Random Ramsdom, 2/6: No shortage of storylines

Noel Vasquez

The Rams seem determined to make headlines this offseason. First with the Rob Ryan fiasco, and now with the stadium lease and claim of Titus Young. What will the Rams do next?

Rams fans expect a better team in 2013. In fact, it's a almost a forgone conclusion that they will be a better team in the minds of most fans. However, given the history of this rocky franchise, no one should breath easy just yet. This team still has a long way to go. The offense needs to be rebuilt, and the defense must continue to evolve and grow. Every team has fans that look forward to the draft, but Rams fans should be biting their nails this year. The real question most Rams fans really want to know is - how much further does the team have to go?

Rams roll the dice with Titus Young:

Is Titus Young a talented player? Yes. Is he a headache for coaches and teammates? Yes. Ultimately, it's tough to say why the Rams decided to bring Titus Young in. Of all the teams that would consider such a move, you would think the Rams would be last in line. Jeff Fisher has close ties with Jim Schwartz, and should have close insight into the problems Young has. Perhaps that makes the signing that much more interesting. Maybe Jeff Fisher thinks things can change for Young in St. Louis. Or perhaps Young is simply leverage in contract negotiations with Danny Amendola. Only time will tell.

Amendola's Agent Rips Titus Young:

This certainly doesn't surprise me. In fact, it reinforces my last statement above.

Rams biggest offseason priorities:

As mentioned above, the Rams must start rebuilding their offense. The defense is continuing to evolve, and so far Jeff Fisher gives us hope that this trend will continue. But the offense is bad because the players are bad. The receiving corp is devoid of proven talent, and the talent that is established is poor. The Rams need playmakers for Bradford to throw to, running-backs that can make big plays, and an offensive line that is not ranked last in the league. So in this case, I agree 100% that improving the offense should be the top priority.

Will Austin Pettis settle Titus Young down:

Can Young's former teammate Austin Pettis help him stick on the team? It sure seems possible, but I wouldn't write a check just yet. In reality, Titus Young has two hurdles to overcome. First, he has to get with the program and prove he can learn to play in the NFL. Second, he has to fully-recover from a surgery that ended his season last year. Maybe Austin Pettis will prove to be a miracle worker. Again, time will tell.

What talks have emerged as it relates to public funding for a new Rams stadium:

This is a tricky issue. No one has an inside slant. Everyone is posturing in a situation like this, and the predicament is completely fluid. There are no conspiracy theories, hidden plans, or underground agendas. This is the business of pro sports, and it will play itself out over the next few years.

Stay classy Rams fans.

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