Make or Break: Sam Bradford

I hate to say it, but everyone needs to take off their fan goggles off, and realize that this is Bradford's make of break season. As a precursor, I've never liked Bradford, I was scared because of his shoulder, and I never thought he warranted the first pick. He only warranted it because of the money that came with it. So, In this post I will tell you why we, as rams fans, need to put the pressure on good ole Sam.

Argument #1: He showed so much promise in his Rookie Year

Yeah, but all he did was dink and dunk it up and down the field. He had an average that was under 6 yards. He had the 3rd highest amount of attempts, which lead him to 12th in yardage. He also averaged 22nd in yard per game. It makes one wonder, how much of that success was him, or the system.

Argument #2: He has no weapons around him

Well, I would like to argue that we have had weapons, and Bradford doesn't know how to use them. Donnie Avery, Laurent Robinson, Brandon Gibson (Finally Using him), Steven Jackson could even make the list (Danario Alexander could go on this list, but that'd be unfair). Now being a hater (I know I'll admit it), I look to bradford to blame here, but for everyone else they blame it on argument #3

Argument #3: He has had too many scheme changes

2010: Pat Shumur "The typical game features 30-to-35 passes, with two-thirds of them short, and 20-25 runs by one back. There typically is no running back rotation, just one guy toting the ball." "Bradford, McCoy and Bulger all had ratings ranging from 70.7 to 76.5. Clearly, quality of quarterback had little to do with the play-calling."

2011: Josh McDaniels: Dubbed an inconsistent play caller, doesn't adjust. Interested in the deep ball to open up the underneath routes.

2012: Brian Schottenheimer : really explains it well

I have to agree here, Schottenheimer's offense did click at times this season, Givens gave him a receiver who could make those 40 yard bombs possible. It will be interesting seeing his progress with the same cordinator. However my argument here is every QB goes through new coordinators. If a QB has a good season or bad season, the OC is either hired as a Head coach or is fired almost always. All QB's have to deal with it, maybe not as bad as Sam has had too, but it's part of the NFL

Argument #4 He hasn't had anyone on the Offensive line

Well, bad offensive lines and Rams just kind of flows off the tongue. I'm not going to even argue this as Bradford's fault. However, my argument here is this upcoming year, he should have at least a serviceable offensive line

So this is where I believe it turns into make or break. Bradford will have weapons next year, with two guys having 4.3 speed. I believe Quick will develop into a Vincent Jackson type player, and Gibson should be back. He will finally have a good O-Line, as Fisher almost always assembled good O-Lines and I think we will be able to fill our needs in the draft. And Bradford will have the same scheme this year. I am rooting for him, because I like the Rams. I also would like to know when you all expect him to step up as a leader? When do you expect him to start holding receivers accountable? When do you expect him to start making the people around him better? I think he is capable of doing this, I just haven't seen him do it on the big stage yet.

Call me a hater all you want, I just felt someone without fan-goggles needed to say something about Bradford. I am open to comments and criticism, and I apologize for any gramatical errors

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