How I see free agency and the draft as of 3/18/13

Ok, so now that Jake Long has signed, I would assume we are not targeting any other big name free agents this offseason. For two reasons: one, no one left on the market worth top dollar, and two, not a lot of cap space left, I would imagine. I'm sure there will be some bargain basement deals left, like how we signed Jo-Lonn Dunbar on April 2 of last year, but fans weren't confident he would be a starting LB. I could logically see us adding a safety in free agency still, offensive line depth, and perhaps a linebacker. I don't think they will be adding a free agent running back or wide receiver because the remaining players on the market aren't sure-fire upgrades to what we already have on the roster currently.

So this is what I would like to see happen between now and the end of the draft:

1. Resign Rob Turner. His play and versatility proved priceless last season and his familiarity with the coaching staff and players should help with our offensive line consistency.

2. Bring in Michael Huff and Bernard Pollard for interviews. Sign one to a 2 year deal. Would provide a short term upgrade at one position for the next couple years until we can get a rookie up to speed next season.

3. Trade pick 16 for a mid-2nd round pick and a 1st next year. If that happens, take Alec Ogletree, LB, Georgia with pick 22. This would solidify our LB corps for the next 4 to 5 years at a minimum.

4. Pick 46, take Matt Elam, S, Florida. Starting safety from day 1. Self explanatory.

5. Late-2nd, pick Barrett Jones, C/OG, Alabama. Can play LG until next season when we release Wells, and then he would play C and solidify that position.

6. Pick 78, take Ryan Swope, WR, Texas A&M. Tall, fast slot WR to give Bradford a target in between the numbers.

7. Pick 110, take Marcus Lattimore, RB, South Carolina. A risk? Sure. But if he heals correctly and regains his form he could be the best RB in the draft. Also would give us plenty of opportunity to test our young RB's currently on the roster.

8. Pick 142, take Demetrius McCray, CB, Appalacian State. Tall, quick CB to help cover outside WR's.

I will update to a full 7 rounds once the compensatory picks are awarded.

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