothing more, nothing less. Take a gander at the Rams updated depth chart...and that of their NFC West foes.

St. Louis Post Dispatch

A New Stadium In St. Louis? Don’t ask Roger Goodell!

Losing Turner Stings A Bit - Losing now former Rams guard/center Robert Turner to the Titans isn’t an easy pill to swallow. He filled in well at a few positions along the Rams oft-injured offensive line. They’ll have to derive a new plan for an O-Line that features two aging veterans, and potentially a rookie.

Updated 2013 NFL Mock Drafts

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