The NFL thinks DX is a good option. Why dont you St.Louis Fans?

Danario Alexander Highlights 2012-2013 (Chargers only) (via ChargersVideos365)

Do you see this?

This is what Danario Alexander did when he was signed by the Chargers after the Rams let him go. He played in 9 games, started 7, scored two more yards than Brandom Gibson and had only a few less yards while averaging more yards per catch.

Many Ram fans have seen this same storyline. Rams player doesnt work out in St.Louis. He goes to another team, BOOM a great player. But let me tell you somthing. This story may have a happy ending. You want to know why?

As per report from, the Chargers have put an original tender on Danario Alexander. That means if a team wanted him they would have to give up the pick in the round the player was originally drafted.

Does Anyone remember which Round Danario was selected in???

That is right!!! He was undrafted. Meaning that the RAms can take him back for almost nothing. He would be alot cheaper than Gibson and Amendola, each seeking 6 million a year. Danario was HEALTHY for the season with San Diego. He has one full healthy season under his belt and he looked alot better than Gibson and will cost less than 1/6th of what Gibson is demanding.

Still think this is stupid? Well this is what Walter had to say about the Chargers making the exit of Danario so easy:

" I usually don't grade tenders, but this was just such a moronic move that it's worth mentioning. Danario Alexander is a 24-year-old talent, who if healthy, is good enough to be a No. 1 receiver in this league. He's had injury issues over the years, but that's no reason to give him an original-round tender. Why the Chargers wouldn't give him a first-, or at least a second-round tender is beyond me. If some team steals him away, Philip Rivers is going to be pretty pissed off."

Many of you started a conversation about this and many of you pulled the oft-injured card. Well look at our cupboard, it's not too full right now. Besides, this is low risk high reward. If he gets hurt, we have 4 up and coming receivers, 5 if we draft one. If he stayes healthy for a whole season? I think we may have the first 1,000 yard receiver since Torry Holt left.

You can't deny the talent he has. Jeff Fisher I implore you! Do not draft a WR. Your track record for that is not good at all. Pick up Danario. Give us a hometown Mizzou boy who will dominate like we see in the Charger highlights.

To Les Snead:

A small, incentive laden deal is all the is needed here. Give him a shot, he has the same size, speed, of Roddy White if not taller and faster.

Danario is a person no one is talking about. Let this hidden gem come to the Rams where Fisher can shine it to gleam so that all the eyes of the NFL may see him and be jealous.

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