Positional Value in the Upcoming Draft of Top Needs, What Positions can the Rams not afford to leave the first Round Without?

We go through every off season debating exactly what the Rams should do with their first round picks, but this year it's different, we have 2 first round picks. Every season, just out of completely predictability, positions like Wide Receiver, Guard, and Offensive Tackle (whether it be Right Tackle or Left Tackle) are at the most of everyone's wish lists. Safety and Outside Linebackers are also up there. Lets be honest, we can not select every single one of these position in our first 2 picks so a couple will have to be left out. With this, I think we should consider what positions we have to draft for through the first round and which will have to wait or be picked later.


By judging what exactly we need the most I will go from one to ten, one being the lowest and 10 being the highest. Basically saying, 10 is we absolutely have to draft a position with one of our first three picks and 1 being we will skip it and most likely take up a Free Agent.

Lets start off with Wide Receiver, I believe this position is a 10 and our biggest need. The Rams have to figure out what to do if they lose Amendola is lost to Free Agency. Add to the fact that Brandon Gibson and Steve Smith, that's 3 Rams Wide Receivers that could be lost. I could see all of these Wide Receivers leaving although I could also see us resigning Gibson because he showed some promise last season. Sure, you could say we could get one in Free Agency but Fisher has already said we aren't going to spend big money on a Wide Receiver and we can absolutely not leave it up to chance for another good receiver falls to later rounds. Forget the first 3 picks, we don't leave the first round without a wide receiver considering the talent that is there. They might not have elite potential but they sure do have a chance to be great. By the time draft day rolls around, there could potentially be 7 first round wide receivers in my mind:

Kennan Allen, Cal

Cordarelle Patterson, Tenn

DeAndre Hopkins, Clem

Tavon Austin, WVU

Justin Hunter, Tenn

Da'Rick Rodgers, Tenn Tech

Terrence Williams, Baylor

Pick your poison, no?

Next on most lists would be Offensive Linemen but I don't believe it's as important. For that I will give a 5. If you doubt this, remember last season when most thought we just had to have an Offensive Linemen in the first, then what happened in the draft? Not a linemen picked til the 5th round. There is a high possibility that we don't draft an offensive linemen in the first round. I won't say it's because Fisher has never drafted one in the first because that's not the reason. Fisher seems to think that Saffold is a good LT and I would agree. Only giving up 2 sacks on the season can do that. There are potentially two places that need to be filled this off season on the line which are RT and Guard, two positions that can be found in later rounds and be effective. I believe once again our first two picks will be spent on both sides of the ball, on the offensive side I think it will be Wide Receiver. If we do get an Offensive Tackle in the first I believe it will be Johnson of Oklahoma and he will be a RT. With guys like DJ Fluker and Menelik Watson have the possibility of being there later on in the draft, don't see it happening. As far as Guard go, the argument goes the same, there's plenty of potential later, especially in the 2nd where we can skip it and not feel bad about it.

Some good 2nd round Guard Prospects would be:

Larry Warford, G, Kentucky

Barrett Jones, C/G/T, Alabama

Free Agency

Donald Thomas, G, New England: Didn't get to play much but when he did he was solid last season. He could be a Guard on most teams.

After that we have Safety which I give a 1, I don't believe we are going to draft one in the first round for fairly simple reasons. 1. there is value to be had in the second with Matt Elam from Florida and Eric Reid from LSU. 2. It just isn't as big of a problem when I think of Wide Receiver, Outside Linebacker and even Offensive Linemen. If we did pick on in the first, it would only be because of BPA but we don't necessarily need to pick Another Safety in the draft that is pretty interesting is TJ McDonald from USC.

Finally we have Outside Linebacker and if you haven't guess this is the other position position that I think we should drafted which will receiver a 10. There are two major reasons why I think we should draft for a Outside Linebacker in the first is because I don't see much value later and nor do I like any Free Agent (either they don't impress or will be too much). We have the chance of choosing from Dion Jordan, Jarvis Jones, and Barkevious Mingo, it seems that things have finally shined on the Rams to finally shore off the other side of Long. My personal Favorite is Jones but I see the risk in it. Any of the 3 would be great though.

Finally, you ask me why shouldn't we double dip on offense of defense and that's simple, look at Fisher's draft History.


Steve McNair QB

Anthony Cook DE


Eddie George RB

Bryant Mix DE


Kenny Holmes DE

Joey Kent WR


Kevin Dyson WR

Samari Rolle (Awesome name right?) CB


Jevon Kearse DE

John Thorton DT


Keith Bulluck LB

Erron Kinney TE


Andre Dyson CB

Shad Meier TE


Albert Haynesworth DT

Tank WIlliams SS


Andre Woolfolk CB

Tyrone Calico WR


Ben Troupe TE

Travis LaBoy DE


Packman Jones CB

Micheal Roos T


Vince Young QB

LenDale White RB


Micheal Griffin FS

Chris Henry RB


Chris Johnson RB

Jason Jones DT


Kenny Britt WR

Sen'Derrick DT


Derrick Morgan DE

Damien Williams WR


Michael Brockers DT

Brian Quick WR

In 17 drafts, Fisher has only double dipped on a offense or defense twice, He likes balance in his first two picks. So, here's my first round mock along with who I think we should look to get in the 2nd.

1.16: Dion Jordan, OLB, Oregon

Why Defense first, just working the odds. Out of the 17 drafts, Fisher has draft for defense first in 10 of the 17 times. He is very fast and athletic, with the ability to get in to the backfield and disrupt. Can work in space and seal off the outsides. Had 44 tackles, 10.5 for loss, and 5 sacks. His production slipped because the Ducks dropped him back into pass coverage.

1.22: Justin Hunter, WR, Tennessee

I have a feeling this pick will be traded to the highest bidder, but for this I will just pick a player and that's Justin Hunter. Surprised, well don't be. Hunter has speed and the size to succeed in the NFL. He has game breaking ability and skills to burn one on one match ups. After his pro day I expect him to get First Rounds projections if he already isn't. We all know I would prefer Hopkins or Austin here but you don't always get what you want. If Hunter were the player pick, I would be OK with it. Not my favorite choice be I could defiantly live with it.

2.14. Larry Warford, OG, Kentucky

Kentucky sucks but Warford was one of few bright spots for them. Excellent at both opening up holes and pass protection. Could be a starter from day one. He was on few teams radar before the Pro Bowl where he thrived. From

Warford was an underrated prospect, but that may have changed after he looked phenomenal at the Senior Bowl. Warford was one of the few offensive linemen who could block Georgia defensive tackle John Jenkins. Warford won his one-on-one reps and did extremely well in the team scrimmage. It wouldn't be surprising if he turns into one of the top guards in the NFL and causes a lot of teams to regret not using a first-round pick on him.

So what you do think of what I have said in the post. Which position do you think will be thrown to the side in the first to be potentially picked in the 2nd? As always, thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed. By the way, my fault for listing all of the draft picks, just wanted to inform you without you having to look all over. Felt it would help my argument.

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