I'm sure we all know by now that the rams claimed Titus Young off of waiver yesterday. Some of us a agree with it some of us disagree with it. Me personally i'm kind of in the middle with it. I love the talent he brings to the rams but that diva additude and better than CJ talk is for the birds. He has to prove his self before saying something like that but as you get older you learn more and get wiser in the process. Titus is not crazy or a head case as the nfl has labels him he just as a huge ego and a swollen pumpkin sized head. I actually wanted the rams to draft Titus Young but the lions got him two spots earlier and we ended up with Lance Kendricks. If i were Jeff Fisher i would sit Titus "Bowl cut" Young down and tell him this. {We were the only team who were even interested in even give you a shot because. No other team even wanted the low financial risk of your god given talent. If you don't want to be here or in the NFL let us know now and we will send you on your way and see if a another team will pick You up since no one other then us decided to pick you up. This is your last chance to prove that you belong in the NFL if you blow this shot kid you're NFL days are all but over.}. Now go get a hair cut will ya and tell them to fix that fade.

Now that we got Titus were he need to be it's time for Free Agency. First we have to look at our own and determine who we will resign.


William Hayes,Robert Turner,Steven Jackson,Barry Richardson, Jarius Byrd,Jared cook

No signing/Cuts

Danny Amendola,Brandon Gibson,Wayne Hunter,Chris Williams,Craig Dahl,Quinton Mikell,Bradley Fletcher,Steve Smith

Now free agency that is done time for the draft.

1A. Sheldon Richardson DT [Mizzou] He bring a another pass rusher to our defense has a high motor and he remind of Geno Atkins he can stop the run also.

1B. Matt Elam SS [Florida] He can play in the box as well as coverage the reason why we cut Mikell because. He is one dimensional he was only good as a in the box safety as he ranked 66th overall in coverage only one slot above Craig Dahl!! with him and Byrd our safety spots would be filled.

2. Larry Warford OG [Kentucky] A strong run blocker with brute strength can open up alot of holes in the run game. His pass protection can use a little work be we could coach em up.

3. Menelik Watson RT [FSU] He is shooting up draft boards because of his athleticism and ability to adopt to different sports. This guy played soccer,basketball,football and even tried heavyweight boxing. A freak of nature is what he is.

4. Tyrann Mathieu DB [LSU] I'm starting to think Jeff Fisher loves trouble lol Mathieu is a player that is a jack of all trades not really great at one thing but good in a lot of areas. he can kr/pr,force turnovers, a solid tackler and would be good depth i could see us designing about 8 or 9 plays for him to get pressure on the QB and zone read spy plays.

5. Terron Armstead LT [UAPB] if you watched the senior bowl than you should know who he is. He will provide good depth to our O-line at LT in case Saffold gets hurt he is a solid pass blocker run blocking could use some work but left tackles primary job is to protect the blind side of the QB.

6. Nico Johnson ILB [Alabama] He didn't preform as well as very one thought he would the season but he was largely over looked because of CJ Mosley,Dee Milliner and Jesse Williams all projected to go in the first round. He's not as fast CJ but he can tackle and has the instincts to read plays and formations to put his self in position to make the tackle. Since we run a lot of nickel and he will more than likely play SLB he wont be on the field that often.The only time he would be on the field is to stop the run which is what he do best.

7. Marlon Brown WR [UGA] he's big 6'5 216 and was the 7th best WR coming out of high school and a 5 star recruit but get lost in the shadow of Aj Green and has had some injury problems. if he can over come those injury problems we might get a steal.


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