Big Free Agent Signings, Trades, Cuts, and Chemistry. My first Mock.


  • William Hayes, DE, at 4 Million a year. He adds depth to the DE and DT spot and quality depth at that. We can't let him walk.
  • William Moore, SS, at 7 Million this year and a fairly long term contract. This guy is from MO and one of the best strong safeties in the league and Atl has several players to re-sign possibly allowing us to offer Moore a better contract than Atl.
  • Adam Levitre, OG, at 6 Million this year. I know what is going through your head. Has this guy even heard of the salary cap. Bear with me.


  • SJAX 39. I love him. He has done so much for us but it is time to go a different direction and we save 7 Million flat out.
  • Quentin Mikell. We take a hit here but I am not sure it is wise to pay this guy big money for the next three years. Cut our losses now. 6 Million saved.
  • Harvey Dahl. Decent player but we save 4 million flat out.
  • Wayne Hunter. 4 Million saved flat out. Enough said.

Now at this point i was to understand we start the off season with around 2 Million.

Total Major Signings: 17 Million

Total Cuts: 21 Million

Total Cap: 6 Million

I really believe we can get Bradford to restructure for slightly less money. It would go a long way because 6 Million is slim pickings but it is still reasonable to say with a few cuts or restructures. it could work for filling out the roster..

Draft Day.

16: Jarvis Jones slides to 16. We resist the huge temptation and instead let the Bengals pounce on this steal. For our generosity we receive picks 37 and 52. Fair trade.

22: Chance Warmack-OG-Alabama. I will remind you all that we heard a lot of talk about how David Decastro maybe the best player at his position in years, sound familiar, and he went at 24. Warmack will most likely still be on the board.

37. D.J. Fluker-OT-Alabama. What do you do with one of the best O-lines in modern college football history. Bring them to the Rams. That is what you do.

47. Eddie Lacy-RB-Alabama. At this point it is about chemistry. We know these three play well together. Lacy isn't the greatest running back of all time but hes is a workhorse who is ready to start day 1.

52. Trading was hot last year and I expect more of the same this year. Especially with Les Snead on our side. The 49ers are dance partners this time giving us 75 and 91.

75. Da'rick Rodgers-WR-Tennessee Tech. Who knows where this guy is going. Here is to hoping we snag him with a value pick.

79. Bacarri Rambo- FS-UGA. Character issues but absolutely worth the risk.

91. Chris Faulk-LT-LSU. First round talent with serious injury issues. If he gets healthy he is capable of big things.

111. Jelani Jenkins-OLB-Florida. Speedster hampered by injuries last year which will hurt his stock.

143. Tyrann Mathieu-CB-DNP. Of LSU Honey Badger fame. If he can keep his nose clean he is an incredible get this late in the draft.

174. Levine Toilolo-TE-Stanford. Big hands target that is close enough to ertz if you consider he very well may be available later on in the draft.

206. Depth pick.

This would mean an O-line comprised of Saffold, Levitre, Wells, Warmack, and Fluker. Not to mention Givens, Rodgers, Young, Kendricks, and Toilolo to throw to. I believe this makes Sam a very happy man. What do you guys think. Is the math off? Did I let a pick fall too far? Did i go too far with choosing three Alabama Players haha. Let me know!

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