In response to Tevin's Fanpost "Turf Show Times Fan's Choice 1st Round Mock"

Wrote this on the comment section but Ramsfanindia had requested me to make this into a fanpost for everyones viewing so here it is.....again

Not real impressed with Austin sure (speed, cut ability, home run threat) but so was Brandon Banks, Roscoe Parrish, Dexter McCluster, Lee Evans, Darren Sproles...but really Sproles had a big impact but that has been M.I.A as of late

Would love the Warmack pick IF Dahl moves to RT and Watkins Moves to RG and Warmack is our LG. If not and we put him as a LG then that Watkins pick was a waste after 1 game and RT is still the bigger issue, same thing with the Cooper pick. I’d be sold with Fluker in the 2nd round as our RT, actually I’m pulling for Fluker as our RT. And to answer your question Allen is a Really good WR.IDK if he has Julio Jones, Larry Fitz, Andre Johnson type ability but he can be a real good wideout in the league with his hands and route running ability. I think with him, Givens, Quick, Amendola, and Pettis we’d have a WR by committee type approach in the passing game which might suck on a stat sheet and pro bowl voting but could/would do wonders for Sam and this team. IDC who catches the TD’s or if any WR gets 100 yrds receiving as long as they all catch the ball when called upon. 5 good WR’s are better then 1 great and 4 average ones. The big question is if this team is willing to spend a 1st round pick on him and IDK if I would. He is top 2 in a class with no real standout guy and a dime a dozen "Potential" guys all throughout this draft. Tough year for needing a wideout.

I’m skeptical on Lane Johnson as a LT. For one I don’t think we need one (I like Saffy there) and two "Athletic" LT’s haven’t left a good track record with this team "Fuckin Jason Smith". I wouldn’t spend a 1st rounder on OL this year especially on a RT (which we really need) or OG (which I’m not sold as a need at all). Vaccaro would be a great pick on this team in the 1st round and with the depth at the position I can see us addressing it again later in the draft. Picking Vaccaro in the 1st and grabbing Rambo, Thomas,J.J. Wilcox, Shawn Williams, Jefferson, McDonald, or Cyprien between rounds 3-5 seems probable. With Dahl’s departure long overdue and Mikell being paid like he is something he is not I can fully expect this defensive back end to be completely replaced soon. Now on to Cordarrelle Patterson, I think this guy has tons of potential, but this "potential" label for skill players if getting to be like the "athletic" label for OL to me. Sure its there but getting cute in the draft and hoping they live up to it isn’t really what I’m looking for anymore after so many misses (and we all know there was a lot). He has # 1 WR abilities with his size, speed combo and I wouldn’t want him as a return man even if he excels there. Drafting a "potential" #1 WR in the first after getting a productive speedster i the 4th and a "potential" possession guy in the 2nd seems kinda Detroit Lion-ish (Multiple WR picks early in several drafts). I do think we need a WR this year to build with the core we received (no pun intended) last year but a 1st rounder on a non stud guy seems irresponsible and maybe even in the 2nd round too depending on who’s available.

Lastly, Ertz and Eifert Eifert and Ertz so close yet so far away as TE comparisons go it’s tough to tell which would be the better pick. Ertz seems like the better all around TE from a pro style prospective. He can block well enough not to be a liability and catch well enough to be a force down the field and in short intermediate/redzone areas. Eifert on the other hand is an absolute stud as a pass catcher and is a complete mismatch in the open field when placing a LB or safety on him. He can expose soft areas and pretty much out jump who ever he’s matched up against. Redzone TD’s will come in bunches to him but in line blocking is what he has trouble with. Having Kendricks on the team helps out if we were to draft Eifert seeing as he would handle a more blocking role while Eifert goes out wide. Both would help the passing game almost immediately as their name is called but with a few other guys as talented in both areas (without the sexy names) I can see this staff waiting till 5th or so round to grab a Gem. The guy from Rice played well at the Senior Bowl and Joe Fauria is a much less polished version of Eifert. Bama TE Michael Williams looked good in the Senior game as well and he’s a BIG blocker too without the down field speed we really could use. Will be interesting to see who gets targeted because of the obvious need at the position. Then there’s that Hopkins guy. Honestly I’m not hating on him at all, I LOVEDwhat he did in his bowl game and think he is a real good WR and one of the best this past season (there’s gonna be a but huh?) But (I knew it) Idk if he offers anything we don’t already have on this team or what we can’t get later on or earlier with a better overall prospect at WR. Honestly I like Hopkins and if we do get 1 WR this draft and if it is Hopkins I wouldn’t be too pissed off if it was in the 2nd round but…..if he was drafted in the 1st or drafted ahead of guys like Da’Rick Rodgers or Justin Hunter I’d likely throw my TV at my dog….or vice versa.

Not knowing the free agency plans or draft strategy of this team (who does) I’d wouldnt mind seeing:
1. Tyler Wilson……LOL JK Kenny Vaccaro SS Texas
1. Keenan Allen WR Cal
2. D.J Fluker OT Alabama
3. Bacarri Rambo FS Georgia
4. Zaviar Gooden OLB, Missouri
5. Joseph Fauria TE UCLA GO FIGHT WIN!!
6. Nickell Robey CB USC
7. Best DT Available

Also, my wild card is Datone Jones who is really making a case to be drafted high and if we aren’t able to keep William Hayes this FA period I really think this guy projects well as a rotational DE and compares to Hayes as a pro. Seeing as how Fisher likes to build his DL I can see this pick happening.

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