Cruz Signing + Realistic Mock Draft

Despite the loss of Louis Delmas, a signing I was praying would happen, the Rams are savvy and will make moves. I know we're all still mourning (with exemption of a few including myself) the non-sign of OT Jake Long. Although we could still nab him, it seems as though he's looking for guap that we can't pay or he doesn't deserve. Probably both. But nevertheless the show will go on with our triumvirate of Jeff Fisher, Les Snead, and Kevin Demoff. We won't let the seachickens and whiners improve without doing something ourselves, and I just know the front office WILL do something to put ourselves right in the thick of things in the NFC West !

And it might just start with a trade that will send shockwaves down the NFC...

St. Louis signs Victor Cruz to a 5-year, $44 million contract and sends pick #16 to NYG.

(This is with the assumption that we will make room for his contract by either cutting Harvey Dahl/restructuring Kendall Langford.)

Analysis: This move gives us flexibility to focus on other needs in the draft, pushing Tavon Austin out of our wants and we can go BPA fully with this signing, imo. Cruz + Givens + Quick + Cook is one of the most athletic receiving corps I can imagine, and letting Sammy B grow with them will allow us to have our offense to have some continuity.

2013 NFL Mock Draft:

Round 1: OG Chance Warmack, Alabama

Round 2: S Jonathan Cyprien, Florida International

Round 3: S Philip Thomas, Fresno St.

Round 4: OT Kyle Long, Oregon

Round 5: RB Marcus Lattimore, South Carolina

Round 6: OLB Zaviar Gooden, Mizzou

Round 7: WR Marcus Davis, Virginia Tech

Analysis: Another group of impacting rookies will rise both the Offense and Defense to more explosive tiers. Warmack is top-3 in terms of 2013 NFL Draft talent. Cyprien and Thomas is the "Thunder and Lightning" we've missed in our deep secondary for years. Cyprien is an amazing athlete with hard hitting potential and Thomas is an Ed Reed mold of a ball hawk. Kyle will be toughened up by big brotha Chris and will be our RT of the future. Once Lattimore is healthy, he will be a top-5 RB in the league. He has the character to get back in quickest time possible. Gooden is another athletic yet raw OLB that will improve our special teams and LB depth. Marcus Davis is a big time talent who needs coaching, similar to Brian Quick, but much faster. Will provide WR depth behind Cruz, Givens, Quick, and Pettis.


Rams love from Las Vegas,


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