Second Times The Charm: Offseason Moves and Mock Draft

A couple weeks back I created my first mock ever. Now I've revised some of my offseason moves with my trade with the Bengals and shuffled some pieces around on my board.

Here's my old list: *Traded 22nd for both Cincinnati's 2nds and a 6th*

1st- SS Matt Elam, Florida
2nd- OT Dallas Thomas
2nd- DT Kawann Short, Purdue
2nd- WR Justin Hunter, Tennesee
3rd- OLB Khaseem Green, Rutgers
4th- FS Phillip Thomas, Fresno State
5th- OG Brian Winters, Kent State
6th- RB Marcus Lattimore, South Carolina
6th- WR Ace Sanders, South Carolina
7th- OLB Michael Clay, Oregon

Again, I make my decisions based on a few offseason moves that I believe the team will make prior to the draft.

First- We let SJ39 go, and then cut Mikell, H. Dahl, W. Hunter for cap room and a couple others but those are some of the more major names.
Second- Amendola is signed for around 4-6 mill a year with stipulations for health concerns. I understand some think he doesn't deserve that much but he's very productive when healthy and he's Sam's obvious favorite target. The one thing Sam has lacked is continuity and to take away both of his top target in DA and Gibson would be counterintuitive.
Third- In free agency we may be very active but might only come out with one or two FAs one being at Tackle or Outside LineBacker.
Fourth- We trade away our 16th pick for Cincinatti's 21th and one of the Bengals two 2nd rounders plus a 5th. My reasoning behind this would be that the Bengals are likely in the mindset that they are one or two pieces away from getting over that wildcard hump of the playoffs and competing for a SuperBowl so why not make a move.

So that leaves us with a grand total of ten picks. Two 1st rounder, two 2nd rounders, one 3rd, one 4th, two 5th, one 6th, and one in the 7th. And with that said, Here we go again.

1st- WR Tavon Austin, West Virginia/ DT Sheldon Richardson, Missouri

1st- SS Matt Elam, Florida/ Kenny Vaccaro, Texas

2nd- WR Robert Woods, USC/ ROT Kyle Long, Oregon

2nd- ROT Dallas Thomas/ WR Ryan Swope, Texas A&M

3rd- OLB Khaseem Green, Rutgers/ FS Phillip Thomas, Fresno State

4th- CB/FS Tyrann Mathieu- too special not to be taken, even if not just for special teams/ OLB Jelani Jenkins, Florida

5th- OG Brian Winters, Kent State

5th- CB Sanders Commings, Georgia

6th- OLB Michael Clay, Oregon

7th- Michael Williams, Alabama

So what you think about my Mocking the second time around??

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