Off Topic Subject 3.0

With my last Off Topic Subject being pretty heavy (Glad it didn't get political), I suppose I'll make this one a bit more fun for the viewing audience. This past Olympic cycle with the US team, everyone was comparing them to the dream team. I personally believe this was a ploy by the creators of 2k13 because they had already made up their minds about the game, they just needed traction for people to get interested in it. That is not exactly what I aim to talk about with this post but more so, the dream team. So, as I sit here bored as hell I think to myself, who exactly would be in my dream team and why? With this I will also tell you who my head coach will be. Feel free to let me know who would be your coach and who would be on your starting 5 roster.

*By the way, I'm assuming that all of these players are in their primes.

Head Coach: Pat Riley



In my opinion, Phil Jackson is the best coach in the history of the NBA but he doesn't run the type of offense that I would like to see but Riley does. During the Show Time era he gave us one (if not the greatest) basketball spectacle that the NBA has ever seen. For all of those that don't know, he was the head coach of the Lakers back in the Show Time era. The Show Time era was an era in Lakers land where it was Run and Gun, very exciting but he won championships with it. But that's not even the most impressive, later on in his coaching career he showed a different side of his coaching. A more grind it out, out muscle you type play that also worked with the Heat. So I can have the power to run and gun or settle down in the half court and still execute.


Point Guard - Earvin "Magic" Johnson Jr.



This is a pretty obvious pick, Magic Johnson is undoubtedly the best Point Guard to ever grace the court and one of the best champions. With my Run and Gun type of offense, he would be the best player the run it. His scoring won't shock you with his highest points per game in a single season was 23.9 points per game and averaged 19.5 in his career but his job is to distribute, an art almost lost on most Point Guards now days, and he averaged 11 on his career. Not the best defender but I'll take the chance.

Magic Johnson Career Mix HD (via wetagua)

Shooting Guard - Micheal Jordan



This is a pretty obvious pick, Micheal Jordan is the best player that has ever played. Although, I feel like some players are debatable like Magic, he has even admitted the there was Micheal and then everyone else. I personally believe you could stick him in any system and he'd succeed (obviously). Also, he was a great defender and is as good as anyone all around.

Michael Jordan's Legacy - Career Highlights (via Max M)

Small Forward - Lebron James



That was honestly the smallest picture I could find haha. Anyways, I will probably get bashed for this pick but Lebron James is all around one of the greatest players the NBA has ever seen. Athletically, he is damn near unmatched and skill set wise you can only compare him to some of the greatest that ever played. He fits perfectly into the system I want to run as you've seen from every highlight you see on ESPN and he's developing a consistent jump shot and 3 point shot. If he continues down this road, continuing to improve on his jump shot, he has a great chance of challenging some of the greatest. Not to mention, he doesn't just pride himself on scoring, he's also one of the best passers in the NBA. Defensively, he's one of the best in the NBA.

LeBron James Scores a Season-High Against Kings (via NBA)

Power Forward - Kevin Durant



This is a bit of a surprise but hear me out. As it stands, Kevin Durant has the possibility to win his 4th scoring title in a row, which is insane to think about. He's not the best defender right now and it's even debatable whether he's even hit his prime yet, but he is an above average to good defender on any given night. He can shoot at will and there's not a player in the league that can stop him, not even Lebron. Will most likely go down as one of the best scorers to ever play in the NBA. He can run with the best of them and fits my scheme greatly. I don't believe the NBA has ever seen a player like him, a legit 6'10 with a Shooting Guards mentality, ridiculous. And must I say it, Clutch with every meaning of the word. Despite being an Elite scorer he is very unselfish with the ball.

Kevin Durant 2012 Mix - Scoring Machine (HD) (via TheDMilne01)

Center - Bill Russell



With 4 players that can go for 30 on any given night, I don't really need a center that can score as much as I need a Center that can get me rebounds, block shots, and just play great defense, that center would be Russell. Hands down the greatest defensive centers ever and greatest champion. This is a man who averaged 23 rebounds per game. He was ahead of his time and revolutionized the position and help defense.

Bill Russell Block Art (via flywoniu23)

So there you have it and just for the sake of it, here's my lineup:

Point Guard: Magic Johnson

Shooting Guard: Micheal Jordan

Small Forward: Lebron James

Power Forward: Kevin Durant

Center: Bill Russell

So, who would be in your dream team and why? Who would your head coach be and what kind of scheme would you run? Thanks for reading and comments are, as always, appreciated.

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