How far will Jarvis Jones and Star Lotulelei fall?

In a draft lacking a good amount of top end talent, two of the best prospects in the draft have medical concerns.

Jarvis Jones has spinal stenosis while Star Lotulelei has a heart condition where one chamber of his heart is not pumping efficient enough.

While DT may not be a big need for the Rams, its rare a top talent falls to the mid draft and adding Lotulelei would give the Rams by far the best D-line. OLB is a bigger need so adding Jarvis if he falls would be a no brainer, but the spinal stenosis is a far bigger concern than Lotulelei's heart not pumping efficient enough. A single wrong hit can end Jones' career, but Jones is an elite talent and would improve the Rams greatly. Since Star is less of a risk I assume we would take him first.

Because of there injury concerns I will assume no teams will draft them unless there is a need at the position. The teams drafting before us with a need at DT, NT, 3-4DE, SLB, and 3-4OLB are

1: Chiefs-Needs(DE,WR,CB,OL)

2: Jaguars-(QB,OLB,CB,OL)

3: Raiders-(3-4DE,ILB,CB,OL)

4: Eagles-(QB,CB,DT,S,OT)

6: Browns-(3-4OLB,CB,QB,OL)

8: Bills-(QB,SLB,WR)

13: Buccaneers- (DT,QB,CB,DE)

14: Panthers- (DT,WR,OT,CB)

15: Saints- (3-4OLB, NT, OT, DB)


17: Steelers- (NT, 3-4DE, RB, TE, WR)

18: Cowboys- (DT,DE,OG,RB,OT)

20: Bears- (OL,DT,SLB,TE)

21: Bengals- (RB,DE,S)


*31: 49ers (DT, 3-4OLB,WR, K)

*(I included the 49ers because they have a huge amount of ammo to trade up)

Of these teams our biggest threats to take Star Lotulelei are Chiefs, Jaguars, Raiders, Buccaneers, Panthers, and Saints.

The Chiefs will most likely take Luke Joeckel if Brandon Albert is not resigned.

Jaguars could take him, but have a bigger need at QB and the Leo position (hybrid DE/OLB). Barkevious Mingo is a serious candidate to go here with his great combine and huge upside.

Raiders would draft Geno Smith here finally get their franchise quarterback or Dee Milliner could go here after increasing his already high stock with a fast 40 time.

The Buccaneers have much bigger need at CB and will almost certainly address it here.

The Panthers have a big need at DT and could take Star here. The Panthers have no bigger need than DT so could draft Star or Sheldon Richardson if they want to avoid the injury concerns in exchange for maturity issues,

Lastly the Saints have a great need at NT so Star is a serious option here but the Saints ranked second to last in pass defense so any DB is very likely.

There is a chance Star Lotulelei could fall to the Rams.

The biggest threats to take Jarvis Jones are

The Browns are a serious candidate to take Jarvis Jones, but the spinal stenosis is a very serious issue and may prove to great a risk to draft at 6th overall.

The Bills are another serious candidate to take Jarvis Jones but again the injury risk may prove to great to take this early. If Geno falls he could also be a candidate to be drafted here.

The Bears have a need at SLB but if they resign their own player, the need is gone. They have much bigger needs at TE and OL.

If Jarvis Jones falls to 22, he could be a huge steal, but is also a huge risk. If the Rams pass on him he could easily fall into the 2nd round because the spinal stenosis is a huge injury risk.

If the Rams draft both Star Lotulelei and Jarvis Jones along with a safety or two, the Rams defense could go from 14th overall to top 5 easy.

Now....Mock draft Time

1.16- Star Lotulelei (DT) UTAH

1.22- Jarvis Jones (OLB) GEORGIA

2.16- Zach Ertz (TE) STANFORD

Falls to the second because of short arms and a good depth of athletic offensive weapon tight ends.

3.16- DJ Swearinger (FS) SOUTH CAROLINA

4.16- Chris Faulk (OT) LSU

5.16- TJ Moe (WR) MISSOURI

6.16- Duke Williams (SS) NEVADA

7.16 Brice Butler (WR) SAN DIEGO STATE

Big upside Wide Receiver who got lost in the talented USC WR corps and transferred to San Diego State his last year.

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